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  1. One of the best to ever do it.

  2. I see you snooping in my profile.

    1. RedmondLonghorn


      I hadn't seen you around for a while and was just checking in to make sure you weren't MIA.

  3. No one has left a comment in here for 3 years. Until today.

  4. Any thoughts on Tiki Barber?

  5. Love watching you tear down bostonfred's Patriots posts.

  6. Please stop PMing me nude pictures of shuke. He sends them to me directly.

  7. Only a matter of time until your Tahitian Facemask alias is outed.

  8. Guess who didn't choke, #####? Now what?

  9. You said the jig was up. I'm clearly still jigging. Try to keep up.

  10. What happens in Atlanta stays in Atlanta.

  11. Must you defile every profile, furley?

  12. One of the greatest the FFA has ever seen.

  13. Long time no see old friend.

  14. Still not dead despite furley's efforts.

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