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  1. Agreed in 0.5 PPR. Full PPR I could see a late 1st. In one of my leagues Gaskin+Kupp were traded for the 1.09 a few weeks ago, would rather have the 1.09.
  2. Now well past official correction territory intraday 11% off the ATH. S&P 500 is starting to roll over as well. Was barely affected a little over a week ago, but now down almost 6% from the high. Either looking at a good buying opportunity coming up or some “roosting!”
  3. Nasdaq is getting very close to official correction territory.
  4. I like both sides, would come down to what my team looks like and where I think the 2022 1st ends up. Godwin and Robinson have some destination risk with FA coming up. In a vacuum I think I would lean Chubb & Hill but could see the other side.
  5. UWMC Now up 25% in premarket after a 20% day yesterday!
  6. Could be a lot of 1 year prove it deals, or we may see a lot more spread out guaranteed money or 2nd year big roster bonuses. Cap shrinks this year but is expected to explode in 2022.
  7. Not directed at you Faust but whoever wrote the blurb, Duke was already cut last Friday.
  8. Ugh, meant to buy this Friday. Then forgot about it over the weekend. Up another 15% after hours?
  9. Jury is still very much out on that statement. He played for an awful Houston Texans for his career and yet picked a team that hasn’t made the playoffs in 5 years and has made the playoffs fewer times in the last two decades than the Texans have. Even if you believe in Kyler turning things around for the franchise, it’s an odd choice given the supposed many other suitors that are much better shots at winning. Maybe Hopkins smooth talked him into coming there?
  10. I don’t doubt your explanation or that lack of other betting options helped drive the numbers but Asians only make up 3.1% of the total population of Colorado, less than the national average. The percentages of those that bet online and average bet size vs other ethnicities must be orders of magnitude higher to drive the betting that high.
  11. At this point I am hoping the other owners eventually force Cal McNair out. It’s a very slim chance, but it’s clear his interference and blindless faith in Easterby is running the team into the ground (not that his dad did much better keeping BOB and Rick Smith around for so long.) For now they are probably just laughing at the ineptitude and hoping to pick over the carcass but at some point the toxicity Easterby is breeding may actually be damaging to the rest of the league.
  12. One small data point, saw on the news that January set a record for online betting (at least in Colorado), NBA was #1 which bodes well with football going into its off-season. What blew my mind was the #4 most bet sport in terms of $ amt? Freaking Table Tennis! Even more than hockey!
  13. It was the central conceit of the show was that people would make poor decisions to drive the conflict in the early seasons. That made sense at the time in a world where the concept of zombies didn’t exist and people were just trying to survive and deal with the crazy nightmare of the dead coming back to life. By the middle seasons it got less and less believable but at least you could argue that the sheltered and protected citizens of Alexandria would make dumb mistakes alongside our OG characters or that trauma would cause people to not make rational decisions. But as you said, anyone who su
  14. Beach volleyball ones were funny too, especially the 2nd one were the Emu sits on the ball. The rest were make me want to stab myself annoying
  15. Gotta agree, pretty steep price for a 3PPG difference in my leagues, less than 2PPG in 2019. It could work out for him as Chubb is a very good RB, but 1.03 and future 1st could turn into good players or be traded for a very good player(s) that gives you much more than 3PPG at another starting spot.
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