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  1. Hunt was targeted an average of 3 times per game by Mahomes. CEH has been targeted an average of 3.5 times per game. Small sample sizes though.
  2. Probably a combo of age (29) and lack of cap space (only roughly $2MM in space left.)
  3. Huh, so saw a trailer for a new Resident Evil movie. Apparently they are rebooting the movie franchise with something much closer to the original games, or at least the GameCube remake of RE-1 combined with RE-2. Claire and Chris Redfield are in it, looks like characters for Leon and Jill Valentine, and definitely William Birkin and Chief Irons. And I mean shot for shot remakes of famous scenes from the games so it looks like a complete mash-up of the stories from the first 2 games vs the loosely based on original Milla Jovovich movies. In the trailer I saw the 18 wheeler that picks up Claire at the beginning of RE-2, the RPD police station multiple times including the scene where Chris happens upon the cop that is alive earlier but then reanimates when you visit the same room again, the Licker, the Spencer Mansion, Brad Vickers the doomed STARS helicopter pilot, the always present dobermans, the famous first zombie shot from RE-1 in the first room of the mansion where the zombie looks over it’s shoulder at the camera, and a ton more. Even Lisa Trevor from the GameCube remake made a quick appearance. If you are a fan of the games give the trailer a look and it’s amazing how close they stayed to iconic scenes. Unfortunately the movie looks low-budget as heck and some real low level actors for the cast. The zombies look was bad too IMO, seemed like a lot of actors in rubber masks with bad contacts. Edit: The better trailer here https://youtu.be/VjtZ02DZL_k Apparently the US trailer is crap
  4. DLF’s trade calculator has the value 1,678 to the Mahomes side vs 1,223 for the package and that’s making all the picks early. The big difference is likely that DLF builds in discounts to trade sides where you are adding a bunch of smaller pieces together (to say nothing of junk pieces with negative value like Lock) to make up value differences in acquiring more valuable assets. The idea being that in fantasy, 5 nickels does not always equal a quarter. It’s all subjective but IMO this is a likely textbook example where someone said “oh, I need to throw in a bunch of very low value sweeteners to try to make up for the massive difference in value so it looks slightly even on paper.” Meanwhile getting the 2 best assets in the deal, freeing up multiple roster spots, and offloading a bunch of flyers and later round picks that may or may not ever amount to anything.
  5. To each their own, but I would value Mahomes and Tyreek as significantly more valuable than the other sides you have listed. Fields looks lost out there now that it’s not pre-season, so him plus McLaurin wouldn’t be close for me in single QB, much less SF. People were shoveling dirt on Darnold only a month ago and while Moore is a nice upside flyer at the WR position, the 2nds add little to make up for Tyreek who should be dynasty WR1~3 on everyone’s lists. The rest is free for a reason, because it holds little value, if anything, injured Gronk and especially Lock may have negative value killing 2 extra roster spots.
  6. Would think Mahomes would pull more than that on his own. Fields and Darnold hardly inspire long-term confidence at the QB position IMO.
  7. If this is a single QB league then I can’t agree with that first part in the slightest. Maybe it eventually turns out that way if Lance hits as a top 3 QB but that’s a big IF. Even then, a guy like Watson prior to his legal issues was traded in my leagues for mid to late 1sts. QB’s just aren’t worth much unless named Mahomes. If I missed SF or 2QB somewhere then I understand.
  8. Enjoyed the first half, looking forward to more in a few days. Especially since Hardison is supposed to be back more involved in the 2nd batch. Do agree the cons seem to be taking more of a backseat in these episodes to over-arcing story and character beats though. Not a huge fan of the sister but given Hardison was unavailable it makes sense what they are doing.
  9. His owners wanted a 1st in my leagues prior to the season which I thought was crazy. They may have softened a bit given the turmoil in Miami now.
  10. Wouldn’t trade Dobbins for that alone, much less add Pittman. And I love Lance’s upside. Edit: Gus will be 27 and coming off his own torn ACL, I see him as little threat and possibly a Cap casualty. I’d be more concerned about the Ravens drafting someone to be honest.
  11. Not sure I really agree, everything in post interviews and such since the show ended makes it very clear they made everything up as they went along with no clear plan. Vince Gilligan admits that he set up plot threads not knowing how they would be resolved, and it was part of the creative process to figure out how to resolve them. For instance they knew they were going to crash the plane by season 2’s end but had no idea how they would get there. Now they came up with some great stuff (plane crash aside) even if some of it is way over the top or relies on a lot of coincidence. The machine gun comments about season 5 a few days ago from Gilligan being the most recent example that has come out. Still an amazing show, maybe even better given that we know things weren’t really planned out ahead of time.
  12. I think he’s only tangentially involved with the show as a producer but this is based on one of his prequel stories/histories books that came out a few years ago. HBO commissioned like 5 different series with different settings and time periods, nixed a couple at the pilot writing stage and then killed a few others along the way until which show idea was left that they felt had the strongest chance. Even then, I think they reshot the pilot on this one (which is not unusual, first GoT had cast changes and a reshot pilot too and tons of other successful shows.) Cast looks strong, Matt Smith in particular standing out.
  13. You didn’t miss anything with the Hobbit movies. The first was okay, the 2nd had some good parts but started to show cracks in the foundation, and the 3rd was an abomination. I only wish I had known about all their production problems and studio interference and budget issues that plagued the making of the Hobbit trilogy before I saw them. I would have kept my expectations much lower.
  14. I’m in but it will be treated like any other show that I give a chance, as basically a clean slate. They squandered all the GoT investment I had, so this show will have to stand on its own merits and come out of the gate strong with some good writing and acting.
  15. Lost their RT in week 2, lost Nelson last week and now Nelson is on IR. There was a scare with Center Ryan Kelly coming out yesterday but turns out it was an equipment issue and not an injury thankfully.
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