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  1. SF and 0.5PPR? Going to be choosing between Waddle, Smith or the last of the QB’s at 9 in that format. I am not a fan of Tonyan but give me another TE I like better and I would consider that side. As is, a little light as I don’t think many people value Tonyan all that much.
  2. I just don't see anyone trading for Watson with the allegations hanging over him. What will be interesting is if he say gets suspended for 8 games, do those count towards an accrued season? Could he then hold out for part of the season and serve his suspension or does he have to report to get credit? Looking like a lost year ending up with I would guess a top 3 pick next year. Only good news is that Miami, Philly, & Detroit will all be sitting on multiple extra picks this time next year and all 3 may be in the market for a QB. Carolina will likely be in the market again since Darnold
  3. Whoa, had no idea. Those books are amazing! Is it BBC+ only or available somewhere else?
  4. My immediate guess was wash sale rule and that was exactly it. Probably tons of others that will get burned by this that jumped in and started trading during the pandemic
  5. Ended up acquiring him for 1.11 + 2.11 + Goff for Watson + 3.08 in a 1 QB league. My team is in semi-rebuild and mostly very young and I still have the 1.03 + 1.08 + 2.06. I still am sticking to my assumption that he sits most likely for a year whether that is through suspension, holdout with the Texans, or some combo of both. I also recently acquired Cousins as a throw-in who will probably be starting for me in the interim.
  6. Watson re-dealt this morning: Watson + 3.08 for 1.11 + 2.11 + Goff Edit: forgot this league has a 13th pick so that shifts the picks very slightly
  7. I actually think he will be solid again, just not in 2021, unfortunately it’s also quite possibly not in 2022 either if he stays a Texan after which he’ll be turning 30 in 2023.
  8. Just one data point, but I sent some feelers out a month ago to a non-competitive CMC owner in one of my leagues and he said Barkley + 1.07 wasn’t enough for CMC alone. Edit: not SF like the trade in question
  9. Texans don’t have a 1st or 2nd round pick and probably won’t be able to trade Watson now due to the allegations. Seems unlikely they will draft a RB from the first 2 tiers but who knows what that crazy team is thinking.
  10. Yes, great at pass-blocking but one of the worst run blocking units in the league, 31st per PFF. Bottom 5 in # of rushing attempts overall, one of the bottom teams in redzone rushes. Much was made about Ben constantly audibling to pass if a run play was called in the red-zone during the season. Also a lot of talk of how one-dimensional their offense was and it was blamed as a big reason they faded down the stretch. Some will point to Conner and say he was the reason which I will grant he wasn’t very good (he still doesn’t have a team) but he averaged well above the team average of 3.6 at
  11. Hmm, COVID report causing the lost weight really muddles things, but it doesn’t make you get shorter.
  12. I had owner try to ship him to me a few days ago for a similar unrealistic price. When I rejected and told him not interested, he acted incredulous that I wouldn’t want him. And I quote: “Cooks is only 27 and has been in the top 12 5 out of the last 6 years.” I don’t get points from the past. Each day it looks more and more likely Watson is either going to be suspended and/or traded, leaving Cooks stuck with Tyrod Taylor throwing to him for a year and no other WR help. The only WR in Tyrod’s tenure as a starter to hit 1k yards was Watkins 2nd year in Buffalo. I actually like Cooks as a pl
  13. I am somewhat similar, bad times allow me to eliminate or discount certain players (Laquon Treadwell was taken off my list completely for example.) Workout warriors that blow things away that have a disconnect with their production on the field I tend to shy away from. I occasionally miss out on guys that are physical freaks or outliers but I avoid a lot of outright busts this way too.
  14. Me 3. I don't think I would pay the 1.05 for Higgins, but I also don't think his owners would necessarily part with him for that either.
  15. They’ve had a run of bad ones. The AirPods one with the dude doing double Dutch everywhere is terrible. I’m probably in the minority but the “Shot on IPhone” ones make me cringe as well. That’s just what we need is more self-obsessed TikTok’ers shooting videos.
  16. Both are heavily slanted in your favor IMO. Especially the first and I don’t like Fuller and feel he’s worth a 2nd at best.
  17. Followed up by two unrelated teams to the first two: Watson + Fournette + Gerald Everett for Dak + Hunt + 4.02 + 4.05
  18. Couple of big ones in a few of my leagues today, both of these are 1-2-3-1-flex, PPR, 12 team: Michael Thomas + 1.05 + Aaron Rodgers for CeeDee Lamb + 1.08 + Kirk Cousins Antonio Gibson + Michael Pittman for George Kittle + Chris Carson
  19. Dolphins netted a 2023 1st, 2022 3rd, a move down from a 2021 4th to 5th, and a swap of 2022 1sts with a team that only won 6 games this past year. All to move down 3 spots and still be able to draft one of the guys they likely would have taken at 3.
  20. I agree, must have a board they are confident in enough that they will easily get one of multiple guys they really want there. Figure 1-2-3 is a QB then perhaps they are thinking something like one of Pitts, Chase, or Sewell (or Waddle/Smith) will make them equally as happy?
  21. All I can really add is stupid, stupid Texans. If SF was this desperate to trade up to 3 and other teams were in the mix, the haul they could have gotten for Watson after burning the bridges and before his allegations broke must have been insane.
  22. They also had a top 2 rushing offense, Jimmy G was close to bottom of the league in attempts and pretty middle of the road in most QB measures like QBR for example. He had a high completion percentage which supports the dink and dunk narrative IMO.
  23. I got out too early as well. That a restaurant chain is worth ~35% more now than pre-pandemic is just insanity to me. I agree with the narrative that when things fully open up that lots of people will be spending, then I see stuff like this and think how can we not be in a bubble?
  24. I’d go ahead and report as well, it took me less than 5 minutes to do so on my county police website. I also had to file a report with the IRS so they don’t try to tax me on the UI benefits.
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