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  1. I think he said Thursday (tomorrow) they are eligible here. Based on when all the other prioriry groups came online, you will have to wait until the day of to sign up.
  2. I was off by two weeks. Governor just announced June 2nd all health mandates ending.
  3. Here in Ohio the governor announced today that health mandates are ending June 2. To give incentive to get vaccinated they are giving away 5 - 4 year scholorships to any of our state colleges to kids 12 - 17 who have had at least one shot by the drawing. For adults who have had at least one shot they will do a drawing once a week for 5 weeks giving away 1 million dollars to each winner. https://fox8.com/news/covid-19-vaccine-drawings-ohio-offering-free-4-year-college-tuition-for-kids-1-million-to-adults/
  4. I was thinking the same thing earlier today. I think I'm going to throw some at it and see.
  5. What are the benefits over using one service over the other? Preference? Doing a quick google it doesn't look like there is much difference between fees that I see between Robinhood, E-Trade and Fidelity. Unless I'm just completely missing something.
  6. Ok. This is a noob question, but what platform is the best for doing some low volume trading? I've been using Robinhood so far, but not everything is on there. Opened up an E-Trade account to look at the stock @ChiefD recommended above. Wasn't offered on Robinhood, is on E-Trade. But I'm not sure if I'm just throwing darts all over the place here and should just find a single source for this or is having multiple platforms normal? As I said when I jumped into this thread, I have no idea what I'm doing. But I am smart enough to only be throwing into these accounts what I'm willing to lose.
  7. When I saw your reply I thought "Hey! He's right! Why didn't I get in that?" I started lookinh for it then I remembered that was Humanigen. 😄
  8. So I just jumped into this stock world the last couple weeks. Not throwing a lot of money at it, just play money basically. Not talking life changing. Just wanted to see how I would fair. I know stocks are meant to be long term... Here is my portfolio so far. Name of stock and return since I bought them Noravax -40.11% Amazon -9.32% Humanigen -5.55% Torchlight -1.91% Dogecoin (only threw $30 on this for fun) -15.48% I really kind of suck at this so far.
  9. I havent gotten my wife anything. I've been trying to give her the gift of helping her with the grandkids (almost 2 and almost 4) who are spending the night with their twin cousins (5 years old). I'm currently sitting on my neighbors back porch checking out FBGs while letting their dogs out while they are out of town. So... I'd say I'm currently screwing that up as well.
  10. Ok. I can buy he has agendas to push through. But how does him wearing a mask relate to the economy and the perception of the feds being the only one to fix it?
  11. I think the obvious answer to the question as to "why does Biden still wear a Mask?" is to control us. Duh. At least that is what I have been told for months by some people. Masks = control = well.. I'm not sure what is next but it is obviously something HORRIBLE. Probably socialism? Or even worse, communism? I've never had one of those folks articulate the end game to me, but they sure do seem to be pretty passionate and angry about it. I'm fully vaccinated. Have supported mask mandates. Social distancing, etc. Wear a mask anywhere that is required of me at this point to set a good examp
  12. Woman I work with recently came down with covid. Her 11 year old son and ex-husband also came down with it. The dad passed away yesterday. He was scheduled to get his vaccine and came down with it before he was able to get it. Now the little guy has no father. Dad was 41 with no underlying health conditions.
  13. I liked the reported efficiency of the 2 shot routines. If JnJ was the only option, I would have done that and been perfectly fine with it. But we've given so many more doses of the mRNA stuff and they haven't had to pause them over side effects....
  14. Is it still a good time to buy on this one? I'm totally just trying to piggyback off you guys without doing an DD on my own.
  15. Shot #1 for my wife done. Had it at Rite Aid. Waited for 15 minutes with a couple other people who had just got their first shot. I told them I was already fully microchipped and it was awesome. My phone works better, etc. Made them laugh and feel better.
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