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  1. Signed up to get my booster on Monday at Sam's club. They asked what shot you had so I'm assuming it will be Moderna, but I don't care either way.
  2. In other news.. It looks like Russia's misinformation campaign on vaccines in the west being dangerous has backfired resulting in many of their folks refusing the vaccine... https://nypost.com/2021/10/21/moscow-to-shut-shops-schools-as-covid-19-deaths-soar/
  3. Here is another one from the Cleveland Clinic 15% of new cases in September were breakthrough - 90% of hospitalizations were unvaccinated
  4. I'm leaning towards starting Mixon over Chase Edmonds or Conner. FBG has Edmonds rated higher, but I like Mixon being active and not having to decide between those guys prior to 4pm.
  5. Agreed! Unless he weighed the same as a duck, I'm not buying it.
  6. Agree 100% on vaccinations being the best way to curb the virus. I am just excited every time I see a promising drug because therapeutics to help keep people from adverse outcomes to go along with the vaccines is a huge win-win for beating this thing. By the way, you have been an awesome source of info on this board. Some of the posts you shared helped convince my wife who has an autoimmune issue to finally get vaxxed.
  7. Maybe I haven't been paying attention but why the celebration lap? Isn't it great news that there is treatment to go along with vaccination?
  8. I bought a 2 pack at out local SamsClub on Monday. $14. Weird how demand varies by location. Live in an urban area and it is very easy to walk in to various testing locations and just get tested so maybe that is why no one was buying them.
  9. I would not report it. People make mistakes. I couldn't imagine losing my crazy other half. Glad she is going to be ok. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!
  10. Embarrassing. The conduct, the horrible punches.. all of it.
  11. Did the Texans just decline a penalty on 3rd down so they could punt? I was half paying attention. What in the world would be the logic there?
  12. His foot hit his knee and he lost his balance. None of that really looked intentional by anyone until the pushes.
  13. The whole turn of events there was very confusing. He was standing on the player but only because his foot got hung up on his knee first. Then the coach shoving the player... Harrison has to be smarter than that though. They know they can never touch a coach.
  14. Today one of the 13 lost, Maxton Soviak, came home. He is from a town about 30 minutes to the west of me. I didn't know this young man, but my daughter-in-law is from the area and had a few friends that did. Not to mention her husband, my son is a soldier. It had an effect on her. They started the procession from Cleveland Hopkins airport and drove the 50 minutes to his home town. More and more police and fire rescue joined the procession as it went down the highway. Huge procession of police, fireman, motorcycles, etc. Here in my home town they shut down the road around the corner from me and positioned fire trucks flying huge American flags. Fireman stood on the vehicles overlooking I-80 saluting the young man as he came by. I didn't know what they were closing the road for as I hadn't paid attention to the news and didn't know today was the day they were coming through. Once I figured out what was going on... I'm not going to lie, I balled my eyes out. As a military parent, this is something in the back of your mind and something you NEVER want to have to go through for your child. For anyone who wants to see the start of this tribute at the airport, here is a facebook video. https://www.facebook.com/Cleveland19News/videos/411961820260061 I posted in this thread shortly after this happened that I was pissed. And didn't have words to say. I'm still pissed. And have been pissed since this pullout started. We are in her arguing about whether this is Biden's fault... or Trump.. or Obama.. The reality is this. You can circle your wagons around a "R" or a "D" but these worthless politicians don't give a crap out you or I. Only themselves and their agendas. So we can continue to argue if the rich old dude that you support is somehow better than the rich old dude that he supports. Just remember that none of these guys lived a day in a typical American's life. And they will all say and do what it takes to get the vote. I'm sure it's just because I'm being emotional today and all, but damn if for the first time in my life I don't feel proud to be an American. Sorry for the rant. I know it doesn't add much value to this thread.
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