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  1. I get that crows are smart. I'm just not buying their killer instincts. Then again, the famous Hitchcock movie was called "The Birds", not "The Squirells". 🤷‍♂️
  2. Those guys don't mess around. We have a bunch around us and I get nervous when they are circling around and our little dog is outside. She is nuts and kills rabbits bigger than her for fun (she weighs like 10 lbs) but if one of those hawks wanted to take her out, I don't think it would be too difficult.
  3. In paw to beak contact the squirel would probably win by being able to overpower the crow and has immense balance and control. That being said, no crow is stupid enough to sit on the ground and commit to a grappling style match with a squirel. They would use a air strike approach which would negate the ground and pound abilities of the squirel. But would only be a minor annoyance to the squirel. No clear winner here IMO.
  4. I have the first alert z-wave detectors that work with my Smartthings hub. The only real benefits I can see to having a smart system is that it tells me when the battery is getting low without the need for the annoying chirp and I do have the option to turn them off from my phone when my wife sets them off cooking bacon (she really sucks at that after all these years...) The beeping is pretty loud and high pitched. You will not sleep through it. Literally makes our one dog going into anxiety shakes if it goes off.
  5. Thought about you guys today while I was clearing the driveway. Woke up to a foot of snow. Cleared a path so my wife didn't have to walk through it and half ### cleared the driveway. No plows had gone down our street yet but that is expected. They don't hit the secondary streets until much later after a storm. Drove a little over 20 miles into work. Highway was actually pretty clear. Was able to do 60 most of the way. Only saw one accident and one unfortunate person who had slid off into the median overnight. Much more appreciative of the work the crews due around here and the infrastruc
  6. Hang in there guys. It is always kind of a joke up here when one of the southern states gets a cold spell. People are like "meh! It snows here all the time. Sissies!" What they don't realize is the things we take for granted like a two stage high efficiency gas furnace is not used there. A fleet of snow plow drivers who are used to running for blizzards? Not there. Without the infrastructure in place to handle the extreme weather... it is a serious issue.
  7. That is something I never really thought of before this thread. Being up north I assumed all houses had shutoffs for the outside faucets. Ever winter I disconnect my garden hoses and turn off the shut offs inside. I had one freeze a couple years ago. That sucked when it burst. I had a pipe freeze up inside the house one year. Had to strategically place a space heater to get that thawed. It did get down to like -20 below zero that year.
  8. Northeast Ohio here. 6-10 comming through tomorrow. Might leave 15 minutes earlier for work Tuesday morning. We have a warehouse in Atlanta and we tease one of the guys there that a dusting of snow shuts the city down. The reality is that up here our roads are treated pretty much all winter. In the southern states, not so much. I understand why they freak out when they get a big storm. Not only are they not used to driving in it, but due to the lack of equipment and supplies the roads will be treacherous. A couple inches of snow without proper road equipment to treat and remove is deadly. Of
  9. Having lived up north my whole life, I've been in many highway situations where it's dark, slippery as hell and someone lost it up ahead. Every has to come to a quick stop and I'm always worried that the folks behind me aren't going to be able to stop. Luckily, I've never been in any bad accidents, but that scares me every time. But you have to stay in the vehicle. You don't stand a chance on foot unless you can run WAY off the side of the road. In the vehicle you at least have metal around you.
  10. I started making a list tonight of the people around me that have gotten Covid. The number is pretty sobering. Off the top of my head, 45 people I know have contracted it. Of the 45 people, the largest amount were co-workers and their immediate family. 7 coworkers were hospitalized. 2 may have permanent lung damage. 7 of the 45 people have died. In my immediate family both of my sons have had it, my daughter in law, and my grandson. Luckily we have avoided any serious complications or death in the family.
  11. Tried it tonight. I was pleasently surprised. It was smooth and had a unique taste to it. Definitely can taste the oak in it
  12. My son bought me a bottle of Kentucky Owl. I think it is pricey. $140 a bottle? It was "ok". NOT something that I would pay that kind of money for. He also brought me a bottle of Rabbit Hole recently. That was around $50 I think. That was very good for the price point.
  13. I'll let you know how I like it this weekend. Love the barrel proof version. I don't pay secondary market price for anything. There isn't anything I have to have that much.
  14. I think it was $55. I paid close to $100 for the bottle of Toasted Barrel and a bottle of Jameson for the wife. I know the Jameson is around $40 after tax.
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