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  1. First of all, let me say finding this thread was maybe more of a challenge than keeping your lawn top notch. Live in northeast Ohio and was planning on using the dormant seeding approach recommended in this thread. What I'm not sure is if I can put down crab grass preventer around Easter without killing any new grass. So here was my basic approach that has worked well the last couple years. Not too crazy. Lawn has gone from being mostly weeds to one of the better ones on the street. And honestly, that's all we REALLY care about don't we? Around memorial day - Put down Scott's S
  2. Having a son who is active National Guard, I'm very happy he did not get deployed for either this detail in DC or at our state capital. He just did a tour in Iraq. It's one thing to be monitoring and potentially engaging enemy combatants from another country. It's a whole other level of suck to have to potentially deal with your fellow citizens in a very bad situation. God bless those guys and girls pulled into that duty.
  3. In a year where all hell has broken loose and there hasn't been much to be happy about... There are fireworks going off in my neighborhood tonight.
  4. That's now just YOUR IT department's advice. That is the go to move for all tech support. Because turning it on and off fixes many issues. At work users will submit a ticket and say "Yes, I turned it on and off first". We had a tech guy start auditing the event logs to see if they really had. One of our engineers said he had turned his computer on and off 4 times already with no luck. The logs said he had not done it once. Same guy thought a coworker "stole his icons" off his desktop when he stole his 2nd monitor when he was on vacation, so he probably thought he had turned it on and off 4 ti
  5. Is it an HP laptop? My wife had a HP laptop from work that was giving her similar connection issues. Her IT department was like "It is your home wifi." She told them my husband has been in IT for years and is a complete dork. Our wifi is fine. (Which she was correct on all those points). I disabled the HP wifi manager and let windows manage her connections and it stopped having that issue.
  6. I don't believe these ever apply to existing members.
  7. They run this deal a couple times per year. Sometimes with freebies such as a take and bake pizza, paper towels, etc. We have been a member for years. Plus member. Between what we spend for crap at home and the occasional things for my wife's work it more than pays for itself. Think the plus membership is $90. We've gotten back $250+ every year in rewards for at least the past 3 years I can remember. Also a Costco member. They roped us in with a groupon deal where it was $60 for the membership, they gave you a $40 costco gift card and a coupon for $40 off an online order over $250. Ende
  8. My father in law was ranting about this last night. How on facebook he saw this was related to the auditing of Dominion voting machines by that building in Nashville.. EVERYTHING is a conspiracy in 2020..
  9. Christmas Eve with our kids and my father - Appetizers: Calamari, Sushi, Lobster Crostini, Meat and Cheese Tray, Shrimp Cocktail Main Course: Lobster Tails, Crab Legs, Steak, Scallops, Shrimp Scampi, Baked Potato, veggie of some sort, Biscuits Somehow the kids decided I should make this ridiculous meal because "It's 2020 and it sucked".
  10. This again? Is there like a reminder in people's calendars that prompts them to post this video every two weeks or something?
  11. It's not? I guess I'm confused on what the point you are making here. I'm not advocating that anything should be open or shutdown. Just an observation that people aren't going to the restaurants around here. And if I had to guess, a large portions of American's don't have 6 months of savings.
  12. In Ohio we shut down bars and restaurants early in the year. Then they opened back up. With some restrictions. Including a 10pm curfew now. A lot of people argue that the restrictions have killed these restaurants. My wife and I have been out to eat a couple time the last couple months at 3 places that are normally PACKED around here. Even with 50% capacity, all three were not full on a Saturday evening. No wait. Unheard of before COVID. I don't think the limited capacity is what is killing the places around here. People aren't going out to eat like they used to. Once the cold weather hit, w
  13. Your ferret or a random one that broke in your house?
  14. My daughter would sneak into our bed until she was about 5 as well. Our oldest son never did it. He just slept in his bed. Our youngest son.... well that was a different story. That kid would sneak into our bed like a ninja until he was like 10. It got friggin old quick. I'd usually wake up and throw him back in his bed telling him to stay there only to wake up at 7am and find him sleeping at our feet like a dog. I suggested locking our bedroom door but my wife would never do that. "What if there is an emergency and the kids need to get into our room??" "Like what honey? Marauders breaking i
  15. Same thing with my siter-in-law. She's a nurse at a nursing home. Not required. She is debating on whether the risk outweighs the rewards on getting it at the end of the month. I told her if she decides not to, bring it on home to me. I'll take it! Have another nurse friend on facebook in same boat. She is debating. People are on there telling her that they heard it causes fertility issues.
  16. What about grandkids? Our 3yr old grandson tends to sleep in our bed when he spends the night. Sleeps in his bed at home. He likes to watch a movie with grandma and grandpa most of the time and falls asleep. Usually just leave him there.
  17. I believe I've read stories where they believe that the amount of virus a person sheds is not the same across the board. And how MUCH you are exposed to the virus matters. It isn't just a piece of glitter where it touched your finger, then you touched your eyes and then BAM! You are in the hospital. "Viral Load". Some people are super spreaders where they shed a ton of the virus, infect a bunch of other people. Some others just get it and don't spread it to others as easy. Makes sense... I'm pretty sure most diseases kind of work like that. I don't know all the answers, but I know I'm gl
  18. Great advice! My father in law has struggled with addiction for many years of his life. Mostly alcohol, but some drug use as well. Rock bottom was probably 20 years ago when he was strung out in St. Louis and lost his truck in some shady drug situation. Came home and got sober. Did AA. He turned to the church and focused his attention there to mentoring others. Eventually became a pastor. Spent time sharing his stories with others in similar situations. He went from being a guy that I thought was just a complete dirt bag to someone I actually look up to and respect in the past two decades
  19. My son had a televisit with the doc this morning. He is cleared to return to work tomorrow. He won't return until Monday, but that is good news. The doc said that 95% of the patients he has had with covid did NOT have a fever at any point. He recommended my son take a baby aspirin for a couple weeks just to be safe. He said he has had 3 patients that after their symptoms have gone away ended up developing blood clots. I think we are good here. While I technically have another week before I can rest assured that I did not get it from him, I think we did a good job of isolating him and cle
  20. I don't know. If you take the first shot and need the second in X amount of time, I think by not getting the second shot you may need to get the first shot all over again ALONG with the second shot if you wait too long. Kind of seems like a waste of the first round. But I'm not a doc or anyone who has a clue. Just spit balling.
  21. I'm offended that someone was offended by this. Absolutely NOT offensive to Mormons. At least it SHOULDN'T be. While one can be offended by ANYTHING I guess, whether they should be offended or not should also matter.
  22. I'm pretty sure we are already trying to hack other countries. On a daily basis.
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