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  1. Embarrassing. The conduct, the horrible punches.. all of it.
  2. Did the Texans just decline a penalty on 3rd down so they could punt? I was half paying attention. What in the world would be the logic there?
  3. His foot hit his knee and he lost his balance. None of that really looked intentional by anyone until the pushes.
  4. The whole turn of events there was very confusing. He was standing on the player but only because his foot got hung up on his knee first. Then the coach shoving the player... Harrison has to be smarter than that though. They know they can never touch a coach.
  5. Today one of the 13 lost, Maxton Soviak, came home. He is from a town about 30 minutes to the west of me. I didn't know this young man, but my daughter-in-law is from the area and had a few friends that did. Not to mention her husband, my son is a soldier. It had an effect on her. They started the procession from Cleveland Hopkins airport and drove the 50 minutes to his home town. More and more police and fire rescue joined the procession as it went down the highway. Huge procession of police, fireman, motorcycles, etc. Here in my home town they shut down the road around the corner from me and positioned fire trucks flying huge American flags. Fireman stood on the vehicles overlooking I-80 saluting the young man as he came by. I didn't know what they were closing the road for as I hadn't paid attention to the news and didn't know today was the day they were coming through. Once I figured out what was going on... I'm not going to lie, I balled my eyes out. As a military parent, this is something in the back of your mind and something you NEVER want to have to go through for your child. For anyone who wants to see the start of this tribute at the airport, here is a facebook video. https://www.facebook.com/Cleveland19News/videos/411961820260061 I posted in this thread shortly after this happened that I was pissed. And didn't have words to say. I'm still pissed. And have been pissed since this pullout started. We are in her arguing about whether this is Biden's fault... or Trump.. or Obama.. The reality is this. You can circle your wagons around a "R" or a "D" but these worthless politicians don't give a crap out you or I. Only themselves and their agendas. So we can continue to argue if the rich old dude that you support is somehow better than the rich old dude that he supports. Just remember that none of these guys lived a day in a typical American's life. And they will all say and do what it takes to get the vote. I'm sure it's just because I'm being emotional today and all, but damn if for the first time in my life I don't feel proud to be an American. Sorry for the rant. I know it doesn't add much value to this thread.
  6. My sister-in-law is a RN in a nursing home. She is a vaccine holdout. Smokes cigarettes, but does not want to put the vaccine in her body. Ready to quit her job if they try to mandate it. "They need us more than we need them right now" was her exact quote. Both her and her husband I considered to be pretty sharp people before politics took them over.
  7. I want to say so much... I just can't... Unacceptable.
  8. We are not at a point where we need to ration vaccines in this country. Maybe in the beginning it mattered and we should have taken into consideration who had been infected already to get the shots into the folks who hadn't quicker.. But it really is a silly argument now. Plenty to go around. My son (21) who had covid in December last year waited until you could literally walk into anywhere and get a vaccine before he got vaccinated. Because he said "I don't want to take a shot away from anyone who needs one and is having trouble getting one." He got vaccinated at the end of May.
  9. Just wanted to update on my friend who died from COVID just over a week ago. His 16 year old son started his first varsity football game at tailback and proceeded to score 2 touchdowns, a 2 point conversion and gained 122 yards in a comeback victory while dedicating the game to his father (52 years old, NAVY veteran, WORKOUT FREAK, great shape). His son was pretty emotional after the game but it was an awesome thing. The outflowing support from the community for this family has been awesome to witness. Sorry to interrupt the "Is COVID Real?" and "Do masks REALLY work?" discussions AGAIN.. Please resume your regularly scheduled bickering.
  10. I'm sorry you have had that interaction with someone. I live in the Cleveland, OH area and between my wife and I we know 9 people that have died of this virus. I can't tell you anymore how many people I know who have gotten the virus. I've lost count. over 50+ including co-workers, friends, family including both my sons, daughter-in-law and my 3 yr old grandson who has been dealing with some lasting effects. It sucks. Most people who dismiss COVID haven't had it hit home much. I understand some of the disbelief and other opinions. There is a difference between difference of opinions and mocking someone. I'm sorry you have had this hit home so much.
  11. As I was trying to go to sleep tonight I skimmed facebook to find out that an old friend of mine died of Covid today. Have lost touch with him in the past few years but still ran into him a couple times a year. Every time I saw him he would have a smile on his face. His son is a star running back on our hometown high-school team. Loved hearing the stories of his son's accomplishments when I saw him.This ####### sucks. Another friend lost to this disease. So frustrating...
  12. Max - Hopefully I thanked you for your service before. I know you added some insight into the thread I had when my son was in Iraq. If I haven't before... "Thank you". Every day you folks get up and do what the rest of us can't or won't.
  13. My son in law did a tour in Afghanistan. Was in a convoy that was hit by an IED. Lost some friends in front of him. Took a LONG time for him to even talk about what happened there and even to this day keeps most of it inside. He came back a different person. Some for the better and some for the worse. He has had to fight to overcome whatever those demons are probably forever. It is horrible what we have put our service folks through to achieve absolutely nothing. The lives lost. The lives changed forever.
  14. I'm ok with that. Still highly effective against severe cases and death. Honestly, that was the selling point for the vaccines from the start. They claimed their effectiveness on preventing severe cases and death, not so much on not getting covid. We found out later from more data that they were very good against the original strain and that was promising. But if the Delta variant is breaking through but the vaccines keep people out of the hospital and dead... Good enough for me.
  15. One of Trump's biggest accomplishments was pushing the vaccines through Operation Warp speed. He deserves all the credit in the world for helping to get us to where we are in the vaccination process. THAT is what I meant by "Trump pushing it through".
  16. What culpability should Trump have for pushing it through? And what is the alternative? Don't be fat, old or unlucky and good luck everyone?
  17. Also posted this in the vaccination thread in the political fourm. Found out today from a good friend of mine at work that his brother-in-law had COVID recently. Was pretty sick and ended up in the hosptial for a couple weeks. As he was getting ready to come out his girlfriend was going in with complications from it. She died. She was 47. Both unvaccinated. He was a big anti-covid vaccine guy and convinced her not to get it.
  18. A good friend of mine at work told me today that his brother-in-law just got out of the hospital with COVID. Was pretty jacked up and ended up in the hospital for a couple weeks. As he was close to coming out his girlfriend was going in to be hospitalized with COVID. She died. She was 47. He was 48. I asked him if they were vaccinated and he said that his brother-in-law was pretty entrenched in the anti-covid vax side of things and convinced her not to get it.
  19. There are people who don't pee in the shower?
  20. I guess I can agree that a person's immune system isn't as strong the older they are, but I don't think that a person's age or whether they have extra weight or not is the biggest or most influential factor in whether they get it in the first place. Just a better indicator if they can fight off the initial infection. You seem to be implying that only the out of shape and old are the ones getting covid. That is just simply not true. I have two sons. They both got covid. The one was 20, the other was 25. Neither of them are overweight. Neither of them have ever smoked. The 25 year old is just a physical beast. Member of the 1000 lb club. High school and college wrestler. Military... Like I said, they both got it. The 25 year old got it worse than the 20 year old. Meanwhile my old, not NEARLY in shape as those two managed to avoid it. It surely wasn't because I am younger/better shape/better immune system.
  21. Getting COVID <> Dying From COVID. I agree 100% that the older a person is and their physical condition is exponentially affective to their OUTCOME. Just not sure I agree that it means they are more likely to get it in the first place.
  22. I'm wondering the same thing. I'm not sure what age or health conditions has to do with the chance of GETTING covid. It definitely increases the chance of complications, but I've never heard that increased the odds of getting it in the first place.
  23. Fully vaccinated. No regrets. Know people that have died. Including a friend's wife who was 52. A wonderful lady who I considered a second mom in my teen years that chose to not get vaccinated and died this April. I know a ton of people that had it. Had two outbreaks in our company. A couple were in ICU. Both my sons got covid. One is a physical freak. Army. Construction worker. Workout freak. It knocked him on his butt for 3 days. His wife was concerned about his breathing during that time. He refuses to now get vaccinated, and that is ok. My wife is vaccinated, my daughter (28) and my other son (21) who had covid also got vaccinated. My side of the family is almost 100% vaccinated. My wife's side is 0% vaccinated. And it falls on political lines. I understand people being hesitant to get a new vaccine that has never been deployed before. I don't understand people like my uncle who is old, smokes and refuses to get the vaccine because "I don't know what's in it". Uh.. You smoke bro. I don't think you should be so concerned about the long term health effects of a vaccine but not smoking. But ok. That is your choice. Whenever anyone asks me why I chose to get vaccinated I tell them it's because I am a data analyst. It is a calculated risk for both options in some ways. I liked my chances of getting vaccinated, reducing my chances of dying or ending up in the hospital over the chances of having some side effect from the vaccine that has been out for over a year now. In my analysis the odds of vaccine complications is much less than odds of covid complications. Was a no brainer for me. I read a lot of information from both sides out there and drew my own conclusions. We are at a point now where most people who wants to get vaccinated had that option. If they chose not to, I don't hate them. I don't give them a hard time. It's their choice. Not one I would make, but that's ok.
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