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  1. Tuchel's press conference today he said that Werner, Lukaku, and Pulisic are all out against Norwich. He then went on to say that Werner and Lukaku are also already ruled out against Southampton, which would indicate that there's a chance Pulisic won't be ruled out of the game. I sure hope that's the case, because it sucks that he's been out so long over an ankle sprain.
  2. This is from Twitter, so obviously treat it with it's due skepticism, but word is going out that the prop master wasn't on set at the time of the shooting. Also making the rounds is multiple union camera members quit earlier this week due to what they said was "lack of proper gun safety". If either one, or god forbid both, of those is true...... wow.
  3. Who wins between the 2009 NO Saints and the 2021 Tampa Bay Bucs? Now we're asking a much different question. Size-wise they're virtually identical. Teamwise, they both have incredible offenses. Tampa might take it because they have a marginally better defense, but certainly not because "it's ridiculous to think that today's athletes would lose to athletes from 10 years ago, which is a terrible argument." I mean Jesus... our two best players on our current USMNT squad are smaller than their counterparts from 12 years ago.
  4. Damn that's stupid. It's going to happen though. There's too much money to be made for both FIFA and the small markets to not vote it in.
  5. If FIFA does go to a 2 year WC, then does MLS have to permanently change their schedule so they're never playing in June/July?
  6. Did I hear there was a proposal that you could only go to a WC every 4 years, but it'd be held every 2? Essentially if you make 2022 WC, you wouldn't be eligible for 2024?
  7. It's closer than you think I'd expect. First, our current midfield of McKennie/Adams/Musah is every bit as talented as Edu/Bradley/Holden and are likely a bit quicker. Bradley's savy and Holden's "not give a #### about getting hurt" attitude might give them the slight edge. Attackers... Gio/Puli/Aaronson are every bit as good as the trio of Donovan/Dempsey/Benny. I have a feeling that by the next world cup(2026) it won't even be a fair contest. The 2009 team, however, had Jozy/Davies up front. We're hoping Pepi can become the stud we all think he can, but even so at this point the advantage has to be to 2009. Defenders... Now here is where it gets interesting to me. Our backline looks like this... Starter for Barcelona, MLS defender of the year, Miles Robinson(who is likely this year's MLS award winner), starter for Wolfsburg, starter for Fulham. I think the 2009 team had a great defense, but it's hard to argue they're better than this group, given how hard it's been to score against this group in the last year. The only argument is that the 2009 group was in its prime while this group has a ways to go and a good amount of learning still to do. I'd still give the edge to the current generation. GK.... no contest. Howard was one of the top 10 GKs in the world in 2009. He had Turner's shot stopping ability AND was a better distributer than Steffen. Man... I still smile when I think of that Belgium game in 2014, even though we lost. What a goalie. Anyway, I think it's close. And I think the gap is closing quick. I fully expect that this question will be laughable in 4 years when the kids we currently have start reaching prime years. For example.... I love DMB. Incredible player. Couldn't have asked for a better wingback in his prime.... ........... ........... I think Antonee Robinson is already at that level and is looking to surpass it.
  8. Eduoard Mendy showing everyone how big a snub it was that he didn't make the final 30 for Ballon D'Or.
  9. Agreed. I didn't quite understand GGG's reasoning on that. I do think he'll make the call in November though. The one thing he's been good about is not digging his heels in on things he's been wrong about IMO.
  10. I think Turner was pretty clearly at least the #3 coming into Nation's League. Most of us were pretty excited for him to get his chance in the Gold Cup. Miles had a breakout summer though, no doubt. I remember how nervous most of us were going into the Gold Cup, wondering how Miles would do next to Zimmerman. Defense was our huge worry in that tourney. He not only did his part, but then held the defense down even after Zimm got hurt. What an incredible coming out party that Gold Cup was for him.
  11. Pretty silly exercise considering Arena, who did try and use all the old guys to qualify in 2018, still started an 18 year old Pulisic on his squad.
  12. I expect him to be in the squad in November. One of the reasons GGG used for not calling him up is that he hasn't had any time with the team and would lack chemistry if he was called upon. Well, with the November window being 2 games I think it's likely that Jedi will play both, or Dest could back him up if needed and Cannon or Yedlin could start RB meaning Scally could come in just to get some practice time and some hang out time with the team, which he needs.
  13. He was playing the best football of his career last season in the MLS. It's the reason he got his big chance in England. He was just starting to find his feet there and contribute when he got hurt. He's still in his mid 20s, it's not like he's old. Most NFL players come back fine from knee injuries in their mid to late 20s. Soccer is a different animal sure, but I have hope he can be 95% of what he was and that is a better player than all of our other wingers outside of CP and Gio IMO.
  14. Hasn't played for Chelsea since August 14th. Between COVID and this ankle injury he's now missed two months of football this year for them. Can't be good for his prospects going forward. Also.... why are his rehabs stints always so long. They tell us it's a 10 day injury and now it'll have been more than a month since he got hurt and there's still no timetable for his return. Pretty concerning actually. I thought maybe they were holding him until the international window just so he wouldn't go get kicked to death again, but obviously that was wrong.
  15. I actually would've liked to see Weah hit a one time cross there. He had Dest wide open at the far post and that was actually the best opportunity on the play. Dest still made an amazing play afterwards, but that's the pass I imagine the coaches will point out in film to Weah.
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