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  1. They're talking about fine and suspension because what he reported in his post game comments aren't accurate. Even Maguire has come out and said that the ref never said that to him and that Shaw "misheard the conversation". Shaw has already walked it back too(I'm assuming due to the club asking him to). Attributing false words to the ref is a pretty major issue IMO. I can see why the FA wouldn't like it.
  2. I've watched it 10 times. Still have no idea how he was able to get that on goal.
  3. I feel like you "need" Tiger to be "impaired" or "drunk" for some reason. That this is now somehow personal to you.... The sheriff literally says that Tiger was "not impaired in anyway" in his statement and that it was "purely an accident", but you must know better. Also, the first responder says this.... But again.... you must know better. I don't get why this can't just be an accident by someone who was likely speeding and in a hurry, but again..... I didn't "drive that road everyday.", so whatever.
  4. Looks like I'm gonna have to start brushing up on that Spanish I "learned" in high school. Univision here I come.
  5. He's got strength and power. Really would like to see less heading on attempts and more using that huge body to position himself to pull down those long balls. I'm not sure what kind of coach Barnsley has, but if they could work on his positioning and that hold up play, he'd be very good.
  6. Francis Jacobs join Rangers next year. 15, soon to be 16 year old kid currently playing in the USL. He is actually the youngest American to ever get a pro contract(for USL team Orange County). He'll be joining Rangers this summer.... he has a UK passport, so no issues with work permits.
  7. Haaland's release clause kicks in next summer. Latest I've heard is it's at or near €100M. They'll get more than that this summer, even though teams like Barca and Real have no money. Chelsea, Man City, and PSG are all gonna offer €120M+ IMO.
  8. Without CP, Chelsea doesn't make the UCL this year. That's at least a $50M difference in revenue, so even if they lose money on his sale, they're still sitting good from that deal IMO. I still think they'll wait until next summer, if they do decide to sell. No one has money right now thanks to the pandemic and they'll try to get project restart CP to shine through again before they move on.
  9. I turned it on 4 minutes in and was like... Holy ####! Porto already scored? That's awful.
  10. While it sucks that Genk lost, the CB who struggled has been one of the two main starters for them this season. His terrible game almost guarantees McKenzie is gonna get starts going forward. Probably even propels McKenzie ahead of him for now.
  11. You're definitely more into it as a Chelsea fan, while I'm just looking on as a CP/USMNT fan, so you're probably right. I will say this though... Chelsea has gone undefeated with Tuchel so far, but I wouldn't say they've looked great yet either. The only "good" team they've played since Tuchel's arrival was Tottenham, and Spurs have 3 points in their last 5 games so they aren't exactly in form. I'd say there's an above average chance that Lampard would've gotten the same results out of this team in these 6 games as well. Chelsea's scored 9 goals in Tuchel's 6 games, despite having
  12. That's great, but the reality is Tuchel started an extremely defensive formation against a bottom 4 team and made 2 defensive subs late in the game. Sure, Christian probably is the offensive sub if Tammy doesn't get hurt and comes on instead of Giroud in the second half, but when you have a couple of guys looking for form(CP and Ziyech) and you have a 2 goal lead late against a bottom feeder.... TT can say what he wants, but that's the perfect time to give some struggling attackers a run and it's definitely concerning that it didn't happen.
  13. I live in ND where we get this #### for 4-5 months a year. Mosquitoes are still nasty as hell in the summer. Pretty sure they'd survive a nuclear winter.
  14. Seems to be firmly implanted as the first sub in Tuchel's system right now. He needs to go on a good run again if he wants to force himself back into the starting lineup.
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