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  1. The team chanting his name after his first ever start has to make Pepi feel like he made the right choice when you compare it to how the kids that chose Mexico were treated in contrast. That was pretty sweet to see.
  2. WTF kinda statement is that.... "I understand that a search has been organized?" Seriously WTF. There was no "Miss Petito and I parted ways in Moab" or any mention of him not being with her when she disappeared. He might as well have said "Yes I killed her. Good luck ever finding her."
  3. Man U had an xG of 0.00 after the red card. Added Link.
  4. LOL. Pefok jumped on a terrible Lingard mistake to give Young Boys the win in the 95th minute.
  5. Tickets in nosebleeds for two = $250 Food and sodas at game for kid = $25 Food and beers at game for you = $40 Hotel for a night(for those not from Cinci) = $200 Meals for the two days in Cinci for two = $100 Miscellaneous(tshirt for the kid, gas, other fun activities, etc.) = $150 Total to see a game with you kid that's interested in soccer... = $765 for nosebleed seats. You might be able to find a cheap hotel outside of city limits, but unless you live in Cinci or in one of the suburbs, those prices effectively price you out. Not to mention those thinking about flying... Add an extra night in the hotel and $500 for cheap flights... good god.
  6. I think it's pretty easy to assume that having CP back as quickly as possible was the reason behind it. The jet was there waiting before halftime of the game, so the injury wouldn't have been figured in to the mind set. However, I'm also hearing that the USSF actually paid for the jet.
  7. As for the 23 going forward? I think this is my preferred 23... Turner, Steffan, Whorebath Dest, Yedlin, Jedi, Moore(Cannon) MRob, Brooks, McKenzie, Zimm(Richards) Adams, Acosta, Lletget, Snacks Mcsneakout, Musah(Roldan) Pulisic, Gio, Aaronson, Hoppe(Weah) Pepi, Zardoz, Pefok(Sarge) Starting lineups would depend on who we play... Minnows: 4-3-3 Turner Dest MRob Brooks Jedi Adams McKennie Gio Aaronson Pulisic Pepi Mexico and CR away: 3-4-2-1 Turner MRob Brooks McKenzie Yedlin McKenie Adams Jedi Gio Pulisic Pepi
  8. I worry it might be. Like many have said, when Pulisic was in there guys were standing around waiting for him to skate through the defense. Once he was subbed off, all of the sudden multiple guys were making runs and line breaking passes, which is what we were begging them to do when Pulisic was in. Look at the play Pulisic got hurt. Twice he looked to pass it before he dribbled into 3 guys, but both Pepi and Aaronson in front of him were completely stagnant and Lletget didn't push up to provide an outlet either. Had Pepi and Aaronson both made runs, they'd have either opened themselves up, or dragged the defenders with them and opened it up for CP.... neither which happened. I did notice Pulisic and Jedi seemed more comfortable in their interchange play in the 20 minutes they had versus what we saw against Canada, so that's encouraging. I'm afraid that Pulisic might already be the victim of his own stardom in the US team. GGG needs to get into these guys' heads and keep them focused on their own role. He also needs to keep Pulisic grounded, which given his status could be the hardest part he has to play.
  9. He's definitely BY FAR our most CONCACAFy player. Which is needed. We need a guy or two willing and able to ####house back against all these teams. I loved seeing him motion for our other players to stay down when they got tackled after we had the lead. He just understands what's acceptable in this federation for ####housery.
  10. I have to say.... Miles Robinson is playing some of the best CB that I've ever seen for the USMNT. Now, obviously this is a small sample size still and he'll need to do this for the next half decade+ to get his name mentioned with Boca, Pope, or Balboa, but he has the game for it. I see absolutely no possible reason he's not in a top 5 league this winter. I think he has the game to play for a UCL challenging side IMO.
  11. Sarge may have lost his spot unless he tears up the next month at Norwich. Zardes will be healthy(hopefully) next window and I thought Pefok was better than Sarge. Given today, how do you keep Pepi out of the team? I doubt we bring 4 strikers to the next window.
  12. He did, but I think that's because he was played at CDM. He looked more than up for this level while playing the center of a back three in the Gold Cup. IF we go back 3 again, then I'd give him a look there, but yeah.... don't think he should see midfield minutes again.
  13. 3 games a window?! Yeah, we're gonna need all hands on deck. However, in a must win game now? Some of those names might've just changed.
  14. FYI, if you're looking to answer the question of "has Gregg lost the team?" The answer is a resounding no. The heart these kids showed in that second half was amazing. They worked their ### off. GGG made a mistake with the formation change. Once we changed back to 4-3-3 we were dominant this game. Hope Christian only has a small knock. We need him healthy to make this run. Pepi might have won the 9 spot tonight. Jedi solidified the LB spot. Brooks might be a backup after tonight.
  15. If they're capable of that sure, but I'd prefer if they did that AND CONCACAFed the #### out of it. Maybe someone could pretend that their leg was literally chopped off? Maybe Turner could get lost in the stands for a minute or two? Maybe both....
  16. Sands shouldn't be playing midfield. He looked ok as the middle of the back 3 in the Gold Cup, but he's always been a step too slow tonight as the 6.
  17. Jedi looks really good. I think he's won that LB spot in my mind. He should be starting there unless he can't go 90 IMO.
  18. Aaronson, Robinson, and Lletget in for Bello, Brooks, and Sargent.... At least he's taking a swing.
  19. Brooks - Zimmerman Sands - Aaronson(move Adams to CDM, Acosta to RB, and Aaronson to 10)
  20. We're not just losing on a fluke goal. We're getting outplayed..... badly.
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