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  1. I went with 80% mainly because of the money for everyone involved. I am assuming if soccer can pull it off football will be able too. Will be interesting to watch it play out. That said I still can't believe the other 3 big sports haven't started up in some way so maybe my 80% is way high.
  2. the backlash would def be interesting pulling that move.
  3. agreed, that said I am going to guess if healthy through the summer that ADP will climb a couple rounds come august.
  4. He'll be fine. Hes already got whole lotta money, whole lotta money, whole lotta money
  5. agreed. Plus AB is probably out the first half of the year anyways. He would be awesome for them in the second half and potentially the playoffs. AB as your slot receiver? doesn't get any better than that.
  6. Wouldn’t they probably upgrade it anyways? I dunno. That movie was trash anyways
  7. Here is my covid story over the last week. Wife has been taking care of her mom who is diagnosed with cancer, pretty much living over there the last three weeks (school teacher not working in summer). She picked up the virus, I am assuming at one of the dr. visits but who knows. She called me last thursday flipping out that she couldn't smell anything and felt crappy, shes going to get tested. I hadn't seen her since the Saturday before since she was at her moms all week. I immediately packed up me and the boys and went to our lake place. She tested postive... Somehow her mom didn't get it, I have no clue how, she would have surely died I'm assuming and my wife would have blamed herself I'm sure. I got tested Saturday same day as her mom (yea its like shoving a pop sickle stick up to your brain), I didn't have it either, that said I wasn't worried anyways because I really haven't been around her and if I did get it I'm not scared of it killing me anyways. All and all Wife is fine as of now, basically a two day flu more in her case which is great. and the bonus part is I get to work from the lake all week and into next week.
  8. I would sat post away, the show is over. I like Jonny regardless but he was pretty funny and likeable on that show, even a bananas hater would say that I'm thinking.
  9. I agree, totally stupid but its their show I guess and they are sticking it to her. Run the statement at the beginning and in the middle break and call it good. They must not edit these shows up months ago because I can't see them going through and redoing everything if it was done already. That said I can't stand Dee so maybe I can get used to this edit lol
  10. yea pretty crazy how they edited her out completely, not sure they even showed her face for more than a second or two. At least they didn't cut a half hour out again from the show but it still seemed off the entire time.
  11. Yep fully expecting this season to be a hot mess and not go smoothly at all. I foresee schedule changes, delays and certain weeks being cancelled. I plan on voting on some league rules at our b!tch sessions this summer. No clue what they will be...
  12. weird right. Have a friend that works at a print shop, positive test there from a guy a couple weeks ago and no one else in the shop got it. And they are passing around job tickets, eating in the breakroom, no masks while working, ect ect, had all kinds of exposure to him.
  13. He has really cleaned up his social media the last few months. He should have hired a screener or whatever he has going now like a year ago.
  14. My kid had a hockey tournament this past weekend. Not a mask in site at the rink the entire weekend in Fargo ND. I always stand down by the glass away from the crazy hockey parents anyways so I didn't care. They did take all the kids temps before every game, that was about the extent of safety measures going on.
  15. pretty sure I still owe? That said I'll wait for the list cuz I'm not 100% sure
  16. I am going to guess all episodes are going to be edited one way or another from here on out. Hopefully now with more time they can do a better job because that was pretty bad. That said maddie seems to be pretty overrated....
  17. Nice breakdown of why holdouts just don't hold any leverage anymore. I didn't realize just missing mini camp would throw him into the restricted area next season.
  18. If you actually want to go I totally would (doesn't really sound like you want too though lol) Like someone else said its never going to be safer than right now (until a vaccine comes out). The couple people that I know that have flown in the last month said the airplanes are dead and the airports are spotless.
  19. Yep. Pretty sure bananas and Wes probably get paid pretty good each episode they are there. That’s the only reason I can’t think of why they wouldn’t have been pushing to get in earlier, they had chances. Or maybe they just want to be on tv longer like a lot of these people do. I was surprised wes stepped up on that challenge. I knew there was going to be some luck involved just looking at it, which isn’t good if you are wes. His cocky attitude thinking he is so awesome At everything got the best of him. I was happy to see Jonny win anyways.
  20. lol no way would I winterize a boat in san antonio. Its $300 bucks to winterize my 4.3 inboard merc (and that's the cheapest place around), I've watched the videos of how to do it and its out of my wheelhouse and I'm worried I won't do it right. It does sucks having to shell out $600+ to winterize and store the boat. My season in MN is waaaaaay shorter then yours will be.
  21. I would say wait..... I was going to buy a new/different camper and maybe upgrade my boat this summer but after looking around and taking to some people I am totally waiting. come next summer hopefully this pandemic is wrapped up and there will be a glut of nice barely used campers and boats for sale on the cheap. Sales guys said the pandemic has been great for them on both accounts. I have a 18ft searay open bow speedboat, use it for pulling the kids tubing, skiing, wakeboarding & fishing. Had it for 7 years now, its going on 20 years old but still in great shape. besides getting it winterized/oil change I have had to do nothing to it. Definitely not a money trap here, I think I could sell it for what I paid for it still. Boats, especially used ones really hold there value as I'm sure you've noticed.
  22. Might answer some of your questions, this breakdown was pretty good I thought. https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2020/05/30/video-timeline-george-floyd-death/?arc404=true
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