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  1. How so what? Stafford doesn’t use TE effectively. We have taken BP, EB and now Hoch when will we learn? Guy will NEVER have a 1k season. Waste.
  2. If you knew at draft time what you know about Gronk now he still wouldn’t have gone 8 to a rational team. Dumb a$$ pick.
  3. Hock is a waste. Enough data to show Stafford won’t use a TE. Trade back, pick a TE in R3 along with the extra equity in this draft. Typical Lions.
  4. His value is everywhere. I just saw 2.4/4.1 for bryant/3.6
  5. Orphans. Are they available? Can't access rosters...

    1. Skarpo


      they have been filled

  6. You're up in SSL 4

    1. Bamac


      ...you're up again.

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