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  1. Team 3 is now taken. Team 4 is final open team.
  2. For Teams 3 & 4 I am offering a $25 discount to the $75 2020 league fees. To ensure you stay more than 1 Year you will be required to pay $75 still of which $25 will go towards 2021 fees.
  3. I don’t think it’s too much at all. A full Foles and Emmanuel Sanders too much? Those are bit players...MG is gone, no idea what he did next and M. Sanders is a star. At this point give me Miles by a bit.
  4. Hi everyone: 12 Team PPR league with 2 teams that are open. The two open teams are Open Team 3 & Open Team 4. The others are taken. - Team 3 has all its picks which are the 4th in each round. - Team 4 has all its picks but it’s 3rd rounder and has the 2nd pick in each round. $75 entry fee. First response gets the team (evobelievo@gmail.com). Upfront payment will be necessary through league safe once all teams are filled. No trading until league is full then I’ll get everything going and open things up. https://www71.myfantasyleague.com/2019/home/27291#0
  5. There’s also draft prep and better drafting. Those that check only on Sunday are also less likely to prep in advance for the draft and just go off ADP. The luck part is around injury and h2h bad luck. That stuff evens out. Skill does not. 70/30 skill to luck.
  6. The “mostly luck view” is fake news propagated by losing players.
  7. 12 team dynasty PPR, 1 Flex QB: Watson, Prescott, Brissett, Bridgewater, Jones, Foles RB: Barkley, Ekeler, Bell, Conner, Mixon, Hill, Ballage WR: Adams, Julio, Edelman, Landry, Westbrook, Stills, Crowder, Pringle, Funchess TE: Kelce, Hock, Graham, Olsen K: Crosby DEF: Saints, Jags Crushing the league with 150 point lead over #2.
  8. Someone in another non Ffb thread claimed Dissly non-contact injury..can anyone corroborate this?
  9. I can’t give away Herndon or Williams, think you got fleeced here. Cam one is fine.
  10. I’m at 139.2 (6.05 over cutline) with Jets D - 6. Odds of me making cut??
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