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  1. From what I understand, Publix is quite generous with their benefits so better to pay that than pay sick time. Not to be overly cynical but how much is Publix getting paid for each vaccination? (assuming the employees are getting the shots in the store)
  2. Following up my last post.... I watch a bunch of crime shows and one thing the cops always do is check cell phone data. I'm waiting for the story where the murderer says he was home all night and the wife/gf lies for him only to be outdone by his smart home showing a car entering his garage an hour after the murder. (Even better would be if the crime was early morning and he claims he slept in but Alexa shows he did the wake up routine at 0500)
  3. i guess I'm in the minority that I intentionally keep my house dumb because I don't need Big Tech knowing more about me than they already do. I have a couple of Alexa capable devices that I have intentionally left disabled. I wouldn't mind exterior lights/camera as long as they weren't tied into Google/Amazon. It's bad enough they know most of what I'm buying. They don't need to know when I leave my house, go to bed, or wake up. Irony- I am in IT and pursuing cloud computing so I have a few AWS certifications.
  4. so if I only got the first shot, can I go to semi crowded bar and get half lit?
  5. not a fan of mayo on burgers more of a ketchup/mustard guy however I will do barbecue sauce on a burger, especially if the burger is half beef/half ground pork.
  6. uh oh @penguins: Coach Sullivan on Crosby: "Sid will not be available for tonight's game. He will be listed on the NHL's COVID protocol list. We didn't have a morning skate this morning due to the NHL's COVID protocol."
  7. Hexy getting the band back together @SethRorabaugh: "At some point, your prospect pool is going to dry up. We need to replenish that for sure. It is a priority.” Ron Hextall took his first step towards restocking the Penguins' limited group of future assets on Saturday with the hiring of Chris Pryor: https://triblive.com/sports/penguins-hire-chris-pryor-as-director-of-player-personnel/
  8. Sorry. It's such a strange piece of news. He was shot at and wounded while at a gas station in December. He was reported missing on Wednesday. They found his car in a retention pond Saturday. Unconfirmed reports was that the body was in the car. Accident? DUI? Someone dumping a body? Still waiting on details.
  9. Former Notre Dame and NFL defensive lineman Louis Nix found dead. 29 years old.
  10. Oddly specific stat @ehornick: The #Isles have shut out the #Penguins for the first time in the last 190 games (@KellyHrudey on 1/9/1986)! #NHL #NHLStats
  11. @Eagles: The Eagles are saddened to learn of the passing of Irv Cross. And I feel guilty for laughing at this comment @eqloprtntyhtr: @Eagles I was saddened to watch the passing of Carson Wentz last year.
  12. @Eagles: The Eagles are saddened to learn of the passing of Irv Cross.
  13. "It's too sunny" - three words seldom heard in English soccer
  14. @NHLSafetyWatch: Jankowski to the room after this very, very late hit by Tom Wilson. Wilson assessed only a minor for interference https://twitter.com/NHLSafetyWatch/status/1365099502286352388/video/1
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