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  1. Another unpopular take - if they really did find human remains and they're Brian Laundrie, then he did the authorities a favor. Sure, they could convict him on credit fraud charges but IMO I think he might have skated on murder charges(barring a confession). The only murder weapon was somebody's hands. She might have had his DNA under her fingernails but could he pass that off as rough sex? Any defensive wounds he had would have probably healed. Yes, he killed her but could you prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.
  2. i haven't seen law enforcement make official announcement about human remains yet @BrianEntin: FBI update: Items of interest were located at the Carlton Reserve this morning in connection with the search for Brian Laundrie. An #FBI Evidence Response team is processing the scene. The reserve is closed to the public and no further details are available at this time.
  3. Alex Murdaugh denied bond as fraud charges pile up
  4. yikes @PeteThamel: Sources: The American Athletic Conference is expected examine expansion this week, with six schools expected to send applications. The AAC is expected to receive an application from – FAU, Charlotte, North Texas, UTSA, Rice and UAB this week. 1/2
  5. wtf @BrettKollmann: Brian Griese: "I'd like to chain you up" *immediate deafening silence in the booth*
  6. @JonScottTV: Taylor Lewan has movement in all extremities and is being evaluated for a concussion. #Titans #Bills
  7. @nosalaryretaind: need everyone to just watch the woman sitting down at the front https://twitter.com/nosalaryretaind/status/1450270715832324101/video/1
  8. How it's going for Hakstol's return in South Philly. @2Murphy8: Nate Thompson just beat the breaks off Bastian, good #### https://twitter.com/2Murphy8/status/1450269572217679873/photo/1
  9. Friendly fire helmet to helmet. Body went limp for a second
  10. @thadbrown7: There you go #BillsMafia All even from the Music City Miracle. I'm sure you'll let it go now.
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