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  1. @JasonSobelTAN: Less than an hour in, but Bo Van Pelt and Johnson Wagner already lead the 2008 Wells Fargo Championship.
  2. @DarrenDreger: The fighting in the 1st period didn’t concern the league brass dialed into the Caps/Rangers game, but Buchnevich crosschecking Mantha in the face is likely to keep the DOPs/NYR communications ongoing for another day. @DownGoesBrown: Buchnevich deserves a suspension for that, which has to the potential to be a real mess of a hearing.
  3. @BrotherlyGame: Curtin says Heinze refused to shake his hand after the game tonight. “He's an incredible coach, he's an incredible player, but you can still be also a sore loser and be an ####### at the end of the game."
  4. Nah. Proper response is recall every AHL tough guy you can find and start taking out scorers. If that's what the league wants....
  5. My guess is Tom Wilson gets 10 games which would cover the last 3 games of regular season and guarantees he misses first round of playoffs. (Or maybe they come out with 20, figuring it will be appealed because od playoff time)
  6. Looks to me like the child percent is up because the vaccines are working and adult numbers are waning. Number of child cases in her chart looks fairly steady last 3 weeks.
  7. even worse from this angle @dantelives13: @BradyTrett @FriedgeHNIC Incorrect. Pulled his hair and then slammed his head on the ground. Slow-no video, watch Wilson’s left hand https://twitter.com/dantelives13/status/1389382019289784320/video/1
  8. @BradyTrett: Tom Wilson gets a 10-minute misconduct for punching Buchnevich in the head on the ground and body slamming Panarin https://twitter.com/BradyTrett/status/1389377668500520962/video/1
  9. Mysterious creatures with jagged teeth down by the swamp that make loud bellowing sounds during mating season. And those are just the meth addicts.
  10. Anecdote about current state of North Florida real estate. Wife's friend and her husband bought new construction in fast-growing St. Johns County. They are just putting up houses in these developments as fast as they can get the lumber delivered. Anyway, they have to sell their current house in Duval. Decent 3/2 1960s ranch in an okay (but not upscale) part of town. Yard just big enough for pool etc. Met with realtor Thursday night. Put it on market Saturday. Sold in 2 hours above asking price. Buyer is their neighbors daughter who had missed out on 2 other homes in neighborhood.
  11. Huh? I have heard Duval derisively called South Georgia.... Besides we're full.
  12. @brianemfinger: Crazy close tornado video from drone. I had to make a quick getaway and drone didn’t make it as it got caught in the inflow and I lost connection as tornado was cutting me off from the drone. #mswx #tornado https://twitter.com/brianemfinger/status/1389004640092631041/video/1
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