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  1. @JamesPalmerTV: Chiefs announced Andy Reid was feeling ill, so he did not address media out of caution. I can confirm he left the stadium in an ambulance. Players didn’t know he wasn’t feeling well and were told he should be ok. Everything is pointing toward the Chiefs taking every precaution.
  2. Glad Hatton made that putt to ensure BratFace didn't get clinching honors next hole
  3. Paulina shakes her head in disapproval
  4. That lip out is going to lead the Irishman to drink
  5. Juniper hasn't given Hovland this big a problem since those gin and tonics at that banquet
  6. Odds Hatton takes a swing at JT before the turn?
  7. I like Cantlay but the name on the back of the sweater is like ugly Christmas sweater time.
  8. You could lip read Scheffler saying Oh #### when he hit his second on that par 5
  9. is there a more Brit footy announcer word than "talisman"?
  10. I think it would be cool if Stricker submitted his card tomorrow in alphabetical order. "We got more horses than you. Order doesn't matter."
  11. Only thing is that Brian and Gabby were camping nearby in same park during time the two deceased went radio silent.
  12. Once again, way offsides just over midfield and offsides called as ball goes into net. I know they're waiting for play to develop but it seems like the flags are really late
  13. Still waiting to hear why he was ruled out for the double homicide in Moab.
  14. @Bfarrell727: Here's some weekend reading for you ahead of tomorrow's CFB slate: A year ago, Florida nearly toppled Alabama thanks to an electric passing attack loaded with weapons. Months later, they nearly did the same thing with a completely different approach. https://bfarrell27.substack.com/p/how-dan-mullen-continues-to-reinvent
  15. Are the US fans taunting the Euros with Ole chant?
  16. If I'm Paddy, I'm playing Rahm/Hovland/Fleetwood twice tomorrow. And I'm playing Wiesberger in the morning and see how he does.
  17. Hovland is great tee to green. His putting is very streaky.
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