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  1. Actually, FLGT's revenue in 2020 (last year) was over $400M and their market cap is $2.2B. I believe their 2021 forecast is $800M in sales. CYDY being worth more with the info from Friday night is crazy.
  2. Good luck, I’d bet on the no on that.
  3. Right, so it has nothing to do with the “business”, it’s because of an artificial prop up. That’s fine but it’s disingenuous to act like it’s a great tech company.
  4. Really, so how’s it different than the other similar stocks getting creamed?
  5. Nope, I got caught in the bear raid, but JFC that run up to $10 was honestly an awesome feeling. This thread was a lot of fun and then those ####ers ruined our party.
  6. If you’re not picky about the placement of the decimal, we did hit 4 digits about 8 months ago.
  7. I hate the “tech” classification. Same with stay at home. Yes, some things accelerated but every company we’ve discussed already existed pre COVID. The first fork was technology. There is no such thing as a business that doesn’t use what people call tech. I mean software, hardware, biotech, etc. Everyone uses it already. I’m big into the so called tech because it’s not going away, ever, unless we revert back to the Middle Ages and Bitcoin and cash will both be useless. Damn double quote, my bad. Fixed for FLGT.
  8. Nice, bought some before close. Should have added more FLGT. I did add some of that at $92 on Wednesday.
  9. Yeah, still way, way up but damn annoying. Made some more nibbles but not jumping in fully yet. If I missed the bottom, oh well.
  10. No ####. HFS I’m getting bludgeoned. Soon the old “I’m still way up from the start of 2020” won’t mean crap. Damn. I will likely do a bit more nibbling. Some serious deals out there now.
  11. I’m too busy right now to check everything. I think I’ve got a staff meeting from 3-4, perfect time to nibble some more. Really wish I hadn’t done any buying in January/early February. It was all new recommendations but man I had a decent cash position. I’m better after trimming some AMZN (still got plenty). Keep nibbling. If it goes down nibble some more. Hopefully in a few years I’ll be glad I bought at the bottom in March 2020 and March 2021. Or I’ll be looking to retire around the day before I die. At least I’ll know.
  12. Outside of FAANG, I think almost everything else has seen well more than 10%. Dow is only down 2% from the peak.
  13. MELI below $1500, TSLA getting close to $600 again. Still amazing seeing the stocks that killed earnings just getting pummeled.
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