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  1. What does 3 have to do with paying off your mortgage? First, funding your retirement, likely due to a match or to save on current high tax rates or taking advantage of a Roth, is done first. The payoff money would go in a brokerage account. Second, you’d have more free cash if you had the money that you used to pay down the mortgage. That’s the point of getting a better return on your money than the mortgage interest and basically having a nice nut of extra cash left over after paying off the mortgage via payments. All that said, that was for the last decade. Paying off the mortgage in 2011 would have been a good feeling but over the last decade you had 14% annual returns or a 280% total return. For a 30 year mortgage, you could probably use the 4% to pay the monthly payment and still have gotten 10%+ (compounding) a year thus having around double your money at the end of the decade while making every payment. You might have been able to take half right now and pay the rest off, this paying off your mortgage with the decade of gains and still have the entire principal right now. For this decade, I’d be more willing to pay off the mortgage because we’ve had such great returns the past decade, but last decade you would have killed it by investing the payoff and skimming the return to pay the mortgage.
  2. It sucks that it got overshadowed because that was a crazy situation. Awesome how that IPO went from this gigantic unicorn to stained and tarnished shelved IPO.
  3. Yep, wasn’t that a Trump friend's stock tip too?
  4. TTD, UPST and AMZN (because it’s by far my largest) are 80%+ of my losses today. Looks like ZS is in a virtual tie for 2nd largest position for me with TTD due to today. Both still a share or so above my UPST, HUBS, OKTA, MDB and TWLO. ETA: Added some PUBM at $26.07.
  5. As soon as there is any type of merge he’ll be outed unless those people want to get the rest of Luvu out and need him. I don’t think they anticipated it but they seem to be pushing it that way including placing advantages right in the middle of the fire area.
  6. Isn’t there a meme thread for this stuff? We get that you believe in it but that’s why that thread was created.
  7. I know AMC is a terrible investment and way overvalued but I'd never short it because predicting pricing movements has nothing to do with fundamentals.
  8. I saw that on the Yahoo trend list. If you want to buy some, just don’t look at their financials. Like most of the meme stocks, the trend is well, let’s say really bad. They bought a company for $3M a few days ago and that is going to increase their market by $400M. Lol. They are on pace to have 20% of the revenue they had 3 years ago and yet their P/S ratio is now as if they are growing like SNOW. Growing 100%+ is a wee bit different than decreasing revenue by 80%. Spectacular crash. One thing I’ve noticed on these small meme stocks (GME and AMC can’t play this game) is that they announce every deal and make some tiny acquisition and announce that all the time. These acquisitions could be dead/shell companies but it’s just meant to keep news going and prop up the price so the bag holders have some glimmer of hope. The early guys have already bailed with their money but they’ve instructed the bag holders to HODL. I really can’t wait to see the end result of some of these train wrecks, they will be amazing.
  9. We absolutely are and that’s fun to watch. I honestly don’t care who steals money from who on these type of stocks. I enjoy watching it, but not my cup of tea. It’s funny because I’m pretty aggressive stock wise but I just can’t into that hot potato game where you know the price is far beyond the fair value. Might make a good book in a few years. There are going to be some spectacular crashes. I mean this Trump social media seems like you are bordering on the tipping point of insanity, like the four horseman of the apocalypse for Bible folks. Trump is one, Ryan Cohen or Roaring Kitty is another. Who else we got signaling the end of times?
  10. Don’t believe for a second that info wasn’t leaked. How many companies go public before they even have a web site? This is a big money grab. The SPAC is handing the Don a bunch of money he’ll line his family/friends’ pockets and they drum up some marketing and the SPAC folks make out on the spread. How many SPACs ho public and have a deal in a few weeks?
  11. True. I just like the hidden part of idols and the surprise and it seems like they are trying to remove all surprises except this new steal.
  12. I know. The show folks really wanted idols to be known. That’s why they created that new steal an idol advantage. They want to have a tribal where someone thinks they are safe only to lose their idol. I’m not a big fan of it.
  13. Lol. It might be the worst stock pumped in a while. I’m legit shocked that it passed mustard with the supposed new SPAC rules. I mean it’s almost pure comedy. Welp, I was banned on Twitter so I’m creating a social media site and going public with that idea.
  14. Genie voted for him, which is fine. I’m just saying that if he wanted to get Shan out, he had it setup exactly right last night. It was obvious that Genie was voting for him so as long as Shan votes for Genie, he’s in the driver’s seat. He voted for Genie and Genie went home but if he double voted for Shan, she would have gone home instead. He’s not the mastermind he thinks he is as now he’ll give back the extra vote and he’s kept her super powerful and having a potential ally. She gave an advantage to the other girl (can’t recall her name) and he should know that she did. He’s made up his mind that he’s riding along but no one else has seen him do anything so he’s not sitting pretty like her.
  15. He wouldn’t have had to do anything. All he had to do was use the extra vote and Shan was gone. Your scenario happened except for his double voting for Shan. If he wanted to take her and the idol out of the game.
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