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  1. Glad I got mine locked and approved. Not the bottom but 2.375 for 15 and no appraisal/decent credit towards the rest of closing costs. Need to make sure it goes through with no hitches. Looks like it really didn’t jump too much. 2.5% now with less credit. Up, but not horrible if you refi’d now.
  2. Agreed. I’ve had some decent reports that triggered a drop but I feel good knowing most of what I own should be good to go in 5-10 years.
  3. It’s time for the intervention. TunaNIPA, this is a safe space. We are all here for you in your time of need.
  4. I’ve got a bit of everything I like minus a few new suggestions that I don’t have enough of, so I’m just sitting tight. Still feel like there’s a little more angst to squeeze out. I will be looking tomorrow/this weekend to see if I want to spread some of my long time winners around more rather than get too low cash wise.
  5. Bought into this as well but down a smudge because of this week. ZS actually having the best pop of the 3. No plan to get rid of any of them for years.
  6. ETSY and ZS up after blowing out numbers. You still have those? Most of my stocks had great quarters. AMZN had their best quarter ever and they are down a bunch since reporting. Damn Bezos stepping down.
  7. Getting my ### kicked about the same as Monday, correct that, worse. Not as bad as early Tuesday, but not a lot of time to recover. Feel like I should dip my toes into a couple stocks, but not sure it's over. May just stick with what I got and see how the week ends.
  8. Yeah and I was all excited when I was green at the open. Just wanted some flat days. Days like this, I tend to trail the market. We all knew it was going to happen, but it’s never fun. I do see some potential bargains, just wish I had sold a wee bit more than I did and held off on a few buys. No big deal as they were all in the 5 year plan, but still obviously better to buy cheaper. I may make some purchases but still don’t feel like it’s quite over yet.
  9. Lol at the last line. The naive folks seem to forget this. The billionaires who people love will make money from the villain billionaires. The real little guys got in after $45, lost their shirt, got margin called and now are figuring out how to get back in over $100.
  10. They used to call it hot potato in elementary school.
  11. Yeah, while I enjoyed a light hearted show and it wasn’t on Ted Lasso’s level, it didn’t feel like a Netflix show at all. Probably took all of 2 weeks to shoot and edit the show. I mean, it literally took place in the office/garage and the bar 95% of the time. I enjoyed it because it was just trying to be fun, but it did feel weird when it started like it should have been a CBS show.
  12. Hey, nice to see some other stock discussions in here. Do you like SQ long term? I’ve only got 35 shares. Should have bought back in August when it was re-recommended at $80ish. I think we may see it touch close to $200 again.
  13. I’m not staying in cash (assuming you have a large portion in cash), just riding things out. I have some more stocks to buy so I may dabble on a few but I’m not seeing a huge fall off. Most of my high fliers have already trimmed a good amount and for the most part they have having good earnings reports. I bought BILI back in November and it’s tripled and hit a high of 155. It was at 150 on Friday and hit a low of about 116 on Tuesday. Had a great report last night and it’s back at 144. Just insane movement but I’m just hanging in there as my most volatile stuff is in IRAs and I like them LT. M
  14. Didn’t AMC flood the market with tons of shares? That’s the biggest difference, well and the fact that with GME you at least can push the Cohen turnaround. AMC just doesn’t have any real good impetus to blow up.
  15. How many of those people got their margins called and thus didn’t participate in this run up?
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