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  1. It should seem strange to you since you still think you’re right. I’ve said it a dozen times before. Us normal, non-delusional, non-conspiracy nut people are tired of idiots like you peppering everyone with the same disproven #### about not getting vaccinated. We saw the light at the end of the tunnel when the vaccines were successful but then ####tards like you keep spreading misinformation so we have yet another peak and more people dying and we can’t get back to normal. Then again according to you idiots the US is just all at the same time having undue stress and toxin build up. I’m normally a nice level headed, easy going person, but I loathe and despise people like you. I don’t spend any time thinking about your ilk but I’m happy to jump in these threads and tell you how stupid your ideas are. I’ll go back to my family and friends and enjoy my Moderna’d up body and won’t lose a minute of sleep when any of you idiots get really sick and could have easily avoided it and avoided killing other people. I think I’ll make that my 🎙 drop and as in 8 mile tell you to #### off and have a nice day.
  2. I always had a thing for the XJ6, especially the convertible.
  3. Irrelevant to COVID/vaccines. Take another hiatus. Personally, if money was not a concern, give me a Testarossa convertible like this: https://stuartparrcollection.com/car/1987-ferrari-testarossa-by-straman/ That was the ultimate car when I was growing up.
  4. If you sort of like it, I’d recommend Alice in Borderland. Similar but just done so much better and while the acting in these is never Oscar worthy, it was also better.
  5. This is exactly what it looked like. It was a lot of fun. No radio, no air, nothing, but it was in perfect shape. I had an extra hub cap from it but somehow lost track of it after college.
  6. So true. I used to love the 911s. My dad had an old 1960 roadster convertible like Dylan in 90210, just white. So cool. Not fast like the 911, but a sweet old ride. It went to college payments, ugh.
  7. WTF does that have to do with vaccines working? Yes, there are people who want to profit above the good of others. Guess what, a lot of the people you believe in are the same. They have helped continue to kill thousands of US citizens since the vaccines rolled out. Not going to sugar coat it but you have legitimately helped this continue. Time to put on your big boy pants man. It’s tough out there and not everyone wants the best for you. Guess what, there’s still a lot of doctors and scientists who are working very hard to save people and cure diseases. Opiods do work for pain. Simple as that. Does that mean they weren’t overprescribed and that people didn’t profit in a bad way? No. You know what you can do, stop helping people who are getting people to die of COVID. You are just a fish in this world. You fall for things hook, line and sinker. You can’t process the thought that there’s more than that bait hanging on a hook and fighting until you break off or dying. Guess what, there’s a huge ocean of possibilities out there. You are choosing to believe FB groups links of irrelevant (Opiod crisis and DuPont), incorrect (AIDS and HIV) and lunacy (vaccines being harmful) which come from a handful of people when thousands of scientists and doctors and smart people are telling you COVID exists and the vaccine is the best protection. Do yourself and your family a favor and get the vaccine. Do the world a favor and stop trying to drag other people into the pit you are in because there’s a lot more good outside that pit.
  8. Apocalyptic event, such as huge meteor where Bruce ####s up, Geostorm if Gerard doesn’t turn it off, massive solar flare EMPs, smaller meteor that releases the massive dormant bugs that killed off the dinosaurs, free cell phone service that kills everyone except the elites, zombies, Paleolithic virus unearned by global warming, global warming turning everything into deserts way faster than scientists predict, global warming induced ice age again faster than scientists predict, World War III, quick nuclear war that unearths the same massive dormant bugs, dumb ### rock climbers causing rockslide unearthing said bugs, seismic event dropping California into the ocean also unearthing said bugs, any other event unearthing the bugs, seismic event triggering all volcanoes to erupt blotting out the sun, AI triggering nuclear winter blotting out the sun, AI triggering global EMPs or computer virus disabling all electronics and any combination of the events or parties mentioned above. Son of a #####, completely forgot about any type of alien invasion.
  9. I legitimately have no idea how to respond. I feel like I’m in a grass field and an alien ship lands in front of me. An alien comes out and his left hand looks like a blaster of some sort but his mouthful of shark teeth appears to be smiling. In a deep growl he says bleep bloop. Do I pull my rifle out and start shooting or do I shake his claw? Yep, just like that, I’m at a total loss.
  10. SMH. That’s what I said. I’m not sure what we are arguing. I’m saying this was all staged by the show folks including Jeff to act like they are thought leaders given their history. I disagreed above that Ricard came up with anything and I do think he was “influenced” to help Jeff actually make the change without a backlash. They have an offended person to point to instead of just making the change.
  11. I’m sticking with the shares I got in the mid 30s. It’s up nice so far and is some exposure but the gambling thing reminds me of the pot stocks where initially people were acting like everyone and their moms would be toking up. I think some of those stocks will do well but the initial market caps were based on crazy TAM projections. I feel kind of the same way on gambling stocks where analysts think every fan will be betting in game with the TAM. There’s a bunch that went up a ton but will all succeed and after these bonuses go away will they capture all those bettors as real clients.
  12. Based on the peak in 2017 or so, it’s about time for crypto to roll back down. One thing that I think is funny about miners is that in a couple years their revenue potential gets cut in half with the halving. If you told me any company had two years before their revenue was cut in half, I might hesitate to buy their stock. There are also now tons of competitors.
  13. I know what he said. It just felt forced like they didn’t get the answer they wanted on camera on the boat so they gave him a nudge. It’s easy to do. During player in game interviews. So what did you think about what was said on the boat, yada yada. He sure didn’t seem concerned about it at all during game play. If there was a conversation with anyone about it, they probably add it in. All I think is that it came from Jeff and team, not from a cast member. I was just replying to someone who said it started with Ricard. It’s not a coincidence that this year CBS made all those diversity changes and this year they finally decided to visit the term guys. It’s also not hard to realize how easy it would be to manipulate someone into speaking up. I mean Jeff already had the new phrase 100% ready as soon as he spoke up.
  14. Hah. It was the next on my list just didn’t try anything because I though I had it right. Does every buddy Cowboy movie have 1 guy with a black hat and one with a white hat? If it’s cowboys, I’ve got a handful I’ll guess and “spit” is one of those.
  15. Why ask someone else first and why did he take a day to think about it more? Definitely seemed like a CBS scripted thing.
  16. Big baller man. I feel ya, the stuff I’ll buy is small potatoes. A good day like today’s profit is well more than the additional cost of adding a new stock at $60 instead of $50.
  17. Aquaman was fine, not as good as WW and also not as good as most of the Marvel movies. Trailers are supposed to change your mind and get you excited. The Eternals trailer reminds me of the Inhumans show because it lacked something and didn’t get me excited. It’s not about waiting and seeing, of course if the movie scores like crazy I’ll see it. Even though Shang-Chi isn’t something I was looking forward to because Avengers ended and I have no clue on the story, the trailer was slick and put it in the I’ll definitely watch it camp. The ratings on Eternals have to be great because the trailers did nothing for me.
  18. No one complained. It was all Jeff to start. I assume none of them had met him before. It definitely is about them being called out so they made a scene out of it to look like the upstanding citizens. Kind of like a wolf starting a foundation for sheep to go to college after he’s eaten half of them. It did feel like the producers may have prodded the guy because they didn’t get the response from a woman.
  19. Me either. It really reminds me of the Inhumans show which I never watched. Just the previews alone, didn’t catch my eye at all. I’m waiting for Shang-Chi to get to D+ and while it didn’t totally suck me in yet in the previews, it looked like it would still be a cool movie to watch. Eternals was just kind of meh like the Inhumans. Not sure how she’ll do, but I think Angelina Jolie was not good casting. She doesn’t scream Marvel universe to me, same with maybe the GOTs guys. Maybe that’s the disconnect. It seems like it’s separated and the previews don’t really make me want to see it.
  20. Yes and no. I still have more to buy, probably always will but some things I might sell have gone up too.
  21. Still got it. Inching up on a full share for me. My basis was around $24 because I dumbly added more at $27. That’s up now too so good now!
  22. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
  23. I pay $0 with Fidelity (3 IRAs and multiple brokerage/custodial accounts). I have no idea how to rack $5k in fees on 20 trades. Only fees I’ve ever paid was for foreign stocks bought on other exchanges (not OTC or ADR foreign stocks). Even then it was $50. I do everything myself in the app or laptop browser.
  24. No #### man. About even with the market today but INMD and UPST have been crazy. Have U too but it hasn’t been in those two’s zone yet.
  25. I’m feeling kind of sad. People are willing to believe in “toxins” which have no actual details. It’s no different than having faith in a religion. It’s something they can’t see or measure and there’s no real definition of it but it must be more real than things that tons of scientists have studied and proven. SMH. They can misrepresent and misunderstand statements from one Doctor about Opiods and make it mean that no pharmaceutical products work (but some medicines do, easy to genericize) and one scientist and make it mean that viruses don’t do anything. It really is scary the depths that some people will go to believe conspiracies. There has to be something that drives them to think they are the chosen/special people and only they know something. The problem is that all their research is fed to them and not “studied” in a lab, but somehow they eat that #### up because it makes them feel special.
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