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  1. I felt like he shined in weeks 2-4 when FJax was out before....I agree - I can only hope the message gets through the 2nd time...... and I wonder what would have happened has Spiller not gotten hurt himself against CLE. We will never know.Wouldnt this be hopefully the 3rd time is charm?Spiller excelled LY and early TY with being the main guy.
  2. This proves absolutely nothing. this made me laugh!
  3. He finished 7th at age 22. Do you see him regressing?Not sure I'd put him top 5 myself, but it's not outlandish at all. - 1st rounder- prototypical size- extremely impressive mobility and instincts- excellent young talent around him- only 22- 60% completion, 7+ ypa- running statsWhat's not to like?
  4. Personally, I'd take Foster top 3 in a dynasty startup next year without flinching. Foster is on pace for 2,324 yards from scrimmage and 19 TDs. Pedigree didn't stop Terrell Davis or Micheal Turner from becoming excellent fantasy players for years. I never liked Ben Tate, and seriously doubt if he'll have any more impact that Derrick Ward in 2011. I love Ray Rice and Jamaal Charles as players and do think they are first rounders in start ups, but they have 11 and 13 career TDs respectively. MJD is a stud, but the team he plays for is mercurial at best. That leads to things like his 3 TDs over the first half of this season, or the first half of 2008 when he averaged less than 75 yards from scrimmage and about .5 TDs/game. Foster is a very good RB in a fantastic situation to produce for years to come. Not sure what's not to like there. Sounds like a lot of the things were being said about Forte and Slaton 2 years ago, Maroney 3 years ago.....I'm just sayin!
  5. Considering his cost, i think he is well worth buying, especially for Foster owners. I havnt seen any deals involving him, buti bet h could be had for a 2nd/3rd round rookie pick, or something of similar value.Traded him for L. Murphy in my PPR dynasty.
  6. I don't see a Slaton this year, but let me think about this and I'll get back to you.Possibly Ahmad Bradshaw from what I've seen in this thread, but he's not rated nearly as high as Slaton was last summer.Forsett? Smith North?Shonn Greene
  7. I usually agree....but if you are in a win now mode why wouldn't you give up close to nothing for him and have him as a WR3/4?
  8. Did he say something wrong? I thought that was fine, shows confidence given we are talking about the 8th seed here. I don't see the problem with that interview It's really hard to hate this Montreal team........ No. it's not hard at all, quite easy in fact. They are the Flobbing Habs!
  9. Did my Fit test 1 yesterday....and your fit day tests make mine look like they were done by a 12 YO school girl I hope My 2nd/3rd one is close to your 1st one......I'm about 5-10 (185 lbs) but so out of shape!
  10. Maybe he's a perfect BUY now......if you are down on him maybe all Smith owners are and am willing to take a chance on him if price is right.
  11. Portis and Westbrook are nearly at the end of their Fantasy Football careers. Unless you are a contender, you should keep Harvin and Avoid at all costs both of them.i do feel my team is a contender. do i trade harvin for a one week play?QBs Cutler, J Edwards, T Flacco, J Freeman, J Sanchez, M Vick, M RBsBarber, M Gore, F Jackson, S Maroney, L Moore, M Ringer, J Sproles, D Tomlinson, LWR/TEs Bowe, D Harvin, P Jones, J Moss, R Naanee, L Wayne, R Gates, ANOOOOO Way do I trade Harvin for Portis or Westy
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