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  1. I agree the post game remarks seemed odd.  As Claymaker said above I think Rodgers understands if that was against a playoff team it may have been a loss.   I also think Rodgers is frustrated with the young WRs and the TE's.  

    On the positive side Rodgers seemed to move better this game and didn't looks as limited.  Nice to see the defense shut down a team with very little talent on offense.

  2. I thought the complete opposite. He got burned multiple times trying to jump routes. It gave me flash backs of him getting roasted by average WRs as a Packer.


    The Vikings got lucky Talib was out last night. If the Rams had both staring CBs it would have been a different game. Glad to see the Vikings imploding and Zimmer about to lose his mind with the defense last night.

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  3. After running several mocks I think it’s better to keep your stud players at a good price. When you factor in all the other keepers already removed from the draft pool a 3rd or 4th round pick is not as valuable.


    The value play is to keep a good player in one of the later rounds but then you don’t end up with enough studs.


    Good discussion on how different people approach it though.

  4. I had a general keeper question that I am hoping people can give their thoughts on.  I don’t want to make it about specific players just a general discussion.


    If you are allowed to keep one player at their draft slot from last year what is your strategy?


    1. Keep the best overall player below their ADP?  Example, player is 20th overall in the format and you can keep at pick 39.


    2. Keep the player with the most extra value? Example, player is 60th overall but can be kept for pick 145.


    I am new to the keeper format so I am trying to get a feel for the best strategy. Thanks for all the input.

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  5. 3 hours ago, tdmills said:

    Except he's lost a game the last 6 years he's made the playoffs....but hey keep throwing out junk. I'm sure more homers will like it.

    Does Aaron play all 22 positions on the field?  Last time I checked it was a team game.  Most of those loses where due to poor coaching or mistakes by other players.

    The comment was about Rodgers performance in that specific game.  24-35 316yds 3 TDS  0 INTs.  There was zero chance that Cowboys swiss cheese defense was stopping the Packers.  Even the fat man Eddie Lacy was over 100 yards rushing in that game with a 5.3 average.

    It's so great when Cowboy fans run their mouth like the team has actually been relevant in the past decade.  Go troll another teams thread.  

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