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  1. who was the Republican that flat out admitted a few years back that the point of all of the voter ID laws was to suppress Democratic votes?
  2. seems like "Anyone who cares about liberty should be advocating for repealing criminal laws, not adding to them" would be more accurate.
  3. agree pretty much across the board here, however Amash's quote doesn't say that. he may be trying to convey much of what you describe, and maybe if given a chance he would clarify, but the quote itself seems inaccurate for that message. the examples you give are certainly things that probably should be repealed, but are they really preventing justice? can you have justice without laws?
  4. https://twitter.com/williamturton/status/1365109969490567169?s=21 wasn’t there something in that old book about idols and stuff..
  5. https://twitter.com/justinamash/status/1365163690937503747?s=21 “Anyone who cares about justice should be advocating for repealing criminal laws, not adding to them”. seemed like a good topic, very libertarianish, which he certainly is.. I’ve been a fan of his, but I think I disagree here. this seems backwards to me, but I’m open to being convinced otherwise. He quotes Gorsuch
  6. easily the biggest story right now is the onslaught of voter suppression legislation being introduced at the state level by the GOP. instead we get stories about MTG hanging her "i'm with stupid" sign.
  7. its good marketing shtick. trying to drive demand for the current ones.
  8. “CNN isn’t covering this” ”here are two links” ”stop linking to CNN!”
  9. i would expect and hope the media would always be anti-mentally-unhinged-narcissistic-sociopath. are they not supposed to report the comment about injecting disinfectant to fight COVID?
  10. there’s really no reason for them to be subtle anymore
  11. https://twitter.com/jimmyotx/status/1364407408265584641?s=21 nice graphic in that thread showing the breakdown by source during the blackouts.
  12. i got 30% of the install price as a deduction 4 years ago, that's federal. i think it's down to 22% now.
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