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  1. According to Winters he admitted it to him at a reunion.
  2. Im all for being a good solider but not a big fan of murdering unarmed POW's.
  3. This episode should have been called "Tiger Ex Machina and the A-Team shootout" Seriously this is last season of Dexter and Sons of Anarchy bad.
  4. I think after seeing what a disaster electing an outsider was people might want something more predictable and stable.
  5. Yes any scene between Ecgbert (lol Eckert) and Ragnar was great, because they were the two best actors by far. However as a season it was very disappointing. Ive listed the pointless subplots earlier but it really wasted a lot of time and then gave short thrift to stuff that should have been drawn out was rushed. The Great Heathen army was conceived, assembled, and invaded all the way to Wessex in the matter of what three episodes? Interesting that they decided to kill off arguably the most accomplished of the brothers (Sigurd).
  6. Have to disagree. Ragnar did not go out like a boss. He ended up begging his family to go back to England with him. His ex-wife, his brother and 4 out of 5 sons said no thanks. He ended up having to spend his life savings to buy people to go with him. He ended up dying alone as a captive with no sword in his hand. This part of the season was very disappointing. Felt aimless at times and rushed at others. The loss of the best actors arent gonna help either. Hope this new warrior priest is intriguing.
  7. It sure was, Linus Roache the guy who plays Ecgbert is the strongest actor of the series. Shame when we lose him.
  8. They have had some big budget episodes in the past. The siege of Paris was pretty good. The History channel does not produce the show, they only purchase the rights to air it. That's why there are versions that are aired in Europe that have nudity. But back to the writing, yes its been noticeably worse this season, especially at time when it needs to be better as its lost its main character.
  9. Floki and the mosque happened before he knew Ragnar died. Prior to that he was on the boat and from out of nowhere he blurts out that he feels empty or something along those lines. It really was like where did that come from, there was nothing to indicate this severe change in attitude. I know the show plays loose with history so it is possible Ivar kills his brothers. Im pretty certain they didnt show the battle at the end of the last episode to put more money into future more important battles.
  10. Too many stupid and needless subplots this season. Floki just suddenly questioning his faith, where did that come from? Bjorn starting to bang Astrid, huh? Lagertha acting weird. I agree the pacing has been bad. Ragnar's sons (aside from Ivar) need something to distinguish them, right now they are bland. The Great Heathen Army should be awesome, I hope they pull it off correctly. I wonder if they will do another time jump at the end of the season to a more mature Alfred.
  11. Just heard Greenberg is now the highest paid on-air personality for ESPN at 7 million per year.
  12. Just saw it, and have a very 'meh' reaction. Ive come to the realization I probly wont ever truly love another Star Wars movie. Oh well, at least it was miles better than the prequels and a little better than TFA.
  13. Really enjoyed it, however hated that the finale made everything that came before it basically pointless.
  14. Wonder if the XFL debuted today rather than 15 years ago if it would have a better chance at survival.
  15. Are Mobley and Trenton gonna survive their encounter with the DarkArmy knife guy.
  16. Glad they didnt go with some time travel or multiverse twist (yet).
  17. I sure hope it doesnt go really off the rails tonight.
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