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  1. I was trying to say thay a mid-season Todd Wash replacement would have likely resulted in another win or two, thus taking them out of the #1 slot and out of the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes. If the Jags pick is anything other than Trevor Lawrence at #1, then they deserve to be terrible for eternity.
  2. Doug had to go, but I am impressed that he never once threw his staff under the bus, JDR style. And had he replaced Todd Wash, I don't think they hold on to the #1 pick. Doug Marrone is the loser hero we didn't know we needed.
  3. Still need to lose next week. The 33rd pick is valuable. Hope the new GM doesn't #### it up like the last one, and all the other ones before.
  4. My god, rooting for the Jets is just like rooting for the Jaguars.
  5. Good. Don't need an interim coach providing some kind of spark to #### up draft position. Also, put Luton back in. He gives us the best chance to lose.
  6. I know it probably means nothing, but the Jets fans that I met at the game yesterday were awesome.
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