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  1. Trying to decide between RSJ and Dan Arnold, who seems to be upticking in Jacksonville as Lawrence gets more comfortable plus needs a safety valve option. As I have Gibson, always good to not have more than one player in low efficiency offenses, but does the lack of other receiver options (plus playing KC where they will likely need to throw) supercede the multiple players on one team?
  2. Bought War my freshman year of college based solely on review saying it was the best album the reviewer had heard since London Calling. As a big Clash fan at the time, I was intrigued and have been along for the ride through NLOTH. Not too familiar with the Songs albums. No time to share a list, but will try to jump in as able. First time seeing them was War tour at an upstate NY community college gym and saw every tour through the Claw, so glad I got to see their prime. "Tomorrow" would not have been THAT low, but so far can't argue on the others.
  3. Best way to find Livestreams from Sea Hear Now....besides Google?
  4. Package off to the Golden State USPS 9505514608831222432017; expected delivery 8/13
  5. Finally some time to post the tremendous package sent by @Eggs: T-shirts 1 & 2 T-shirt 3 (Front) T-shirt 3 (back) A plethora of brew Swag Plus a note to go along with a top notch wrap job (no casualties). Enjoyed a couple over the weekend and looking forward to the rest. The Spotted Cow is one I enjoyed many a time on trips to Wisconsin, so was a good throwback to some good memories. As always, Christmas comes early! On the hunt for my stalkee, as this provided the motivation to get out there and get it done.
  6. Know this is an older thread, but bumping up to hopefully engage those that have been in before for some knowledge. Has anyone set up eero 6 with FIOS Gigabit router? Have not found much information online, so thinking the tech-savvy FBGs would have this sussed.
  7. Been told a package has been delivered. In the throws of moving along with planning a wedding, so woefully behind on my purchases, but hope to use viewing the swag as motivation to get going!
  8. In New address, so will PM the info. What is suggested method to share preferences?
  9. Pretty sure we have a whole year to see when the next shows will be scheduled. They are going to play it extra careful. Still holding my MSG tickets since they were such a PITA to get in the first place. Sunk costs.
  10. Did you negotiate this or did they offer? I was not there for the purchase, but this was offered only as an add on.
  11. I am toggling between two houses, so will not get to set up until Saturday. But encouraged by The Flying Turtle's feedback. @The Flying Turtle, out of curiosity, is the current price what the Black Friday price was?
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