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  1. Best way to find Livestreams from Sea Hear Now....besides Google?
  2. Package off to the Golden State USPS 9505514608831222432017; expected delivery 8/13
  3. Finally some time to post the tremendous package sent by @Eggs: T-shirts 1 & 2 T-shirt 3 (Front) T-shirt 3 (back) A plethora of brew Swag Plus a note to go along with a top notch wrap job (no casualties). Enjoyed a couple over the weekend and looking forward to the rest. The Spotted Cow is one I enjoyed many a time on trips to Wisconsin, so was a good throwback to some good memories. As always, Christmas comes early! On the hunt for my stalkee, as this provided the motivation to get out there and get it done.
  4. Know this is an older thread, but bumping up to hopefully engage those that have been in before for some knowledge. Has anyone set up eero 6 with FIOS Gigabit router? Have not found much information online, so thinking the tech-savvy FBGs would have this sussed.
  5. Been told a package has been delivered. In the throws of moving along with planning a wedding, so woefully behind on my purchases, but hope to use viewing the swag as motivation to get going!
  6. In New address, so will PM the info. What is suggested method to share preferences?
  7. Pretty sure we have a whole year to see when the next shows will be scheduled. They are going to play it extra careful. Still holding my MSG tickets since they were such a PITA to get in the first place. Sunk costs.
  8. Did you negotiate this or did they offer? I was not there for the purchase, but this was offered only as an add on.
  9. I am toggling between two houses, so will not get to set up until Saturday. But encouraged by The Flying Turtle's feedback. @The Flying Turtle, out of curiosity, is the current price what the Black Friday price was?
  10. Anyone with recommendations on whether to go with ultra high speed HDMI cables vs. premium for TVs that are HDMI 2.1 ready? Currently using the Verizon FIOS cables that were provided with my boxes (service turned up this past December) so not sure if those are considered premium, ultra high speed, or garbage.
  11. Cool. I did verify that the X90CH at Costco appears to be the same as the X900H and that it is just a different model number used for Costco-like vendors. Girlfriend is heading there for other shopping and asked her to add it to the list:) Thanks for the heads up on the price reduction!
  12. Curious what the reduction is from where it has been prices, as Costco site does not show it as being discounted. Looking to pull the trigger for the weekend and, while I would love the OLED, this fits the price point better. Welcome input for those also shopping as to what else they are considering or from those who already have this unit.
  13. Read an article recently that indicates he was one of the harmonies on the records. Not sure how the live harmonies were (a little toasty I am sure) but never saw them live πŸ˜” so will need others to weigh in)
  14. Have to decide between him and Lamb (if Dolphins did not play Thursday, may have say Parker for both of them). Still leaning Lamb based on matchup (Seahawks struggle covering the slot, and struggling defensively overall; Bears still solid D, especially in secondary). Anyone else have the same decision to make?
  15. I have not gotten started on the yoga front, but have kept up the daily walk along with the 100 pushup program. Thinking I am best starting at the Yoga for Beginners track and catch up with you all, but welcome alternate thoughts (have done yoga a handful of times in my life). FWIW, I am at the last cycle of the 100 pushup program (wk. 6, 3rd column; have older version from years ago, so not sure if there are changes in the weekly reps). In this process, I have well gone over 6 weeks as I waited to move on until I was reasonably solid completing the full set with no breaks. Part of the reason the pushups are becoming stale and I seek something else. Curious from those also doing this how they have approached it. I am fairly sure I could do 100 without a break fresh...guess I should try that someday:)
  16. Finally able to post pics of the awesome package sent by Drunken knight (accompanied with a great letter detailing some background information and details on all the beers): Beers Hats/Swag Shirt 1 (front) Shirt 1 (back) Shirt 2 (front) Shirt 2 (back) Shirt 3 Once again...Drunken knight...well done!
  17. Had a real #### day yesterday, so waited to open my bounty until this morning. All I can say is ...BLOWN AWAY!!! Master pack job (everything made it in tact) along with a great note describing all content, which is a generous amount. Crazy day ahead but promise to get pics up as soon as able. Drunken knight - well done!
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