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  1. We did GoogleMeets and, being high school, were asynchronous so we'd have a regular class time. This meant that the meeting would take place during the face to face school time, and I'd record every meeting. The students could log into the meeting if they wanted to, but it wasn't required. I usually didn't have any students show up, but I would still go through the material for that day and post the session in their learning platform. I had some students who never even logged into the class. These are juniors in high school, mind you. Had comments from parents about how they "could
  2. I’m not trying to contradict what you’re saying about the lack of preparation by the school system, but you must understand that this did come out of nowhere and we too had “canned” platform. The students, and parents, realized how important face to face instruction is because of accountability, response time, access, etc.
  3. We had that too. Also had many students quarantined during the year due to a case of COVID or contact tracing.
  4. I teach high school in Georgia and we were face to face learning all year, with some students who chose virtual learning. Just curious what the experience was like in other states for your students, whether it was face to face or virtual.
  5. Solve every missing persons case, ever or Find all lost treasure
  6. I'm a teacher, so I've been "back at the office" since August, along with the students. That whole WFH thing doesn't translate well into education.
  7. I actually think it was "hundreds of thousands", but I don't think the Chinese kept records..............
  8. Real mixed bag here..... US Congress passes 19th Amendment, granting suffrage to women (1919); Battle of Midway starts (1942); HBD Angelina Jolie (1975); Hundreds killed at Tiananmen Square protests (1989); RIP basketball coaching legend John Wooden (2010). "Make each day your masterpiece." - John Wooden
  9. I feel the same way about those that think Fantasy Football has anything to actually do with football.
  10. This generation of high school student who has no idea who “that” John Locke is.
  11. Correct. There is no school license policy, other than passing drivers education to get your license. Which amendment would you site as your source? Not arguing, just curious.
  12. This. And yes to the latter questions, or take a test similar to now.
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