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  1. What a guy. What a psycho

  2. redman

    They said you was hung!!!

  3. FDAS


  4. The funniest guy around. Thanks for all the laughs.

  5. If you leave me now, you take away the biggest part of me... WOOOOEEEEOOOOOH-OH NO baby please don't go...

  6. thank you for being you.

  7. It was a good run.


  9. Hey man, remember that time you said "taste the flesh"?

  10. I also have a fairly decent personal collection of written material from the 1970s, that I review and reread every so often. Always important to reread and review.
  11. I read a lot of old newspaper, magazine, etc. articles. Things where I can glean direct insight into history as it happened. Some of the most insightful things I've read is punditry on widely-assumed future events that turned out much differently. Its always interesting to see exactly where the most celebrated and respected voices get it wrong.
  12. shine on you crazy diamond

  13. Let's just be frank. If you are uncomfortable wearing jorts because you think they are out of fashion, and mock those who do, you're pretty much a weenie.
  14. I like this answer best.We're trying to help jort-wearers see the error in their way and also improve the overall appearance of society.You slaves to fashion, you. They were all that less then 5 years ago. Now you guys will throw them out rather than be caught dead in them. Sound like beeyotches to me. Although I have to agree, there are indeed fashion faux pax dictated by the passing of time... ...and I'll admit I am more inclined to wear something like these over straight up "jorts." I agree with this line of thinking. Sure, there are fads that are extremely outrageous. But we're talking about JEAN SHORTS. Its not a radical idea. Jeans are a classic look. Jean shorts will never die. Get over it.
  15. Maybe I'll try wearing a kilt this summer. Free-ballin of course.
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