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  1. The funniest guy around. Thanks for all the laughs.

  2. I also have a fairly decent personal collection of written material from the 1970s, that I review and reread every so often. Always important to reread and review.
  3. I read a lot of old newspaper, magazine, etc. articles. Things where I can glean direct insight into history as it happened. Some of the most insightful things I've read is punditry on widely-assumed future events that turned out much differently. Its always interesting to see exactly where the most celebrated and respected voices get it wrong.
  4. Let's just be frank. If you are uncomfortable wearing jorts because you think they are out of fashion, and mock those who do, you're pretty much a weenie.
  5. I like this answer best.We're trying to help jort-wearers see the error in their way and also improve the overall appearance of society.You slaves to fashion, you. They were all that less then 5 years ago. Now you guys will throw them out rather than be caught dead in them. Sound like beeyotches to me. Although I have to agree, there are indeed fashion faux pax dictated by the passing of time... ...and I'll admit I am more inclined to wear something like these over straight up "jorts." I agree with this line of thinking. Sure, there are fads that are extremely outrageous. But we're talking about JEAN SHORTS. Its not a radical idea. Jeans are a classic look. Jean shorts will never die. Get over it.
  6. Maybe I'll try wearing a kilt this summer. Free-ballin of course.
  7. Sure thing, Auric....o.........o....._......oooo888888o_ ..`88.......d8P..o88p....;8P""'''''`88b.........,o..........._ ....88L.....d8P.Y8b88.....88.........`88..._.....Y8L........88. .....Y8b....88'.`88Y8b....`88.........88'.d8L.....Y8b.......88' ......`88o.d8F...88[Y8b....Y8b......,88P...Y8b.....`Y8b_...J88 ........YPd88'..,88..Y8b....88oo.,8888'....`88.......`88b..d8P .........,88....d8booo88L...Y88Y8888b.......Y8b........`Y8888' ........,88'....d88PPPPP88..Y8b....Y8b......]88..........;88 .......d88......88[.....`88.`88.....Y88.....]88_____,....d8P .......Y8'......YP.......Y88.Y8b.....`Y88...`88888888P..d8P ..........................`'.`88'......`YP..............88[ ...............................'........................88[ ........................................................`'
  8. I bet Pickles is a closet jorts wearer. Thou dost protest too much.
  9. Horrible definition. Jorts are classic and will never go out of style.
  10. The reluctant astronaut is a man of reason. Listen to him.
  11. I have now seen two men (late 20s-early 30s) wearing jorts in the past two days. Just saw one at the pump this afternoon. Nuttin like a nice pair of faded jorts on a light sunny day. Yup, jorts are still IN. Opinion of some in the FFA? Not so much. no pics!
  12. Enjoy the last years of New York, because its going to get annihilated by terrorist attacks. Everyone willing to live and work in that city I consider to be very brave, because they are basically surrendering their lives in the hopes of living as a free people. But they are going to die.
  13. This video fails because there was no picture of Brady in the throwback classic uniform. 0/10.
  14. An example of a great analyst we know is Bill Belichick. He displays a lot of the traits I'm talking about. He wins the freaking super bowl, and they ask him about how fun that must be and he comes back with saying "well we've got a lot of issues to worry about on the defense and this didn't work right and I don't know how we are going to fix the problems over here" and on and on. You would think the team had gone 0-16 by listening to him.
  15. I really don't have much of an incentive to artificially inflate my opinion of the R/E market here...I don't think anyone here will be buying any land from our group. I'm not saying you do, and I seriously respect your opinions on this. I just think that when you have skin in the game, you tend to unconciously believe the things that are most favorable to your position. People who own Alexander don't think Hutchinson was that important. People who own Sirius Radio think that they're going to bounce back. People who work in real estate tend to think the market's going to be fine. It's just how things work. I don't know bagger but in my investing experience I completely agree with your view. The overwhelming majority of investors fail to hold a truly critical eye. They fall in love with their position. I notice that the ones that have such an eye tend to have the following traits:1. They are not afraid to doubt themselves. They are perfectly prepared to tell you they do not know what is going to happen. 2. They are perfectly willing to represent several different views. They are constantly reviewing their opinions. People that show me these things tend to be the best investors. I can say that bagger's post did NOT display to me these traits. He did not express any doubt in his view. He dismissed even credibile analysts that disagreed by saying "most analysts here understand that". Based upon his post, I would believe his opinion is too biased. When I'm discussing the gold market, I'll tell you what percentage of confidence I have. Even today, I see the gold market as unclear - it depends on a lot of factors that need to be resolved. I'm on the sidelines. I don't mind telling you that.
  16. Here's a good analogy. Revealing Henry as the leader is like if in the WWF, during the height of the Vince McMahon/Steve Austin feud, that Vince revealed that the true power above Vince is Doink the Clown.
  17. Henry convinced Locke the button did nothing, ultimately leading to the (alleged) destruction of the swan hatch. Henry's actions should have resulted in him being executed by Sayid before he ever got that far. He was lucky to be alive. So that doesn't count, even if you want to give full and exclusive credit to Henry for the button not being pressed, which is a far more dubious connection compared to the direct credit you can give Zeke for his accomplishments.
  18. Lets look at the credible threat levels of the known Others. We do this by looking at their personal accomplishments / successes. Zeke: + Led the group that took Walt. + Blew up the losties' makeshift boat. + Personally captured Michael in the open field (with a sling no less! Nice shot!) + Caught Kate + Was outmanned by Jack's group but used torches to fake Jack out and thus successfully took the guns from Jack's group as well as forced them to return from where they came. Cleo: NONE Ethan: + Infiltrated the fuselage group for some time before being exposed. + Captured Claire. Alex: + Freed Claire from the clutches of the Others, allowing her to return to the losties. Other of the tailies' group + Infiltrated the tailies for some time. + I believe he killed one of them in the nite (the guy in the pit) but I'm not sure. Henry: NONE Sometimes leaders are written to be weak and incompetant. But in THIS storyline, it has been emphasized that the leader of the others is a "great man". He is feared by fellow Others. Zeke was afraid of him, and Zeke is portrayed as being extremely competant and credible! Zeke has never even failed once! If the writers seriously have chosen Henry to be the leader, it just makes no sense. His character is not consistent in any way with the storyline we've been through. Henry has no accomplishments whatsoever, and even if you believe he somehow tweaked the relationship between Jack and Locke a little bit, that is nowhere on the credibility level of Zeke. The storyline falls apart and the show becomes a joke.
  19. Its possible that Henry is the leader. But if it is so, then the show has become stupid. He is not a credible threat. The guy should be dead for his mistakes trying to infilrate the losties. He's a joke. What mistakes did Henry make?If you accept that he purposely put himself in the trap - and if you don't accept this, please let me know why - he had enough of a cover story to assume that he would be accepted by the survivors. It was only Sayid's doggedness that uncovered it. The assumption that most people would see the balloon and gravesite and believe the story is a reasonable one in my opinion. Was he running a risk? Absolutely. But note that he put himself into a trap fairly near the survivors. It was not a trap near Rousseau's camp, nor was it on the other side of the island. Moreover, the others already had Michael and Walt to bargain with if push came to shove. Seriously, what mistakes were made? How is Henry's credibilitiy lessened? Obviusly he was trying to infiltrate the losties. He completely failed. He was exposed. And he was so awful at trying to talk his way out of the situation that Sayid tried to execute him. He accomplished absolutely nothing. He has no credibility and if he's the leader the show is a joke.
  20. Because he was manipulating everyone.I think it is clear that Fake Henry is the leader. And FYI, the creators did say in a recent episode that the finale would reveal the true status of Henry. If that is what they said, then the show is now dumb. End of story.Henry manipulated NOTHING. He upset Locke for a day or two. But in the end, Henry's actions probably pulled Locke and Jack closer together if anything.
  21. Its possible that Henry is the leader. But if it is so, then the show has become stupid. He is not a credible threat. The guy should be dead for his mistakes trying to infilrate the losties. He's a joke.
  22. You don't know that. The shot could have been caused by AL hitting his arm. Also, I assume Henry saw the whole bad cop/good cop setup. I said that to my wife when I was watching it. Agreed. That was what I was thinking when I was watching it -- no way were they just going to kill him at that point before they could get more info from him. I think Henry smelled the plan a mile away -- just as he always did with the Losties. Guy's proven to be a smart cookie.And with relation to Hulk's post above, I wouldn't rule out Libby being a plant just yet. I disagree. THere was no setup nor communication shown between Sayid And Anna before or after the execution attempt. That was not good cop/bad cop. She just stopped the execution.
  23. So you are saying his great plan was to drive a wedge between Jack and Locke for a few days before they caught on to his plan, found out he was a fake, and thus the wedge vanished, and then for Sayid to decide to shoot and kill him but of course he knew someone would hit Sayid's arm and prevent it at the last moment? Great plan. Henry is a moron.
  24. I disagree. Given how he manipulated the Losties at every turn and essentially turned their ranks against one another I'd say he was quite strong and extremely competent. Henry accomplished everything he set out to with one notable exception -- he didn't bring Locke back with him.Perhaps that will be explored further in Season 3. He accomplished nothing. He failed to get accepted into the group and they would have KILLED him if not for luck. Absolutely incompetant.
  25. I think that's a given. Of the grand project, whatever it may be, perhaps not. Of The Others on the island? I think he absolutely is. If he turns out to be the leader, then it was a poorly written scene. That's all I can tell you. I mean, you are willing to believe Zeke when he mentions off the cuff in the medical hatch that there is a him, that there is someone higher up than he is. But When Henry has a GUN pointed at him by an ex-military guy who is ready to execute him, and he starts screaming about a higher up, that is obviously to you a mind game? Absolutely. Everything Henry had done was a mind game. He had manipulated the Losties at every turn and as I said before he was one step ahead of them every time. I don't see that as bad writing at all; I see it as very strong writing in terms of creating a layered character whose primary motivation is one of deception. So then what happens if Sayid does shoot him. Are you saying he somehow "knew" Sayid, some crazy guy who nearly beat him to death, wouldn't shoot? I don't buy it. I think it's possible he knew Sayid and Ana-Lucia were playing good cop/bad cop with him (which is what I believe they were doing). Or I think he was willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good of the project. Or both. I don't think it was good cop/bad cop at all. Sayid knew the rules. The prisoner was lying all the time. It was time to execute him and find out what his last words really were. Its the only way to get useful info out of him. And Henry was willing to die for what he believed in. Sounds like a pretty strong leader to me. What good is a dead leader? And a strong leader doesn't get in that situation where he is about to be executed and is only saved by luck. He completely and utterly failed in what he was trying to do and should be dead. Not very strong or competant.
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