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  1. Alpha Omega is a fantastic experience and the view from the backside is beautiful. Promontory is an extreme splurge, but far and away the best tasting experience I've ever had and their cab may be the best in California (it's a Harlan estate). Worthy of a special occasion or anniversary.
  2. I'm a little hesitant to post this because it's anti vaccine gasoline, but a very close friend was admitted to the ICU on Saturday with spinal issues. After countless tests and evaluations they diagnosed her with transverse myelitis. The doctors may think it may be related to the JNJ vaccine she received two weeks prior and the information diagnosis is being escalated. If you remember this is the same illness that paused the trials for astrazeneca and JNJ in the fall. It's way worse than blood clots. I'm torn up from a personal level knowing what's she's going thru but also from a vaccine leve
  3. I would guess that Harry is more Diana than Charles and deep down, knowing what she went through, he secretly wants to burn it all to the ground. Well, maybe that's how I'd feel...
  4. Two decades ago the Kennedys were on par with this. I would guess if John John didn't die the legacy and allure would have held on longer (the mystique and equal internal dysfunction).
  5. How accurate is The Crown on Netflix? Because this interview basically supports everything coming out of that show (which doesn't paint the institution in the best light).
  6. Have etrade. Have never paid a fee so I'm confused.
  7. GOEV up 10% AH. Assume it's related to their Hyundai arrangement and their tailing the AAPL news.
  8. I agree the numbers are low, but I specifically remember listening to a Daily/NY Times podcast where they had their resident epidemiologist on explaining that we'd have an extremely light flu season. So I guess I was never in the camp that we'd have a double surge (more driven by media I guess).
  9. Wasn't that expected? I remember reading this past spring/summer because of the severe lockdowns in Australia/South America and the suppressed travel that the flu season here would be incredibly muted since it travels via south the equator in their winter.
  10. Hawley is cooked as he's essentially fringe at this point. His calculated move fully backfired. No way the GOP backs him as they have more viable candidates with more thought out moves (Sasse, Cotton, Crenshaw).
  11. 12 hour suspension starting when he removes his tweets which he hasn't done yet because they're still flagged (maybe he doesn't know how to or care to?).
  12. "Big Guy" Your big fella is not so innocent when you see a video from the night before. 30 seconds in laying out the plan for tomorrow. Not the smartest folks out there given the amount of video.
  13. Did Qanon have its apex mountain by having the Q Shaman storm the Capital and take the Senate dais? Q Shaman Also I thought he looked familiar and then remembered he was outside the Arizona vote counting location with all the other crazies back early November (see 17 seconds in). Q Shaman living his best life
  14. Lin Wood officially banned from twitter including backup accounts Suspended
  15. Conor Lamb apparently gave a death stare to and insinuated a congressman lied in his objection (don't know which one) and that specific congressman demanded it be stricken from record. Pelosi said no and either a bunch of folks walked out or got booted for being disruptive.
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