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  1. Got my second Moderna on 4/29, so close to 😎 . On day two afterwards I had the chills and body aches but nothing terrible. Dainty Princess gets her second Pfizer on 5/13, the day before her birthday. Between that and being 8 months pregnant, may any poor souls get out of her way for the possible day of reckoning on her birthday. 😨 I'm proud of her. 🤗
  2. This would be a fantastic effort for some non-profits and famous athletes and music artists to team up on. I'm thinking food truck type rolling block parties that vaccinate and are a community building event.
  3. My grandpa was a never go to a home guy. He passed away and had a simple life that was lacking in a lot of things that would have improved his living circumstances. My grandma is still kicking and will never move. She lives off of SS and a small pension and gets by on a strict budget that I'm sure is being eaten away by the COLA every year. She lives in the Bay Area in like a 1200sf 3/1 that cost 52K way back when. She has a dead beat son and DIL but that's another story that live in and are useless, but my grandma could live the life she never thought she could have if she sold and went into
  4. Keep up the good work! Elliptical is a great low impact full body workout for getting everything in motion. I use a spin bike for a similar reason as a have had a bum knee since grade school. Same concept, if I don't do a workout every few days it starts feeling weaker or less stable, but a couple workouts a week and its a champ. Have you considered doing any shorter mini workout more often during the day just to keep thing loose? Say if your working from home or sitting a lot, just pop on and do a 10 minute cruise on the elliptical to get everything going and then go back to your day. I
  5. Same prongs here except we also have local health insurance groups doing them as well. Here in Northern California it was easiest to get the vaccine at the big chains by far. Insurance was very tough initially. Hospitals didn't do it much at all besides their staff. Small providers have been slow and steady the whole time and where 2nd easiest for a long time. We have hit the point of not enough arms for the vaccine already though. I am getting the 2nd Moderna today and my work (state agency) is offering it to all workers and family members (1600 workers in our building). They could barely hi
  6. This was my parents. They mean well but my mom is literally the type of person that covid would destroy and my family and theirs would have trouble if she was left on her own due to something happening to my dad(much healthier-but you know how things happen for the care taker). My mom is, obese, diabetes, has had a large stroke, asthma, very slow to heal from complication etc.. They were checking through their health insurance website once every few days and calling that good when it had nothing for our area. They thought they were doing everything. They are now folly vaccinated as I continued
  7. Dainty Princess getting Pfizer #1 today. I am getting Moderna #2 on the 29th. Team lines being drawn.
  8. So on a different patio we have the corrugated aluminum sheeting that leaks from all the nail holes not fastened correctly or from age. Do people usually patch this or is it a roofing company tear off and redo type of thing? The structure is over engineered but the sheeting looks rough and needs love.
  9. Installed sprinkler system around 15'x26' plot for sod we are installing this weekend. Water pressure sucks for our outside because they used 1/2" heading to the exterior when the house has crazy pressure to spare. So now I need to dig a 200' trench to the front and bypass into the main. Our goal is six valves, three for the back. Also planted two 15' fire maples in the back and will put in tons of other plants soon. Our yards were complete dead white trash cliché when we bought the place 1.5 years ago. Hired local tree company to remove two liquid ambers, a pine, and a cedar that were on
  10. I will definitely be bugging you about this in the future a few years down the line.
  11. Howdy howdy, been a while. I have been in a funk lately as the wifey has been work stressed and that always bleeds over to me as I am the optimist. Things are turning a corner and we are both loving the sunshine. I have been doing lots of yard trench digging for a sprinkler system so I haven't totally ignored working out but did my first Peloton in a week. First time in 14 months I had gone over 5 days without a ride. But I'm back, I'll weigh myself tomorrow and see where the gluten dairy free sad cookies crumble. 🚴‍♂️
  12. Similar situation with my wife and I right now as we are starting to have kids. If she did not work for herself and have the flexibility to handle lots of the future kid's duties I would not be able to take my job position and have the outlook it does. She will leave some money on the table over the years in her business but the beneficial opportunity cost she grants the family is huge.
  13. Marriage is something that should be the easiest decision you want to make or you should take more time dating. You know if it is right or wrong, and that answer says its wrong. It's good he is looking into more counseling, that can truly help get through some things and after he does some individual work he may want to explore doing more counseling with the SO. Prenups should be for people with VERY VERY large estates or getting remarried in the later stage of life to protect any children/grandchildren. Nothing says love like deciding how you won't give your SO any cash after you break up bef
  14. The fact the cases only happened in women inside the birth control age ranges is big. Birth control causes a much higher risk of blood clots in women. My money would be on this is a birth control issue side affect and just happens they got the vaccine. My wife can never have birth control due to clotting. She received a now banned birth control years back and had stroke like vision symptoms. It dissolved on the drive to to the ER and was normal by the time she was admitted. Two years later that drug had a class action suit against it for a very high clotting risk.
  15. Tiem Shoes Shimano PD-M520 SPD Pedals Shimano-SH51 SPD Cleat Keep in mind SPD is a type of pedal that the shoes and cleat would have to match. Also there are lots of type of them so you can pick whichever pedal you want depending on price. Also make sure the thread size on the pedal FITS your specific bike model. This is what the wifey got to upgrade our bike and I got some less stylish shoes as they only make dude ones fugly. Lastly, Amazon sporting gear is often marked up right now so if you can find them on a biking stores websites you will usually get a better de
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