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  1. I have been with my wife for a decade now and she loves that I am a Raider fan. After they were up in the final seconds of the raven game, she was like "they can't #### this up now....(peers in my direction) ..who am I kidding" Then she was giggling as they proceeded to self destruct. After the 3-0 start her was response was. "The are still ####ty." She thinks all Raider fan are essential the bleacher fans from Major League. She loves seeing the glimmer of hope in my logical eyes at the start of every season only because she can see it get snuffed out. πŸ’– She's a Rodgers fan.
  2. Meme coins will Meme. The risk is great, but so is the profit, until its not.
  3. As a data scientist I can tell you data is so easy to manipulate. In terms of football, the tape takes priority. Every. Single. Time
  4. Maybe consider buying some blue light blocking glasses to wear after 8PM for when you are looking at a regular screen..
  5. Gruden drafted him to run fast, but from what he showed, especially the back shoulder toe drag coming from a full stop, shows they need to look at him as more than just "run deep". Even his hands on the plays were solid, reaching for the ball and snagging it.
  6. I haven't followed gaming media in years now. Any news on Bad Company 3 or can I drop my love and hope for it ever seeing light? Right now its buying a beer for HL3.
  7. The teachers hated me every time they would ask what your dream job would be in 1st grade. It was always to be rich and retired. Not there yet, but on the path. If I have to work ANY job, it is not my dream job. My current position is okay and career path is more enjoyable and lucrative. Best job I ever had was being a drywall taper for 6.5 years after high school. It just didn't have the same money if I didn't want to start my own business. Although being highly skilled, competent, and reliable person makes you quite desirable in the trades.
  8. I'm afraid. I got my wife on board with crypto as part of our financial planning earlier in the year and found some great tokens that we believe in and can get behind. NFT's, she would think are stupid, but then be drunk with the potential profits. She is all about quick and easy money and I am the play it safe person. So, I actually see if I start this train she will take control of the engine and go to town, except she doesn't do research unless its in her field. Anything beyond work, nope, quick and easy. Put us down for 7 of the kittypunks jpegs.
  9. Thank you for sharing your story! Stay safe out there as it will be an up and down ride, but just know its worth it and people love you. As a person who grew up with my brother and mother needing medication for mental issues, and an uncle who is on disability from them, I can say don't give up finding the correct medication. Modern medicine does miracles, but in my families case, it has never been the first prescription tried that has done wonders. Don't be afraid to talk with the docs about options. Take care my friend, πŸ€™πŸ€—
  10. Any suggestion for phone games to play that don't need to have every daily completed and not a huge start up cost? Just looking to burn some time in the pace if possible.
  11. This can be done as well. It all depends on what the offering is for. It can be for the actual material item, and the digital license as well. Recently paintings done with Stan Lee's face on top of different Marvel scenes were put up for the digital and the very large art pieces together. They were done in conjunction with Stan Lee during his last year of life as he directly advised on the pieces. They are going to be holy grail type collectables and paintings for comic fans and were priced way beyond the main stream.
  12. Love them! Wife and I had "Can't Help Falling In Love" by Tyler using the Ukulele as our first dance. The past few albums have been not as good as their first and second, but can't blame them for going to the money and gaining 98% of their popularity. I would do the same. The first two albums were more instrumental, less produced, WAY less mainstream sound. Still love them. Fantastic live show as well. Tons of energy for hours.
  13. I have actually changed friends from eating like trash and drinking believing they can't have fun when out. They always thought you can't have a goal and enjoy yourself at the same time. I'm always like, I'll get a really nice nacho app and chicken César salad with multiple beers instead of a cheeseburger and large fires. If I choose the drinks wisely and not just all huge double IPAs, but maybe a big IPA, a pilsner, and a G&T I can get away with a solid balance without crushing the goals. For me its about education on calories and getting a proper judgement for items. Then, planning the beers and drinks before they happen. 🍻
  14. I may be known for counting how many Coors Lights or IPAs different junk food items substitute for....
  15. I have a similar issue with eating more when I'm used to less. My usual go to for the extra calories.....if I don't ruin it with ice cream.... is to use a protein shake with milk of choice, a nice granola bar(not the ####ty ones with no fiber/protein), and an apple will basically add 500-600 calories to my day. Although I do have trouble with the sweetness of most protein powders so I take a half serving and then add 2-3 TBS of straight pea protein to balance everything.
  16. Finished installing 12'x8' of a nice modern looking privacy wall on out patio that is sanded and clear coated. Took about 60 boards in total. Also, finished taking down all blinds and installing new cellular cordless ones, including blackout in the bedrooms. When we moved in every single one was broken. Sod installed (15'x28') and the initial sprinkler system is done, but digging an additional couple hundred feet of trench to bring the multi valve system to the entire property is ####ty.
  17. He has a very rare combo of being smart enough and the tech chops to do the backend work while still being able to speak language to normal people. It's very rare, and can be dangerous depending on goals, but if the heart is there that is what matters most. Love him IMO.
  18. Would it be a good exchange to pair with Gemini to have more exposure to other coins? I don't want to sign up for too many of them but also want greater access without having to use something like Uniswap. I'm still learning in this space and just want to have options as my DeFi love is growing.
  19. 100% Bay Area buy as much space as possible. Here in the foothills we are starting to run into the older generations not understanding why people don't want the mini mansions that have had maintenance kicked down the road several times. Honestly, it's the price, people just aren't willing to put all their cash in on a home that needs heavy renovations. We aren't just talking cosmetics like flooring, counters etc, but septic systems, wells, termite problems, roof, and HVACs that are all past their life cycle dates. Not to mention, many of these homes have terrible internet that isn't a big deal for current owners. And by terrible I mean 1-3 Mbps that has really bad jitter and is almost unusable when it rains.
  20. Pretty much this but I find my friends in their early 30s value functional space and schools above anything else. The living space is the key, not the square footage. They would rather have a 1500-1800sq 2/2 or 3/2 that costs much less after renovation than all the 2800sf 5/3.5 that came out of the 80s. Here in the foothills of Northern California, we have a #### ton of giant homes that could use 150K renovations because they haven't been touched going on 30-40 years. If you have the reno in your budget to spruce up the time capsule, its a sweet deal, but that's tough when they are already looking for double the "starter home" going rate.
  21. Got my second Moderna on 4/29, so close to 😎 . On day two afterwards I had the chills and body aches but nothing terrible. Dainty Princess gets her second Pfizer on 5/13, the day before her birthday. Between that and being 8 months pregnant, may any poor souls get out of her way for the possible day of reckoning on her birthday. 😨 I'm proud of her. πŸ€—
  22. This would be a fantastic effort for some non-profits and famous athletes and music artists to team up on. I'm thinking food truck type rolling block parties that vaccinate and are a community building event.
  23. My grandpa was a never go to a home guy. He passed away and had a simple life that was lacking in a lot of things that would have improved his living circumstances. My grandma is still kicking and will never move. She lives off of SS and a small pension and gets by on a strict budget that I'm sure is being eaten away by the COLA every year. She lives in the Bay Area in like a 1200sf 3/1 that cost 52K way back when. She has a dead beat son and DIL but that's another story that live in and are useless, but my grandma could live the life she never thought she could have if she sold and went into a home. It would be safer(handicap accessible everything), could have meals prepped for her, maid service, could meet new people and enjoy other peoples company etc. She is lonely and imo that alone would mean the world to her for everyday quality of life. Sadly the best situation would be the one described above with her moving in with family but my my mom is almost in worse health than grandma so my dad is stretched thin as it is, and we live hours away and don't have the time to take care of her or the space since we could barely afford a smaller starter house to hold our starting family. There is no winning it feels like. One thing that I believe that will change in the coming generations is that technology, especially gaming, will fend off loneliness to a degree as it allows so much more human interaction without needing direct access. It's so easy to shoot the #### and talk life with friends once or twice a month while gaming than dedicating time to talk on the phone. TLDR: Grandma will never move, but should go to a home and cash in her HCOLA house to live the better (and safer) life she has never been able to afford. She would gain more friends as well.
  24. Keep up the good work! Elliptical is a great low impact full body workout for getting everything in motion. I use a spin bike for a similar reason as a have had a bum knee since grade school. Same concept, if I don't do a workout every few days it starts feeling weaker or less stable, but a couple workouts a week and its a champ. Have you considered doing any shorter mini workout more often during the day just to keep thing loose? Say if your working from home or sitting a lot, just pop on and do a 10 minute cruise on the elliptical to get everything going and then go back to your day. I do a similar thing with walks during my breaks while working at home otherwise my back hates me. πŸ’ͺ
  25. Same prongs here except we also have local health insurance groups doing them as well. Here in Northern California it was easiest to get the vaccine at the big chains by far. Insurance was very tough initially. Hospitals didn't do it much at all besides their staff. Small providers have been slow and steady the whole time and where 2nd easiest for a long time. We have hit the point of not enough arms for the vaccine already though. I am getting the 2nd Moderna today and my work (state agency) is offering it to all workers and family members (1600 workers in our building). They could barely hit the 400 person mark, although probably 50% of the workers qualified before these events due to age/health.
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