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  1. I also love various versions of Pluots. Apricot/Plum combo that have great flavors from sweet to tart with the hardiness of plums.
  2. If your looking for a shooter that's more casual, give Rogue Company a try. It's free and it has the classic CS/R6:S mode or a hybrid TDM/KotH. It has operators like Siege but still early stages with only a few extras in the mix. It is a good time and more casual I would say. Also, whoever does their sound should be hired by the big boys. It is spot on and makes many triple A shooters sound like trash.
  3. Strawberry papayas are so much better than normal papayas. The normal ones are decent for smoothies, but the strawberry ones have amazing flavor and great for breakfast with fresh lime juiced onto them. I wish it was warm enough here to grow them.
  4. If you want to embarrass your kid(s) give tiktok a go. Its insanely addicting and you will discover culture.
  5. After working out all week and doing tons of yard work on the weekend. We got take out from the local authentic Mexican place that literally gives you about 20oz of fresh salsa and their crazy good thin tortilla chips included. I came in from 6 hours of yardwork and destroyed that thing. It has not clue what was hitting it. Now that I think about it. I believe about 40% of my calories/macros was chips and salsa over the weekend. Also I have found a new hobby in MFP of making custom cardio workouts passives aggressively title the #### jobs the previous home owner skimped out on and/or d
  6. NON Workout Stuff --- I have forgotten to mention this earlier in the week, but if you have any family that qualifies for Covid vaccines, but your region or insurance has had nothing available, check out CVS online. My parents have been checking 4-5 times a day with the myturn.com, their county, and their insurance group and had no luck. Both qualify and my mom actually qualified a while back but (that's where I get my easy gainer genes from - thanks mom) we have had no luck. I log onto CVS to check out their hours last Sunday and they had a banner running saying now completing Covid
  7. The past two days I have gone hard on the bike and loved the Sweet Steady ride I did for the first time. Great workouts paired with a core workout yesterday and pushups the day before. It paid off as I broke the 180.0 mark landing at 179.6 for the first time probably since a month after meeting my wife almost a decade ago. My upper body is definitely getting stronger and it feels great. Down 24.8 pounds since starting this. Keep up the great work everyone! 🤙
  8. Legit question here for people in different states. Do your fast food menus have the calorie counts on them? Here is California it has been around for probably a decade but I know that made a big difference on educating myself before I tried calorie counting with MFP.
  9. Going to be honest, when scrolling the boards I honestly can't tell the difference until who I see is inside each thread. I basically treat them the same. Is there a different objective for one than the other, if so, I have missed that. For the 20 minute vs 40 minute, it has to be a time block thing in our heads. I can always squeeze 20 minutes into my night even if I just got off working 10 hours, making dinner, doing the chores, letting the wifey do work stuff, as she typical starts work a few hours later than me and ends later. But, 40 minutes can be tough to plan around if I want to s
  10. You may or may not know this answer, but is there anything for your feet? I have high arches that I have to target stretch before exercising. Even with that on a few yoga moves they will cramp.
  11. Good job! Denis is my favorite all around instructor they have. Just the fact he rides to the beat makes things so effortless even when getting destroyed.
  12. Been a weird past week. I went over calories on four days, but none of 300 more than allotted. Only worked out I think twice and some yard work, but at the beginning of the week my body said your taking a siesta. It needed a rest. Also, I miss working in the office. I hate how I don't have that separation between work and home. Meh.
  13. Yesterday was weird. By the end of work I felt terrible. My body was fading and instead of working out I took a nice nap. Got up, jonesing for chocolate walnut cookies so I made that in a mug cake. I ended up going over MFP count by 130ish because of no workout but it is alright. Today it will continue with a Tabata ride and pushups. 😨
  14. Sounds like a good decision all around. As for the gaming, lag will always be the thing to kill you. Not the decision the pilot made...
  15. This is highly dependent on the quality of signal you are purchasing and what router/modem hardware you are using. Without knowing more specifics I would say yes it will affect it, but not too much unless you are a extreme power user. One thing with gaming is wifi connections can lead to more issues(not always the case) with NAT settings if your into online multiplayer.
  16. I love the coconut dreams? I think that is the name. My MIL buys about 27 billion boxes a year and tries to pawn them off on us. The wife has a gluten allergy and we both have dairy intolerances, so that never happens anymore. One good thing about having to abide by ####ty diet restrictions. Less tempting really when you know the consequences.
  17. I am in the same lot with feeling like your cheating when you try other workout routines or instructors. I actually feel that way with Adriene after doing Peloton workouts primarily for 10 months.
  18. Maybe a little Aleve or Ibuprofen along side a heating pad will loosen up things. Take it easyish today.
  19. So Chad, I have been waiting to refinance to get my wife's 2 years of self employment history on the books. Essentially we need to file this years taxes to complete the process. But, we are waiting on tax paperwork to come in to file, as I have been furloughed a decent percentage, so we needed the added monies on the books instead of just basing it off my income originally. Anything we can do beside just chilling like we have been?
  20. I'm on a 19 day streak with MFP and down 4.0 lbs. It is working out great and I enjoy the platform, very easy to use. After 12.5 months now of deciding to get healthy(for the 2nd time), I am down 23.8 lbs. (11.6%). It's been a up and down year with four distinct blips back up in weight, one of which was 5+ pounds, but the trend line has stayed negative. Also, for the first time ever I have gained muscle outside of my legs(I can do leg day all day bro). And by muscle, I mean a little tiny bit of defilement in my arms, shoulders, and chest to the point where I can feel myself getting strong
  21. The yoga cat (Theo) is fond of claiming our workout/good yoga mat, so we often have to persuade him with our ####tiest yoga mat, but, that often fails. He also has deemed it food time about half way through a workout. He becomes a giant hangry fluff until food is given. I think most animals love it when we get down to there level and just want to join the peoples. Ours just sits there content knowing he can take 30% of the space we need while taunting us to play or snuggle.
  22. fail, trying again ... Yoga , Kitty Condo Feet Never Safe , Sleepy I think that worked. Both 3 years old rescue cats, he is 11lb. and he is 19.5lb. Both have persuaded many people we know to get cats as they are so nice and social.
  23. It's our first. June 14th for the little girl. For the cats, we actually have a brother & sister Siberian mixes. They are balls of fluff and one is the variant breed, a masquerade. We got lucky because the rescue shelter thought one was Siamese and one was a brown barn cat mix. They are awesome cats to own as we have trained them like dogs essentially and are hypoallergenic(helps me out). They are the sweetest and live for snuggles. The girl plays fetch and all. What the website people host picture on to post here. If I remember correctly posting pics lasted all
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