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  1. RIP. Great poster. Always enjoyed and valued his commentary on here.
  2. I think I will keep at least one roster and I'm sure I'll pop in here from time to time, but thanks. I really haven't been as active posting the last few years regardless.
  3. Fist bump. 👊 Heart attack averted. That would've been an all-time gross one. Last night I took a glance at the WR scores and I think there was only one 50+ point week this entire NFL season (Tyreek recently). Figured I was safe. I guess the FF gods didn't appreciate my overconfidence though.
  4. 😄 🤦‍♂️ This game can't end soon enough. smh
  5. I've lost a lot of interest in football in general. When I watch sports now, it's mainly soccer or basketball. I don't love the NFL as an entity. Football itself is a violent and dangerous game, and I'm constantly losing key players to big injuries (one thing that this particular roster was lucky to avoid this season). That's not really the main point for me though. I've been involved with dynasty leagues since all the way back in 2003. That's a long time to do anything. Initially there was a lot of excitement and intrigue. That faded over time, but the challenge to persevere still linger
  6. I really shouldn't post this until the results are official, but I'll win the HyperActive 1 dynasty trophy tonight unless Stefon Diggs puts up 50+ standard PPR points. These are 24 team dynasty leagues split into two conferences of 12, with separate player pools for each conference. I've been playing in this league since 2006 and have come close a few times before, but this will be my first time at the top of the mountain if the result holds. Getting to this point has been a multi-year process of bad decisions, mistakes, learning, good decisions and finally some good luck. Here's my lineup and
  7. I don't plan to post much on FBGs in the future, but I just want to say that Pitts and Waddle are 🤩. I had the 1.04 dev pick in the summer and those are the two guys who really popped off the screen for me. Nothing that's happened since then has dampened my enthusiasm (though they've each picked up some durability questions). Pitts is doing crazy things for a college TE from a statistical standpoint, so I'm curious to see how much your system likes him. He's a TE in name only, as he really functions like a 6'6" WR on the field. The closest thing I've seen from a talent standpoint was a pre-inj
  8. I've been one of the biggest Mixon bulls since day one. I think he's one of the top 5-10 backs in the NFL on raw talent alone, but at some point potential has to translate into production. With Burrow potentially out for some or all of next season, you have to wonder if the Bengals will remain a dumpster fire for the foreseeable future. I've always felt that Mixon in Cincy is like Lynch in Buffalo. Great player. Bad situation. With Lynch, it wasn't until he got into a better situation that he was really able to realize his full potential. With Mixon, you wonder if that will ever happen. I'm no
  9. gocats

    any dynasty leagues you're in that are good with openings?

    1. EBF


      You could try the HyperActive leagues, run by jeter23. I am in Hyper 1, Hyper 3, and Active 4.

  10. Mark it down, this guy is going to be a star eventually... ...for the Colts.
  11. Figured I'd start a thread for my favorite of this year's day three RBs. Small school guy who went in the late 4th round to AZ despite having an injury-plagued senior season on a weak team. Not a phenomenal athlete on paper at 5'9" 205 with 4.55 speed, but has a 10'2" broad jump and shows some good acceleration/initial burst on the field. Deceptive strength and power, but his best attribute is definitely his agility/cutting ability. He's one of the best in this draft in that department. He's capable of some joystick moves and also shows some good things as a receiver. His highligh
  12. A little surprised that Bucky Hodges is still out there, considering that his college production was pretty good and combine workout was insane. Teams must hate his film and/or there must be character issues.
  13. Lots of college prospects have a thread dedicated to them, so I thought we might as well get one started for Nick Chubb. Here's the tale of the tape: - 5'10 228 pounds - 4-5 star recruit in 2014 - Georgia 4A state shotput champ in 2014 (55'8"). Also made the finals in the 100m (10.69s) and 200m (21.83s). - Nike HS combines SPARQ champion at the RB position (4.47 40, 40.8" vertical, 4.10 second short shuttle). - SEC Freshman of the Year - First Team All-SEC - 2014 stats: 186 carries, 1281 yards (6.9 YPC), 12 TDs, 18 catches, 213 yards, 2 TDs - Currently on a streak of 7 100+ yard rushing games
  14. Really though, he goes a little too high in rookie drafts for my taste. I think he's a bit of longshot. Reminiscent of past Steelers busts Fred Gibson and Limas Sweed. For a guy with his size/speed to fall that far tells you something about how the league views him. Obviously they aren't sold. Having said that, this is a good fit for his skill set. The Steelers have been successful with deep threats at WR in recent years. Ben can get the most out of this type of receiver. Wallace and Plaxico had good success there. Not sure Bryant is that good, but the opportunity is there. I can understand th
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