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  1. Worlds current oldest living man is a Newfoundlander. I lit the birthday candles for a 103 yr old last week. We couldn't sing, "we hope you live to be a 100" for years now.
  2. Offdee wrote a damn novel.. It was several pages long...not even your mother wants to know that much about you guy.
  3. Grammar is super important. I don't even read the profile once a guy screws up then/than. There are so many men that it's easy to just drop one for something simple. Can't possibly communicate with them all. My profile is short and almost #####y. Still get tons of messages. I don't think men read anything past the pics.
  4. Re:girls with bad pics. If every pic is bad, you get what you get. I take terrible pics most of the time(my profile has 1 pic for this reason), I blink when the flash goes off. If the pics are half and half, go see for yourself.
  5. There's nothing so common as the wish to be unique.
  6. Ease up gentlemen. Clearly 25 yr old Bucky has all the answers on relationships..or non-relationships. I mean he knows this girl. The rest of us are just divorced-after-15-years-ofknowing-someone amateurs. I, for one, trust that the pro knows whats he's doing. I'm sure in 6 months he'll be here telling us how she has devoted herself to celibacy for him and wouldn't dream of f'ing someone, not even him, as he means so much to her. Those naughty pics were just for her gfs. You go Buck.
  7. It means rough and ready, hard and sweaty. Yeah baby!
  8. Nah, it was accurate. There's a thin line between admitting we like to be taken and opening ourselves up to trouble.
  9. That sounds really weird. I am not really into dominating chicks nor do I really want a chick that is seeking to be dominated.Only sounds weird because you don't usually hear them come out and say it. But at some level, most women want it.And even if it's not the actual domination, it's the perception of such. We're raised to believe we need a strong man, broad shouldered, towering over us to protect. Then there's the physicality of fantasy. I've never dreamed of being run under by a midget.
  10. "hun" For the life of me I can't get a response on Match.com while having zero issues on any other dating site. I'm shuked. I am completely in the same boat. Women on Match can be extremely choosy because there are hundreds of guys chasing after a relatively few number of attractive women. For me, I think it's a combination of things. I know I get dismissed right away because I have a kid (this sucks, but I understand). I've also seen a lot of women that won't even give me the time of day over relatively trivial issues like height (I'm 5'8"). My subscription runs through December. After that, I think I'm going to give E-Harmony a try. That's not a trivial issue to many women. I don't quite understand the 6'0 minimum so many women seem to have but it's there. Don't sweat it too much. As long as you maintain your confidence you'll find a catch at some point.It goes to a physical domination thing. I'm 5'6, a guy 5'4 is not going to get it done.
  11. Good luck hun.Luck is relative. Met a chiroprator for lunch. Feeling very loose this afternoon.
  12. Oof. He's either not very smart or was extremely drunk when he wrote that (or both).Is "hun" a Canadian thing? "Hon" is used a lot in Baltimore where I'm from. Your guess is as good as mine. I know we add a lot of "u"'s but...
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