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  1. I get the feeling Paddington did not do well in algebra class.
  2. This is a good question, and one I'd like to see answered by the people who have argued that the money needed to fix these machines should instead be spent on useless voter ID laws. @Walking Boot, what is wrong with fixing problems like this?
  3. It's still US vs Serbia, just using players from each country's domestic league though, yes? Like, we're not getting Kaka and Gio suiting up for this.
  4. Perhaps the source of your confusion is that you've been trying to refute a position that no one has actually taken.
  5. Yeah. The environment is much more dangerous and resources are much scarcer, to the point that you have to actually make tactical decisions about how you use them. Get careless, or make the wrong choice, and you will die. Pre-patch, you never had to worry about your life support or hazard protection or shields or launch thrusters, because you were never more than five feet away from everything you needed to keep them going. They were just these annoying things that made you stop whatever you were doing every five minutes to refuel them. I'd mostly just wander aimlessly on the planets trying to find and scan all the animals, or looking for good screenshots. Now, I'm constantly keeping an eye on things like, how far am I from my ship? How much further can I go, before I won't have time to make it back before I freeze to death? What if an acid rainstorm pops up while I'm out here, are there any caves I can run to for shelter? Are there predators in those caves? Is it worth spending the fuel I need for life support to jetpack across this canyon to get the mineral deposit? What if I don't make it, can I survive the fall? Did that sentinel see me chop down those trees? He did. ####. ####. Should I find someplace to hide? Can I make it back to the ship? How far was I from my ship, again?
  6. Also still guessing whether there is actually a difference between the two.
  7. - Two 12-team East and West divisions and an 8 team Central division. - East and West will play 3 each against 6 divisional oppnents (2 home-away-home, 2 away-home-away, 1 home-home-home, 1 away-away-away) and 2 against the others. - Central will similarly play 3 each against 6 divisional opponents and 10 against the seventh. - 6 bonus interdivisional games, played against the teams whose prior year standings match those of the team's three-game divisional opponents. Modulus arithmatic will be used to calculate the standings of the Central division. - Interdivisional matchups rotate yearly based on the lunar calendar.
  8. "Hey, maybe if we just straight up steal the MLS logo and start using it as our own, people will think of us as an MLS team!"
  9. Well holy ####. They released an update for No Man's Sky this weekend and... it's actually a game now.
  10. Not really the attitude you want your coach to have, but it's hard for me to say he's wrong.
  11. Any voting system where the candidate with a plurality of votes is the only winner will naturally end up with a two-party system. If, for example, there were four parties with between 20-30% of the vote each, any two of those parties could gain an advantage by merging and throwing their combined support behind a single compromise candidate. The electoral college goes even further, and requires the winner to have an actual majority of electoral votes. With three or more well-supported parties winning electoral votes, it's likely that there would never be a winner and every election would fall to Congress to decide.
  12. The two party system comes (in part) from the electoral college.
  13. Do you want orcs? Because this is how you get orcs.
  14. There are still people alive who were voting age when Alaska and Hawaii joined. I guess we should let them keep their senate seats for another couple decades.
  15. Highlight of the show was Jericho yelling "you owe me $15k" at Ambrose.
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