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  1. So after one bad game, you have completely written off Williams? I wouldn't even say it was a bad game, just a game he wasn't used in. Why would Baltimore use their best RB to beat the Lions? Especially with their RB situation. I'm sure that's what they thought when the game started anyway. I'm pretty sure every single owner of any Baltimore RB knew it was going to be a RBBC. Williams averaging 6 yards per carry, while the human highlight reel Murray is averaging 3.5 yards per carry. I'll still take Williams over Murray all day everyday and twice on Sunday. Hot Sauce, you sure have replied A LOT in this thread for a guy that doesn't care about Williams. Even after you've said you were done with this thread. If Murray is better by the end of the year, I'll give you credit. But trying to give yourself credit after 3 weeks seems a bit lame.
  2. I think we have too many people that think they need to pick only one player here. They are both gonna eat. Worst case for Williams is that he has the Edwards role from last year. I think he'll keep the Dobbins roll, but to each their own. Even with the Edwards role, Williams is worth an add in every format.
  3. He is a big back, just what Baltimore was hoping for. I completely disagree on his usage though. Nobody that is signed takes Williams job in my opinion. Now if they trade for someone, that is a different story. Barring Injury, I see it as Williams = Dobbins & Murray = Edwards for this year.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqOoegVblXs It is Williams, not Ben Mason who they thought it was. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fb5MELvNig When you get to the 2:47 mark, you'll see all you need to know. How he didn't drag his knee, or have elbow or forearm down is beyond me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TsmGz5TkBns Some highlights from BYU in 2019. I really like the speed for a 220# RB. Shows great patience.
  5. I can't say for sure. I would assume if was the left ACL injury he had at BYU. Nobody knew if he was healthy because they couldn't bring him in. Last year was a VERY bad year for all NFL scouting departments because they couldn't dig into anyone because of covid. I'm expecting we'll see more that usual second year breakouts this year, just because of the lack of scouting due to covid.
  6. Go grab Ty'son Williams ASAP. I'm not a Justice Hill fan. Williams was a 4-Star coming out of High school. 12 offers including Clemson, Notre Dame and Michigan. He's not built like Edwards, but he is very solid. 6'0 220# We all know Baltimore will run multiple backs every game. I'm not saying he will pass Edwards, but I think he could. Catches the ball really well. Always keeps those legs driving and moving the pile. Some have said he has good vision, but I think that is a work in progress from watching him. I also saw no issues with pass protection. I can't predict what the split with Edwards will be, but Williams looks like a quality fantasy starter to me.
  7. I'll be the contrarian I guess. Barkley's talent is unquestioned. The only downside I see to Barkley is his schedule. Weeks 1-3 Steelers, Bears, 49ers. I'm sure most of us know we are going to the Superbowl,so Barkley gets Baltimore week 16. I'll take Kamara 1.02. He really looked like he was playing hurt last year. I'm expecting a big bounce back.
  8. Smith has been reinstated by the NFL and I believe he is a must add (ASAP). Smith was headed to the Hall of Fame after two years in the league. NFL records: Fastest player in league history to record his 30th career sack (27 games) Most sacks in a player's first two seasons (33.5) 49ers franchise records: Most sacks by a rookie in a single season (14.0) Most sacks in a single season (19.5) Sadly things were mostly downhill from there. He ran afoul of the NFL's substance abuse and personal conduct policies. He hasn't played in the NFL in 5 years, but he doesn't cost you anything right now. The starting DE spot across from DeMarcus Lawrence is there for the taking. If Smith truly has his head on straight, he has the potential to be a top 10 DE.
  9. For the same reason that many were down on Olsen last year. Mad Mike does not use a TE in his offense. Last year he had no choice at times. If the Bears finally feel they have the WR's to execute Martz' offense, Olsen is as good as gone.
  10. Whats wrong with this... I love MaclinWhat's wrong with this is Mathews has more value than Maclin. At least he should. Unless you in a start 1 RB league that also starts 3 or more WR's that is. Mathews is a top 15-20 dynasty RB. Maclin is a top 15-20 dynasty WR. Most people are going to hold the RB in higher regard. I'm willing to bet that in about 75% or more of startup dynasty leagues this year that Mathews is drafted before Maclin. Then you add in the fact that a top 5 rookie pick is also involved and it's a very bad offer in my opinion. Granted, I say this and I would also prefer to have Maclin to Mathews. I try not to make trades with my own bias though. I try to make trades with the players current market value in mind.
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