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  1. they have a stake in the company doing well, yes. it's still an informative write-up for someone trying to learn about the moments and what makes a $20,000 Lebron hologram dunk with Serial No. 20 worth more than a $5,000 Kevin Durant 3 pointer with Serial No. 85. like I said, long term I can't imagine these holding their current valuations. with that said, the comparison to the Cheese Wizards is silly. the NBA is a partner here. players are discussing these on social media and going into the discord chat to interact with fans. Mark Cuban is talking about it on CNBC. Otis started a thread about them on footballguys.com! in all honesty, i'm probably closer to your view than I am to that of a TopShot bull. but they did something like $50 million in volume over the weekend. when I don't understand something that everyone else seems to be in on, my first instinct is to try to learn more before dismissing it.
  2. 🥱 but now that I see you're aligned so hard against this I may have to reconsider
  3. some resources to read for people new to this https://dappradar.com/blog/how-to-value-nba-top-shot-nfts https://evaluate.market/
  4. the nba is partnered with this. so far Josh Hart and Josh Green have done pack openings on youtube and touted this on their social media platforms. prices spiked afterwards both times. imagine what happens when james hardens twitch streams a pack opening from the strip club.
  5. got in on this a couple weeks ago. don't see it as a long term play but i'm holding for now. playoffs are my guess for when the prices peak.
  6. well i wouldn't call price movement in btc the last 3 years relaxing, but the point is taken.
  7. pls come back bby

  8. what’s going to happen with pickoff plays? ghostman on first situation? no baserunners at all? it really isn’t as low risk as you think it is, and relative to other sports doesn’t mean anything because baseball players and owners aren’t thinking about it like that (and why would they!)
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