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  1. I'm not understanding still seeing N'Keal Harry in the top 5. He has not looked that good in camp, his competition is outplaying him, Josh Gordon looms to possibly take over and his pre-draft ranking were good but not great. Not to mention there is a QB transition coming when Brady leaves. It seems the only positive is that Belichick spent a first round pick on him. He has fallen down my board to around the 7-8-9 slot.
  2. Why? Because Campbell replaces him as #1 or because Hilton is with another team? I think Hilton is signed through 2020, but I have no idea if the Colts would look to keep him or if Campbell is good enough to surplant him.
  3. Ok, WIlson first talks up DK's knowledge of the game, then posting this video and the other piece about his improved or underrated route running. For rookie dynasty drafts, I'm starting to think he may be a better option over Harry, which essentially make him the #1 WR. This seems insane given his nearly falling to the 3rd round.
  4. For dynasty, does anyone still believe whether D'onte Foreman has any value here. The opportunity still seems to be there, if he can recover fully from the Achilles.
  5. So Engram did really well against the Denver defense, when they should have known the ball was probably going his way. Engram appears to be poised for a potentially great season now with OBJ and Marshall out. I'm wondering what his performance last night says about his dynasty prospects? Next season, the Giants will probably field OBJ, Shepard and Engram as their 3 top passing options. How is everyone viewing his long-term potential at this stage? He currently sits as TE #5 in my league.
  6. This was also the first season Ertz started with the same QB as any of the previous seasons (Vick, Foles, Bradford, Wentz, and now Wentz). IMO, the lack of stability and chemistry development with his QB has played a much larger role in his not breaking out like we all hoped. I would not be looking to sell, as I believe he's as guaranteed a top 3 TE as anyone else.
  7. For dynasty purposes, do those who feel Eifert is "can't miss" and has little question marks, is your general concensus that Gresham is going to fade into oblivion in the future or even leave town. My concern is Gresham and Eifert will consistantly steal catches from one another. While I like Dalton, I'm just not sure he has it in him to be able to distribute enough yards and TDs for either TE to be a viable fantasy option.
  8. Thread should have stopped here.At first I was inclined to agree with this way of thinking wholeheartedly, but as a Calvin owner, I tend to lean to the thought that Calvin has been a bit of a disappointment. If you consider his talent and expectations, he has essentially underproduced solely because of his situation to which he was drafted. He has been dealt with mediocraty as QB for the last 4 years, which IMO has held back his expectations. Only now, 5 seasons later, is Calvin projected to be a top WR in FFB. If he had landed in a situation with a respectable QB, this could have been much different, even with a Roddy White as his opposite WR. We could easily be discussing him as the obvious #1 WR in the league who could put up Randy Moss in NE type numbers any year and every year. Instead, we are 5 years into his career before he has reached that status. The talent level between the two is essentially equal. We know Julio has gone to a good situation with Matt Ryan as QB. We have no idea what the Cinny situation provides us. For these reasons, I'm leaning to Julio as my pick over Green. It may be 3, 5, 8 years before Green's situation improves before being a visable fantasy option as a top WR. Julio can be this in 2-3 years soley because of his situation.
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