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  1. A kindred spirit.

  2. Stern said that he'd change radio history by going to Satellite. Well, with 4G/WiMax becoming more and more accessible, I think internet show might be his next frontier.
  3. it's a tiny updateLiterally all it does is fix the Jailbreakme.com exploit. Because, you know, it's in Apple's best interest to punish their customers.
  4. Good thing about 4.0 is that with the folders + Iconoclasm (Cydia app), you can have pretty much have as many apps as your hard drive will allow you.
  5. Unlock/JB has been released. Good luck getting through the server though.Jailbreakme.com is getting absolutely hammered.
  6. Vince, for sure. At least Eric tries.
  7. Cancelled HBO a month ago, even though I didn't want to because Entourage was coming back. Sounds like I made the right decision. What more can they do with these guys?
  8. Why do people have to be such #### about technology? Seriously, do you think in the olden days people fought each other over their rotary phones? Shut the #### up and save this thread to people that want information about the iphone. Jesus.
  9. I thought it was the best one so far. The idea was to put you back into June 17, 1994, and not have it broken up by a bunch of talking heads.
  10. Not when the mound you're pitching on is falling apart.
  11. I went ahead and had mine temporarily removed through Friday.Unlike you, though, I'll be using mine to ease the emotional and possibly physical pain I'll have after they win.
  12. Guy still throwing 99 MPH heaters into the 7th. Disgusting.
  13. If you jailbreak your 3G or 3Gs, you can get tethering.
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