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  1. I’m happy—primarily—with who’s he selected for cabinet positions, advisors, and comms team. There’s a clear, obvious restoration to professionalism, transparency I missed dearly. He’s a terrible debater and I think that disproportionally downgraded him in my eyes (and disproportionately elevated Buttigieg) during the primaries. But I’m very glad I came around during the SC primaries because he’s exactly what we’ve needed.
  2. I know manufacturing a mental decline angle is all you can go on with Biden. Problem is you have is the guy you are contrasting with can’t put together a coherent sentence, can’t sip water without using both hands, and is intellectually deficient to understand even basic concepts that his advisors have to repeatedly walk him through.
  3. To be fair, had Trump not peddled in misinformation and botched any chance at a response to this, we wouldn’t be looking at 120,000+ dead and counting and an economy marred by massive unemployment. But, other than that you got everything else mixed up, too.
  4. If they’ve done anything like that, I wouldn’t like that either. I hope you’ll join me here in agreeing, at least on this sequence, that FoxNews is in the wrong.
  5. The fact that those graphics were up is, in itself, a big deal. But, I’ll take it from your response you don’t agree they represented the facts very well?
  6. https://www.dailykos.com/story/2019/11/13/1899149/-Fox-News-uses-bizarre-graphics-to-smear-impeachment-witnesses-in-real-time
  7. The ones he was convicted of? Nothing directly. But the relationship between Trump, Manafort, (And of course Gates, Giuliani) and others with actors in Ukraine (Lev, Igor, Kilimnik, Lutsenko) has yet to unfold, in part because witnesses have been blocked by WH or fled to Russia to avoid interrogation. Mueller Vol I was pretty clear about this.
  8. Is it your official position that Trump was too dumb to know all the crimes going on around him? Or is it that he knew about it but was smart to avoid getting involved with them? Or that he’s been tied to all the crimes but so slick to avoid getting implicated yet? I’m genuinely curious.
  9. You obviously don't have a clue what the hell it is you're talking about. Cowboys have a stellar record when it comes to dealing with malcontents. The cowboys are one of the few teams that would have any chance of helping Manziel. If there's any truth to the rumor that he hit his girlfriend, which it is just a rumor at this point than the Cowboys can't touch him nor can anybody else. She probably punched herself, right mobbin? Either that or she brought it on herself because "all women are crazy."
  10. This is a thread about Manziel. Manziel is a degenerate. You came on and said you want this degenerate on the team you and I root for. I responded that this should come as a surprise to absolutely no one, given your defense of Hardy that you would want Manziel as a degenerate to root for. It's a little too late to start back-pedaling now; you defended Hardy in earnest, saying, among other idiotic things in the Cowboys thread after the pictures surfaced, that "women are crazy as ####" and suggesting in your defense of Hardy the lunatic idea that Holder's injuries may have been self-inflicted
  11. Those are 3 embarrassing things for anyone. Manziel, Brady, or any other person on this planet, football player, or not. So you are outraged over him doing something embarrassing? I am amazed at how ridiculous any news regarding JF is. Actually I am not. Lotta of stupid people out there that enjoy stuff like the Kardashians Unfortunately, one of those stupid people is his coach, who is trying to figure out if this punk is ever going to grow up and possibly become a decent quarterback. And considering that coach really only has one thing he's asking Manziel to do, it appears Johnny Beerbo
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