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  1. Go directly to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Criminal what you just did there. ETA: well played
  2. I’m happy—primarily—with who’s he selected for cabinet positions, advisors, and comms team. There’s a clear, obvious restoration to professionalism, transparency I missed dearly. He’s a terrible debater and I think that disproportionally downgraded him in my eyes (and disproportionately elevated Buttigieg) during the primaries. But I’m very glad I came around during the SC primaries because he’s exactly what we’ve needed.
  3. What on earth makes you think he will take this seriously? He’s a sociopath. What evidence is there that reality guides his thinking? If he survives and is able to make last ditch pitch in final weeks of campaign, all the evidence would predict he will double down on minimization, underplay angle. It’s like smart people here aren’t paying attention.
  4. I’d feel ripped off not getting 15-20 minutes of just Eddie up there. But, I could do without AVH drum solo and most definitely Michael Anthony. Hagar solo songs (usually Where Eagles Fly) 100% represented a piss break.
  5. “The police work was fine.” Ugh
  6. Same basic era myself (HS class of 90). I more or less was woke to Halen in the Hagar era and I am very partial to it. I also think DLR is an overrated clown. And, yet still, i just don’t see any way Hagar era lives up to what came before him. When VH first came on the scene, they were transcendent and transformative. Most of that credit obviously goes to EVH. But, even just going song by song, I can’t find anything in Hagar era catalogue (with maybe the exception to the actual track ‘5150’) that remotely comes close to the stuff from their first album. And Fair Warning. And 1984. To me it’s hands down DLR, even if his whole shtick is/was absurd.
  7. That's absolutely wild. Chargers better lawyer up and/or start TT every game when healthy.
  8. He may not have even taken a pay cut. If he wins the grievance against JAX, at minimum, he would be getting paid $6m for the year instead of $4. If he wins the grievance and his volume/production is high with TBB, he stands to earn ~$10m for the year.
  9. This ignores some pertinent facts and context.
  10. That's fine. I'm not asking for recapitulation of previously stated opinions to back up contemporary opinions. I disagree and think his play is a bit more nuanced and positive than what you've described..
  11. That's not been my impression. I am on board with the idea that expectations of Fournette exceeded his actual skill set. But, there's a lot of real estate between that and he "sucked."
  12. Ok, we are trending into the realm of the absurd now.
  13. That's actually not necessarily what it means.
  14. When does LF officially clear waivers? Sometime later this morning, right?
  15. Enjoyed it as well. Illuminating and felt more personal than other seasons, in part, due to the reasons you noted. The tension between real life COVID-19 and BLM versus the business of playing football and doing your job was really apparent.
  16. Why don’t you just come right out and say you think there’s been an undercount of 80 million cases in the US. That level of misinformation and exaggeration would be more on brand.
  17. It’s really not too bad at all. It’s absolutely necessary when faced with pathological liars, chronically choosing to be uninformed and misinformed and clinging on to relics of morals and values that have no place in society, let alone my personal space.
  18. Just because? Political beliefs are an extension of values, any of them core and central to who we are and how we should engage with others. If someone says “I’m a Trump voter,” that’s an expression of likely several values, all of which would be disqualifying of any meaningful friendship with me, for sure,
  19. I see you great pride in surface level lectures about trust involving those same evaluators who utterly failed at evaluating science, public safety, and peddled in lies and misinformation whose activities could only be made possible by the blunt force of Trumpism and demagoguery resulted in 150,000+ dead and absolutely no coherent means to contain or control a virus. The only thing that is a bunch of malarkey is unforgivable dishonesty and indolence that Trump supporters have shown in response to this pandemic. Cool, keep doing what you're doing.
  20. You’re focusing on an irrelevant point and missing the obvious, larger one. Strikes me as deliberate. Cool, carry on.
  21. Cool. Good finds from May and June. I honestly assume it’s worse across the country now, primarily because the rates of infection have accelerated well past the minimal funding behind the concept. Which doesn’t make the concept malarkey. But, it is an indictment on those who have gone to great lengths to minimize.
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