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  1. Good luck racers! Please post tracking info if possible.
  2. How often do you forget to hit the lap button during a marathon? I feel like I would forget 3-4 times each race.
  3. Nice! Better to have rain than oppressive heat. Just lube up your feet (and everywhere else) really well.
  4. I agree 100%. I would keep the hoodie on until right before the start. Once the national anthem is done and the gun is going to go off, discard it. I would, however, keep an old cotton shirt on underneath the hoodie to wear for the first 1/2 mile to mile until body is warmed up. I'd stretch out the shirt and rip the neck a little so its a touch easier to get it off while running and discard.
  5. Cool interview with the guy who led the Boston Marathon for 20 miles. seems like a cool dude who would be fun to talk running with
  6. Good luck! I've got a ton of respect and admiration for people who train for Ironman's. Its a different level of commitment. My advice -- make sure you enjoy this and recognize your incredible achievement to even make it to the starting line. Enjoy!
  7. Its a guide. Some schools will meet full need (in this case, $5K). Others will over award the student (give more than $5K) or "gap" the student (give less than $5K in this scenario). Why schools do things are dependent on how much endowment they have, how desperate they are, how desirable the student is (academically, geographically, gender, ethnic diversity, etc.), if they are public university -- they likely have less flexibility, etc. You will find various (and sometimes quite different) net costs depending on the school.
  8. Bingo. Back to back marathons. 3:30 at Indianapolis. 4:30 at NYC. (Hence why I ran a bit slower today as I wanted to see how it felt before I committed to NYC.)
  9. Gents -- a slight change in plans for me for Indianapolis. It appears I'll be pacing the NYC marathon on November 7 (the day after Indianapolis.) My plan is to still come to Indy on Friday and pace the 3:30 group on Saturday AM. I will then be leaving immediately after my race and heading to airport as I need to get to NYC. I think the pacers meet at 5 a.m. on Sunday morning in midtown Manhattan to gather and head over to the start line on a chartered bus. I'm sorry I'll be missing the Saturday night festivities. (Can someone please keep an eye on @gruecd?) But looking forward to Friday evening dinner and Saturday morning race day!
  10. I'd race it but go about 95% as opposed to 100%. No need to redline it and pull something for no good reason.
  11. She's safe with BQ-10. BQ-5 is very iffy IMHO. BAA said it won't be a normal sized field in 2022. Plus the international runners will be coming back big time since most couldn't run in 2021. Hence why I wouldn't be surprised if the standard is similar to last year (-7:46).
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