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  1. Good luck GB. I've had those stretches where my run up to race day was a mess and raceday was much better. Stay positive mentally and you may be quite surprised at how you feel on race day. I'll be rooting for you!
  2. VO2 max is estimated by Garmin. If people are using wrist based HRM, then they are generally less accurate than a chest strap, therefore the VO2 max will be more inaccurate (either high or low). I use a chest strap HRM, which is more accurate, and I've gotten to about 56. Again, only an estimate from Garmin which is far from official. If I'm a 56, then you are definitely higher. However, I think comparing VO2 across people is almost useless because of the variability in measuring. So I just watch it for me and compare only against myself. For example, I think I'm
  3. 1. Do not underestimate that glute/butt impacting everything else with your running. I've been battling glute issues for a while now and it is far and away the worst and slowest healing injury. I wish it was an easy way out of this and I'm getting worried this will be impacting my running forever. Here's more information about the importance of the glutes with running. 2. I think leg strengthening would be good, but I'm seeing that sometimes they inflame my angry glute. I'm trying to carefully navigate it and make it a bit stronger. Paging @MAC_32 if he has a few good options
  4. I have a few thoughts..... For me. Street running involves goal times and where I define success/failure often based on the what my time is on the race. Trail ultras, for me, are much more about "Just finish". That doesn't mean that I just take it super easy, and I certainly remember in my first 50 mile race, I was figuring out what was a realistic finish time at mile 18 (32 miles to go!). At the 35 mile mark (and still 15 miles to go), I set a time goal of breaking 10 hours. I ran in 9:51 I think with a negative split! I say this because my attitude is com
  5. I believe the NACE survey information show that paid internships typically lead jobs at a higher rate than unpaid internships. This could be because in fields where paid internships are common (technology, accounting, engineering, etc.), the number of candidates for a job is MUCH lower than jobs in communications, teaching, etc. Its almost comparing apples to oranges.
  6. I second the no sugar idea. Remove all processed or added sugar. Therefore, the only sugars you have are in fruits and those are just natural.
  7. Are your friends coming? Iā€™m really only asking about the hot one.....i think it was C.
  8. Once I got the 10 minute buffer from turning 45 is when I started to qualify for Boston. I think that was my sweet spot to "go for it".
  9. Thinking about this, I'm guessing Boston will use 2021 race as a reset for all qualifying, etc. Either you get the in person race or the virtual experience. Makes me think 2022 goes with a traditional qualifying period and there is no "carryover" in terms of qualifying regarding COVID impacts. Just my opinion.....
  10. Nervous. I have a 12+ minute buffer but with multiple years and a smaller field. Is it enough?
  11. Ha ha! @The Iguana made me laugh at his Monumental Marathon goal on the google sheet. You got this. You. CAN. Do. It.
  12. Boston is 7 months away. I'm hoping to be back up and running by then. I'm being super cautious this time around.
  13. If all goes right, that sounds like a good plan. I want to make it a good training run for Indy so I'm happy to play pacer for a day! šŸ™‚ I only threw 3:30 up there because in 2018 during the monsoon with 30 mph headwinds, I made it a fun run and ran 3:31. I'll hopefully be in good shape by then to pace you for a good segment if not the entire race.
  14. My son wants to go to Zion. How many days do you recommend? I've read 3-4. Do you agree?
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