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  1. Ha ha! @The Iguana made me laugh at his Monumental Marathon goal on the google sheet. You got this. You. CAN. Do. It.
  2. Boston is 7 months away. I'm hoping to be back up and running by then. I'm being super cautious this time around.
  3. If all goes right, that sounds like a good plan. I want to make it a good training run for Indy so I'm happy to play pacer for a day! 🙂 I only threw 3:30 up there because in 2018 during the monsoon with 30 mph headwinds, I made it a fun run and ran 3:31. I'll hopefully be in good shape by then to pace you for a good segment if not the entire race.
  4. My son wants to go to Zion. How many days do you recommend? I've read 3-4. Do you agree?
  5. I need to find this course and go run it in May. This may be my only opportunity to say I beat @MAC_32! Seriously, great job gutting out a tough course in brutal conditions. It makes you realize how conditions (weather, terrain, etc) significantly impact our performance.
  6. I got some good news (unrelated to my glute). I'll be getting the Moderna vaccine tomorrow. Shot #1. Yay!
  7. If you look at the picture from my Strava (Blind Ref) of 2/23 at 8:30 p.m. workout, the guy is in a pose and he had us jumping from that pose and simply switching legs (so the other leg was in front). We had to just keep hopping back and forth so the left was in front and then the right and then the left and then right, etc. It was hard but I didn't think it would screw up my glute..never even crossed my mind. I could barely walk the next day and its simply has been bad ever since. I clearly overdid it and so frustrated right now. I can't go through another lost summer. I'll g
  8. Welp. I tried to do a Peloton strength workout for runners on Tuesday evening. And I know the exact exercise I did which aggravated the glute bad....again. I feel like I just went backwards about 6 months. I'm gonna have to buckle up and get back to PT. This sucks.
  9. Honestly, Hyundai must be getting some serious positive PR out of this accident because of how the vehicle withstood the accident.
  10. Feeling decent. Ate a solid meal but plenty of gas in me. I think I'll just do an easy ride on Peloton tonight with @bushdocda and @gruecd so if the urge hits me, my toilet is 40 feet away. I'll likely run tomorrow AM.
  11. Colonoscopy finished and I’m home. Perfect looking colon with zero polyps to speak of. I’ll take it easy today and hopefully be back tomorrow.
  12. Ha ha. My wife was on my ### because they lowered the age to 45. I went to the doc and he said the insurance companies can still be difficult before 50. So he scheduled it right after my 50th. 🙂
  13. All this poop talk is getting me in the mood...... .....for my first ever colonoscopy tomorrow morning. Commence the cleanse of my insides now!
  14. My bear issues are when I run later in the day. I think once in 10 years its really been an issue in the AM. My wife wouldn't be happy about a 6 a.m. call asking her to come pick me up. Its almost better to deal with the bear on my own than deal with her wrath at that hour.
  15. One of the reasons I run with my phone is, probably twice a year, I call my wife to come pick me up due to a imminent bear attack.
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