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  1. I need to add my new Saucony Pro's which I'll give a spin on tomorrow's tempo. If all goes well, then I wear them at London. If not, then I panic and find a plan B. Thanks for the Strava tip!
  2. Its time to get serious and go see a PT and get this figured out. (if you did this already, I apologize.) Weeks off shouldn't cause that kind of pain. You need something more than what we can provide. If I were you, I'd spend the next few months getting it better so once we are through winter, you can head back out and run without pain.
  3. They will police whether you have a bib. But if it’s 8:05 and you are assigned to 8:15 boarding time, I’ll bet you drinks they aren’t stopping those people. If you have run NYC, you know they are just loading busses as fast as they can. As per their website “we strongly recommend you follow your bus boarding time”. That’s soft language for the B.A.A.
  4. They are running busses back to a parking lot in Hopkinton after the race. So I have to believe that will be a place to catch a bus to the start.
  5. I think you should feel fairly confident they will be running shuttles from somewhere in Metrowest into the start area. There are just too many runners from out there that don't want to trek in to Boston just to bus it back out. Plus this is all about de-densifying everything so having multiple ways to get to the start seems to make sense. I also don't think they will police the start times and bus times. NYC assigns you a bus time but when you get to the bus boarding area, they just put you on the bus regardless of whether you are early or late. I would guess Boston will do the same. THAT BEING SAID, Everything I just said is my opinion. I haven't seen any confirmation of anything I stated.
  6. I'd run Boston. Life is short. We don't know if some crazy COVID variant shuts down the marathon for years at a time (I know....a bit dramatic, but you never know.) Physically, as you get older, you just don't know if you'll be able to keep churning out BQ's at will. Once your kid is older, your life will be packed with sports games, musical concerts, girl scouts, etc. NOW is the time to get away, before the weekend commitments are constant with her. For me, I'm actually looking forward to the rolling start. Sitting around Athlete's Village isn't really a highlight for me. And the first few miles of the race is always jam packed. So I'm looking forward to getting off the bus, quick dynamic warmup, hit the porta potty and off I go when I want to go. And hopefully the first few miles will be more enjoyable than in normal years. If you aren't in PR shape for Indy, then all the more reason to go to Boston and just have fun with it. I'm hoping on running a 4 hour race and just enjoying the sights and sounds of the most historic marathon in the world. And didn't you say you have a cheap hotel because you got it before the race was officially moved. Seems like a no brainer to run. 🙂
  7. Taper time…..sort of. London marathon is 20 days away. I’ve averaged over 70 miles per week the last 4 months ranging anywhere from 60 to 86 mpw. Hansons is still aggressive for the next week plus. My plan calls for 18 on Saturday with last 3 at MP. I may pull that back to 16 and 3. Still figuring out my racing shoe. Saucony Endorphin Pro’s get a trial run during Thursday’s tempo. Onward!
  8. Agree. PT can really help with minor aches and pains with just a couple visits. I get it though, it can be difficult to manage with work, family and dealing with insurance.
  9. I'm a huge U2 fan. Probably seen them live 10+ times in the last 25 years, including front row (from the Red Zone). I look forward to your list and will chime in from time to time. The only popular song I can't stand (which I hope is the one you are referring to above) is Bullet the Blue Sky. I don't get the fascination or love for the song. JT album was fabulous except for BTBS.
  10. I think he was stuck due to the angles. Once he knew the train was coming, he started to go forward and was knocking over light posts, etc. Of course, it was too little too late.
  11. I would recommend two things: 1. Explain to her in terms she will understand. The monthly payment on $100K debt is X for 10 years. So that's less eating out, less happy hours, less vacations as she pays off that debt. 2. Can you give her an incentive? If you go to the less expensive school and graduate, we will give you $5,000 towards your first house/car/whatever.
  12. Whoa. Dalton is a great school in NYC. Good luck to him!
  13. Congrats! This is awesome. Winter is coming. Do you have an indoor trainer to keep up this momentum?
  14. After a super easy 6 mile run on Monday, I got out and did 16 miles this morning. 10 of them were sub 7 pace which was definitely a challenge but body responded well. Again, super muggy but a touch cooler with temps in mid to upper 60's. I actually **confidentially** received my COVID booster this morning after my run, so not sure how the next couple days of running will go. Eyeing a longer run on Friday as my next SOS (something of substance) run before a day trip to NYC with the family.
  15. I know this totally sucks. Try to embrace the other parts of working out. Work that core. Ride that bike. Do a million pushups. Get more definition by lifting. If you sit around, you'll go to a dark place. Instead make yourself fit in ways other than running. You got this!
  16. This past week was a monster week for me. Finished with 86 miles in another warm and humid stretch of weather. M - 10 miles easy (8:58 pace). Had some rain which was refreshing. T - 14 miles total with 10 at hard tempo pace (ended up being 6:52 pace). Felt good but definitely pushed near the end. Pleased with this effort on this muggy morning. Also added a beer mile that evening....fun and can definitely do it faster. W - 10 miles easy (8:52 pace). Temps were cooler (mid 60's) which was really nice. TH - Early morning temps back up into the 70's and 95% humidity for this easy 8.5 mile run at 9:04 pace. Nothing exciting here. Fr - This run I as nervous about. I've never tried a fast finish in a long training run. Ended up doing 20 miles at 7:27 pace. The day was warm with 70 degrees and 90% humidity. The last four miles were around 6:52 pace, which really made me pleased. At mile 14, I wasn't sure I'd be able to go sub 7:00. To top it all off, I definitely felt like I could have gone at least another mile of sub 7:00 if need be. S - Really long day at work (was on campus at 5:30 a.m.) and finally ended around 5:30 p.m. Went out for an easy 10.3 miles at 8:49. Felt better than I thought I would. Some aches early but then was fine. S - This was 2 mile warm up, 5 x 1 mile at 6:28 pace with 800m recoveries. Then 2 mile cool down. Did them but it was really hard. Missed the last couple paces by 5-7 seconds. I had nothing else left in me. Total of 11 miles. I think the plan starts to get a bit easier from here. Its all relative but I think this week is intended to really wear you out and then you have a couple more tough weeks on tired legs. Hard to believe its 34 days until race!
  17. I believe Tylenol is ok. Most others I think there is some risk due to stresses on the kidneys during a marathon. More info here
  18. Ohhhh hell no. I’m not going sub 3. I’m definitely not there.
  19. That training run was a breakthrough run, no doubt. I’ll have to see as I’ve got lots of travel prior to my race. Seattle to London in the week prior to race (and the 9 hours of time change) is part of my thinking.
  20. Thanks! My goal race is the London Marathon. I got my PR (3:12:43) at Indianapolis. I felt like I ran almost a perfect race for me. At the time, I was 48 years old and thought to myself, "I doubt I'll be able to get faster." I feel like I'm faster now at the age of 50. So, my initial goal was 3:09....but I'm starting to think if the weather is good and the jetlag is minimal, I aim for 3:05-3:07 and see how it feels. To answer your question -- I'd probably say A goal is 3:07 B goal is 3:09:xx C goal is 3:12:42 or better If the jetlag is rough and weather windy, then I probably go out at 3:09:59 pace and see if I can negative split that last few miles and get a bit under that number.
  21. Most importantly - I am part of #TeamHawk. Screw The Squirrels. Less importantly - this morning I think I had my best long training run of my life. Goal was to do 20 miles with the last four hard. Admittedly, I’ve never done a fast finish as a part of my long run. However, I was able to hold the 7:42 pace for the first 16 miles and then was able to go sub seven for the last four and I definitely had at least one to maybe two more miles in me at that pace. Here it is a couple hours later and I feel pretty good. Usually after hard runs, I feel like I want to lie in the fetal position for a few hours. And I’ve done 65 miles since Monday. 38 days until London Marathon.
  22. I'm definitely too slow to beat the Freeze.
  23. Good luck @-OZ-! Hope the groin isn’t an issue. Distance and goal?
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