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  1. This may be a basic question, but are you able to work out or be active (yardwork, etc.) while doing this? Or do you just lay around and try to conserve all your energy?
  2. Hey @Joe Bryant, I would really appreciate if you could post daily in here how its going so we can live this with you. Good luck!
  3. I’m going to say this and i mean it in the kindest way. Your kid should write the thank you note. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do. The lesson of sending the thank you note is important. And late is better than never. Also, I don’t think it will harm them.....but if it does, I’d vouch the lesson is more important.
  4. This is accurate. Choose the best HS for him. HS grading scales are all over the map. There is no advantage or disadvantage of one grading scale over another so it shouldn’t drive where you rank the schools.
  5. I just went back and relived the November 9, 2019 from the popular days link at the top. Pretty cool memory. Feels like a lifetime ago considering COVID.
  6. First. Steelers lost so congrats to @MAC_32. 🙂 Second. My weight is going down with the Peloton. I’ll be interested in how my fitness translates to running when i get back out there 5-6 days a week which may not be until March.....i hate the cold.
  7. Agree. I used to come around for 10K, yoga pants and Who's Hottest. Now, its just 10K left standing.
  8. Yes, fill the CSS out. At Santa Clara -- they will use FAFSA to determine eligibility for federal grants and loans. What the CSS determines will have no impact on federal eligibility. The CSS will impact your eligibility for Santa Clara money which will be your more likely range to get money. And it is unlikely the FAFSA will impact your eligibility for SC money.
  9. When it does that to me on the treadmill, I just add another workout and put in whatever is missing.
  10. Yes and likely staggered starts, water bottles (or bring your own), no post race party.
  11. CSS Profile is used by some private schools. I don't think any publics require it. It digs deeper into your home equity, business (if you own one), divorce (if you are) among other items. The FAFSA and CSS Profile each put out an EFC (Expected Family Contribution). Schools that require both forms will typically take the higher EFC and develop their financial aid package off that number. Hope that helps.
  12. @SayWhat? - ugh. So tough right now. Long term thoughts often dominate in times like these. Your ability to workout together may look different but you can still share that experience. In the immediate, celebrate the tiny wins as the happen in the coming days, weeks and months. The ankle is tough because of limited blood flow in that area. It sucks that this is all from a sledding accident. Be thankful it was her ankle and not her head/neck.
  13. Did a peloton ride today. Just chose the first one that popped up with a female. Her name is Christine.....her thighs are bigger than some NFL linemen but it was a good workout. Don’t worry @gruecd, Kendall is coming soon.
  14. Tell me more. You would do a 20-30 minute ride and then go run a speed or tempo workout?
  15. Just completed my first Peloton ride. The instructor was a guy. NTTAWWT. First impressions were positive. I finished in top 10% of the ride and i wasn’t going full blast. It will be a process to figure out how peloton jives with running.
  16. Oh damn. I had a spiral fracture of my fibula which required two surgeries. Old ice hockey injury. i hope she heals up quicker than i did. Sending good thoughts her way.
  17. I’ll do this. I may not officially sign up but I’ll do it. Not sure when but count me in. @gruecd and I did the same thing at the same time. It was helpful to text someone at 3 am and get a response knowing they were right there with me. NTTAWWT
  18. Passed 2,000 miles today and I expect to hit my revised goal of 2,020 miles. Loving running and sweating in Aruba. Head home on 12/31. I still need to do my year end report. It may not happen until I’m in quarantine back in NY.
  19. @gruecd - hang in there. It gets better. But that first month is like being hungover constantly even though you haven’t drank a lick of alcohol.
  20. Ummmmm. You did a run/walk of 50 miles, didn’t you? WTF? You ARE a runner....and a crazy one! 👍
  21. Merry Christmas all! I hope it’s a great day for each of you. I took my family to Aruba as we all desperately needed to get away after this year. Heading out to run when the dew point is mid 70’s. @gruecd should never ever come here. I’m thankful for all of you and this thread. It’s helped me more than you’ll ever know.
  22. Congrats Grue! Enjoy every moment. Hope you can find time to sleep and run. 😊
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