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  1. This one is going on live right now: I'm sitting in my car in the airport cel phone lot. There are probably 100 spaces in the lot. About 90 of them are currently empty. So of course some moron comes in and parks right next to me, so now we can stare at each other for the next 15 minutes. WTF is wrong with people???
  2. Another one of my favorites is people who are in rush-hour traffic and realize they're about to miss their exit, so rather than taking the next one, they cut across five lanes and cause about seven accidents on the way to the exit. But, hey, at least they got to that Taco Bell a minute quicker. Never mind the sea of humanity they left in their wake.
  3. Sure it does. He can't bend down to get the proper view. Because of his fat ###.
  4. I always found this one terribly depressing: And if you can't be with the one you love honey Love the one you're with, Love the one you're with Don't be angry, don't be sad Don't sit crying over good times you've had There's a girl right next to you And she's just waiting for something to do Turn your heartache right into joy Cause she's a girl and you're a boy
  5. Well, they have tried to do that, just unsuccessfully so far. But remember, the longer the game, the more commercials they have!
  6. If the owners feel it's costing them money in some way - tarnishing their image, driving fans away, etc., - then they'll make the change. Or if players feel it's costing them money - stats-based bonuses, playoff cash, etc. - then they could push for it too. It's always about money.
  7. That's only because in the past, you had no choice. Now you do.
  8. I've figured out Seattle's problem: Ron Francis. I mean, half these guys are BRUTAL. But Captain Giordano says they'll be better now that they're coming home and can start practicing.
  9. Yeah, not a fan of that stuff. Not sure if I would've said anything though...
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