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  1. A jar??? Don't get me wrong, they're a staple for me too once I saw they basically have no calories, but that just made me laugh out loud.
  2. I don't think there was a specific battle plan drawn up on how to breach the Capitol or anything like that, but that doesn't mean it wasn't premeditated. Just look at these people's social media accounts from the hours and days prior to their arrival. They did exactly what they said they were going to do. No matter how dumb, irrational and illogical they are, that doesn't mean it wasn't a coup. In their minds, that's exactly what it was. They went there for the expressed purpose of stopping the counting of the electoral votes.
  3. The ignore function is a much more sensible option than trying to engage with someone like this. It's pointless.
  4. I guess 250 years of American history is now "zero evidence."
  5. I feel really bad for you. We all know how hard it must be for you as a white man in America. If you think "almost none of this is about race," you're not living in reality.
  6. Me too. For me, I have the same experience as the blogger that Otis linked earlier. I think he said 90 percent of weight loss is from what you eat and 10 percent from exercise. That seems to be the case for me too. I try to exercise to be healthy, but it basically accomplishes nothing in terms of weight loss.
  7. I think it may. But the app builds up to different things, so since I just started, I might not have gotten there yet. Today is the first reference at all to exercise. So we'll see.
  8. I filled out all the Noom info, and then it gave me this plan. I didn't put any time frame on it. They did, apparently on their own. So I think the ultimate goal of mine was to drop from 195 to 165. But now this plan apparently has me limited to 1400 calories a day to achieve that goal by mid May. Isn't 1400 very low for a guy? I thought it was supposed to be like 2,000 to 2,100 a day? And I never put in any time frame saying I needed to lose it by mid May. So where did Noom come up with this plan??? (FWIW, I held myself under 1500 calories yesterday - Day 1.)
  9. Yeah, the Noom app claimed I could hit that weight by mid-May. That would be pretty shocking to me for it to be that fast.(I know that would only be if I do everything they say, which I won't.) I can't remember the other intermediate goals I put in, but they're loaded in there anyway. Good luck, everyone!
  10. Noom looks interesting. I've long thought the key is to change habits/behavior, and that seems to be a big part of this.
  11. The Belushi doc was pretty good. I think that's HBO.
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