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  1. Grubauer standing on his head in the third for the Kraken. Seattle no shots on goal in third, have iced it about 25 times up 3-2
  2. That's what really stands out to me. For how young he is, holy hell he's composed and comfortable and under control out there. Of course, I'm trying to remember to put everything in the context of they should be comfortable going against the 2021 All-Geriatric Team. If the US loses to that team at CR, they should fold up the program. I don't want to hear any nonsense about playing on the road in CONCACAF. Look at that team, for god's sake!!
  3. Maybe a stupid question here, but if you have a guy in your starting lineup and his team plays, but he doesn't, does it count as one of your 82 starts in that slot?
  4. Sweet. He's very handsome, and he always keeps his shape, if you know what I mean!
  5. I was nervous the whole time. And I feel opposing players not in wheelchairs could've caused some problems with some of his short, telegraphed passes.
  6. I really hope Turner is back in net. Steffen is a little too nonchalant for me.
  7. A question we can never know the answer to: Was the early CR goal actually a good thing because it forced the US into a state of urgency that helped run CR into the ground instead of the US maybe hanging back all half if CR hadn't scored?
  8. You stole my punchline. GGG felt like we had to rest all our studs against Panama to beat the Golden Girls???
  9. Tough to gauge this one, but it just has the feel of a 0-0 draw to me. They'll sit back in the first half again, but Pepi will be a marked man and won't be riding to the rescue in the second half. And the set pieces haven't been generating much lately (to my memory). And then all of the sudden qualification is in jeopardy and anyone who forgave the punt in Panama will be pouring gasoline on GGG's seat now. Or they could win 3-0. (But does anyone really see that happening?)
  10. So, predictions for today? Is the body politic feeling confident or apprehensive? Or perhaps a touch apathetic?
  11. I took you to an intimate restaurant Then to a suggestive movie There's nothing left to talk about Unless it's horizontally
  12. Rule says a player must make an attempt to get out of the way, but they never call it in MLB.
  13. No, too generic. You have to post a manifesto full of tactics that you've employed while a professional coach, or you really shouldn't post here.
  14. Thats pretty huge though. Isn't ESPN+ only like $5 a month? That's way cheaper than that Center Ice package was.
  15. My thoughts on the Kraken through two periods: Top two lines should be decent, especially when Gourde comes back. Defensively, I think it's going to be a struggle. This Fleury guy makes Jordie Benn look like a Hall of Famer back there. Grubauer going to be hung out to dry fairly often I think.
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