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  1. I thought you highjacked my team for a second. In dynasty, I also lost CMC and own Chubb and have been approached by the Robinson owner for a possible deal of Robinson and Sutton for Chubb. I feel your pain because I don't know what to do either. If Chubb comes back week 8 like the previous person said, he could have huge numbers. In your situation, I think I wait and keep the Robinson production until CMC is back. If the CMC thing lingers at least you have Cook and Robinson, they are healthy. How many RB can you start?
  2. 14 Team Standard A Gave: Chubb B Gave: JRobinson and Sutton I thought it was light for Chubb .. what do you think?
  3. Seems like a matter of preference. I just traded Godwin in 14 team standard for 2 1st Round Rookie Picks in 2022 (both will be early to mid)
  4. Standard Scoring Need a flex... Herbert @ Tampa MDavis @ Miami
  5. Same here as well, but also missing CMC. Hoping Herbert can give me a fill in start this week. Its either him or Mike Davis.
  6. 14 Team Standard Scoring Made 2 trades: Gave: Godwin and 2022 2nd Round Pick (2.09-2.14) Got: Mike Williams and 2022 1st Round Pick (1.07 at the moment but could be 1.01-1.08) Gave: Mike Williams Got: Big Ben and 2022 1st Round Rookie Pick (could be 1.01-1.10) So basically dealt Godwin and a late 2nd Round Rookie Pick for Big Ben and 2 Early to Mid 1st Round Rookie Picks. We can start 3 RB and 1 WR each week and have Nuk as my WR. Now own 3 #1 Rookie Picks I can use to find another WR. Big Ben was a roster filler for the year but will not back up Mahomes instead of Goff.
  7. Standard Scoring With recent illness news. .. DHop or Godwin I only have to start 1 of them, but Godwin plays tonight. If Nuk doesn't play Sunday and Godwin already plays I would be forced to try and deal for a WR as Aijuk is on a bye and those are my only 3 wr
  8. I only need to start 1 WR with my 3 RB... do I bench Nuk in favor of Godwin tonight or ride Nuk? My only other WR is Aiyuk and he is on a bye? To be honest I am ready to sell Nuk in dynasty, but hard to pull trigger.
  9. Was going to say the same thing. Was offered Shenault and Aiyuk for my Sutton and Agholor. May just pull the trigger as it would give me some extra depth.
  10. Own Chubb, Taylor owner talked interest in Chubb. The annoyance of Hunt is driving me crazy as a Chubb owner, but know that Taylor has Mack and Hines to split with as well. Wondering if I roll the dice and grab Taylor for Chubb as age plays the difference. Also have the same thing with AJones and AJ Dillon taking larger role. Maybe explore trading Chubb and Jones.
  11. Chubb vs JTaylor Age wise I say Taylor over Chubb, but the RBBC for both can drive an owner nuts. Which side do you prefer for this year? Dynasty purposes I would say Taylor over Chubb but for a team trying to win it all this year do you go for Chubb?
  12. Standard Scoring (need 1) Nuk vs LA Rams Godwin vs NE
  13. I was offered Edwards for Goedart and passed on it
  14. Other owner probably wouldn't have done it but lost Dobbins and his only other RB was Mostert. He was heavy San Francisco with Mostert, Aiyuk, Kittle and San Fran D in his starting lineup. I wasn't going to get more than Aiyuk from him. Did shop Mixon around and couldn't get a better WR than Aiyuk.
  15. 14 team .. no ppr Gave: Mixon Got: Aiyuk I have plenty at RB ahead of Mixon (CMC, Henry, Chubb, AJones) and "only" have Hopkins and Godwin at WR. Can start 3 RB and 1 WR so just prepping for future as Hopkins is getting older.
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