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  1. I own Mixon and really like him going forward with Burrow and the WRs they have there. We saw that Gio wasn't the answer so I think Mixon takes that 3 down back and runs with it. I don' think you will get more than what you were offered for Mixon and depends on the rest of your lineup and who may be available with that pick.
  2. I grabbed Troutman last week.. 14 team, 20 man roster. Got one spot left to fill, was considering .. Eto Benjamin
  3. Fulgham worth a stash? would be dropping another stash in Trautman.
  4. Patriots a sneaky pick this week @ Miami? Actually available in my 14 team league - Possibly no Parker, Gisiecki, or Gaskin
  5. Rolling with Seattle if Smith is not back. Also have Tampa vs ATL
  6. Good call on Jarwin. He was available in my 14 team dynasty. So picked him up, moved to IR and also grabbed Adam Trautman as another upside TE. Like the Parham call as well, but not sure how many TE stashes I need!
  7. That was very frustrating.. hope that changes in the semis next week.
  8. Get healthy.. thankfully have a bye and don't need him until week 15. Not holding my breath at all.
  9. I just made a going for it trade. Gave: Akers and Fuller Got: AJones Love AJones schedule in the playoffs. I did this only with the news McCaffrey has the new injury and can't say he is 100% playing to go along with whatever is going on with Mixon. I am now loaded at RB and can start 3 .. McCaffrey, Henry, Chubb, AJones, Mixon. Only need to start 1 WR and have Hopkins and Godwin with Kelce at TE. Can trade a RB next year for something if need be. I always try and go for it when I have the chance. Never know what may happen next year.
  10. 14 Team - No PPR In playoffs received: AJones Out of playoffs received: Akers, Fuller
  11. I of course acquired him just in time for him to be suspended so I will be hanging on to him unless I can get a comparable WR from a team out of the playoff picture. Only gave up Conner to get him so I am Ok with that
  12. Mims just missed on a couple big plays as well... looking forward to the Lawrence/Mims connection next year
  13. Welcome to everyday life as a Bears fan with Trubisky at QB
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