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  1. I was offered Edwards for Goedart and passed on it
  2. Other owner probably wouldn't have done it but lost Dobbins and his only other RB was Mostert. He was heavy San Francisco with Mostert, Aiyuk, Kittle and San Fran D in his starting lineup. I wasn't going to get more than Aiyuk from him. Did shop Mixon around and couldn't get a better WR than Aiyuk.
  3. 14 team .. no ppr Gave: Mixon Got: Aiyuk I have plenty at RB ahead of Mixon (CMC, Henry, Chubb, AJones) and "only" have Hopkins and Godwin at WR. Can start 3 RB and 1 WR so just prepping for future as Hopkins is getting older.
  4. Dynasty... my league is really low on Mixon. I was offered Aiyuk straight up for Mixon. I have an embarrassment of riches at RB (CMC, Henry, Chubb, AJones, Hunt, Mixon, MDavis). I can start 3 RB and 1 WR. I have Hopkins (who isn't getting any younger) and Godwin and that is about it. Worth unloading Mixon for Aiyuk? I think he will have a good year, but the only week he would start for me is when CMC, Henry, Chubb, Jones and Hunt are all on a bye!
  5. I am trying to do the same with Mike Davis and have found no takers in my 14 team league so yes, move him for Golladay.
  6. How many team league? I think I would gamble and throw him back and see what is there at 1.7. Can always grab him at 1.7
  7. Hard to say when I don't know what the rest of your roster looks like. Just on the surface I would take Dak and Kupp is I had the RB depth to surrender Mixon
  8. Thanks for talking me down. I like Aijuk a great deal and trying to find another WR as Hopkins isn't getting younger. Owner of Aijuk won't deal DK or AJ Brown in a deal for AJones (he also just lost Dobbins). Will keep shopping. I put CMC, Henry, Chubb, and Jones up on the trade block to see what I could get and so far no offers. I also have Mixon, who no one wants. Same is true for Mike Davis. Might try and upgrade Goff as my backup QB.
  9. Taylor. Good RB just harder to come by See mine please https://forums.footballguys.com/topic/798934-dynasty-trade-aaron-jones-or-look-for-a-better-offer/
  10. I would keep Wilson Chubb and Winston. As hard as it is to throw Mahomes and Hill back. I think QB is very deep and you already have 2 so you can afford to spend on another RB and WR. See mine please https://forums.footballguys.com/topic/798934-dynasty-trade-aaron-jones-or-look-for-a-better-offer/
  11. I like Waller and Lamb as well. Great 7th and 11 round picks!! See mine please https://forums.footballguys.com/topic/798934-dynasty-trade-aaron-jones-or-look-for-a-better-offer/
  12. I am going with Harris in this case seeing you can keep him. Hunt will eat a small portion of Chubb's production and I am a Chubb owner. See mine please https://forums.footballguys.com/topic/798934-dynasty-trade-aaron-jones-or-look-for-a-better-offer/
  13. UPDATED OFFER: Aijuk, Mooney, and 1st Round Rookie Pick in 2022 (probably somewhere in the 8-12 range) for Aaron Jones and 2nd Round Rookie Pick in 2022 (very late)
  14. That's a tough one. 16 Teamer you gotta go RB, but Barkley does concern me coming off the injury, but the 6pt rush TD sealed it for me.
  15. Claypool and Robinson in the 13th and 14th is my vote
  16. Do you know what spot you are picking from? I like Chubb in Round 2. Give you a Round 1 pick to possibly pair another RB with Chubb.
  17. 14 Team Dynasty - NO PPR - Standard Scoring (Start 1qb, 1rb, 1wr, 1te, 2flex, 1k, 1d/st) Give: Aaron Jones Get: Aiyuk and Mooney I have plenty of running back depth. CMC, Henry, Chubb, and AJones all have the same bye week so barring injury AJones is on my pine. Other owner also has DK and AJBrown but won't deal them. Do I deal AJones for some extra WR depth seeing Hopkins isn't getting any younger ot look for a different trade partner? UPDATED OFFERS: #1. Aijuk, Mooney (may do Marvin Jones Jr or Ruggs instead), and 1st Round Rookie Pick in 2022 (probably somewhere in the 8-12 range) for Aaron Jones and 2nd Round Rookie Pick in 2022 (very late) #2. Hurts, Julio Jones (maybe able to get DeVonta Smith instead) and 1st Round Rookie Pick (probably will wind up being 3-8 range) for Aaron Jones and Goff Roster: Mahomes, Goff, Lock CMC, Henry, Chubb, AJones, Mixon, MDavis, Hunt Hopkins, Godwin, Mims Kelce, Goedart, Trautman Tucker Tampa
  18. Man, I own Mixon and would deal him in a heartbeat for Adams only because I have CMC, Henry, Chubb, Hunt, AJones, and MDavis
  19. 14 Team - NO PPR - Start 1qb/1rb/1wr/1te/2flex/1k/1d I have finished as Runner-Up two years in a row. I am RB heavy, but can start 3. Is there anything you would do with this team to win it all this year? Mahomes, Lock, Goff CMC, DHenry, Chubb, AJones, Mixon, Hunt, MDavis, JWilson Hopkins, Godwin, Mims Kelce, Goedert, Jarwin Tucker TB Any thoughts on who I should try and go after or just roll with what I have. Much appreciated!
  20. I own Mixon and really like him going forward with Burrow and the WRs they have there. We saw that Gio wasn't the answer so I think Mixon takes that 3 down back and runs with it. I don' think you will get more than what you were offered for Mixon and depends on the rest of your lineup and who may be available with that pick.
  21. I grabbed Troutman last week.. 14 team, 20 man roster. Got one spot left to fill, was considering .. Eto Benjamin
  22. Fulgham worth a stash? would be dropping another stash in Trautman.
  23. Patriots a sneaky pick this week @ Miami? Actually available in my 14 team league - Possibly no Parker, Gisiecki, or Gaskin
  24. Rolling with Seattle if Smith is not back. Also have Tampa vs ATL
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