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  1. annoy me - folks that walk their dogs and let them poop in your yard.. and not clean it up folks that let the dog run around the neighborhood and poop wheverever neighbors that have bird feeders out that feed every bird,squirrel, chipmunk and goose for miles.... you know that means - piles of goose poop - mice trying to make a home in your shed, chimpunks tearing up the yard etc... solution... a rat terrier that was bred for that.... seemed to keep the problem at bay.. until he passed this past spring Pellet gun may be next; cause it isn't just a little bird food - the fee
  2. what does this have to do with the tree? I am shuked
  3. A client who had my cell who thought that meant they should reach out at all hours
  4. If speeding - center lane is safest; or right lane over left lane; use waze
  5. rather than talking over zoom - use your cell - you can text or have a call while on mute. It brings it off the impersonality of zoom. I give my clients my cell before the hearing and tell them if you have trouble getting in etc. just text me. Some use it, some never reach out and with only one exception it does not get abused.
  6. CLEU exploding in afterhours - so happy i sold. 🥵
  7. got out of SNDL with a profit... let it chillax and then buy it again!
  8. To the point @Otismade about travel... late last week i did 2 pretrials in 2 courts an hour apart.. yes, the courts are an hour apart and I did both Pretrials within 30 minutes of one another both by zoom. In the old day this would have been a royal pain and I would have needed a continuance on one of them, or had to find someone to cover one of them etc. Instead, I just did both zia zoom and never left my house.... I hope that courts keep this up even when things get back to normal - at least in early stages of cases and non contested matters.
  9. @The_Man Congrats - that is great news about your son! Chicago is awesome city as well !
  10. SNDL! Love this stock - got in at 1.10 thanks to this board.. sold at 1.25 to chase a dog.. got back in yesterday.. just wish I bought MOAR!!! Thanks for the IRA advice gents - appreciate it.
  11. i have an old 401k - ready to move it to a self - directed IRA - anyone have any recommendations about the best place to move it to? TIA
  12. Hardly the most outlandish animal purchase about Hooter. I for one hold BTC and won't let go anytime soon......
  13. not enough to make a difference. You would be surprised. People get $ and go spend it - some of it is hitting the market, but not as much as you would think.
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