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  1. Chicken wings - seriously - wing night cancelled at the local watering hole cause they were shorted on their shipment
  2. My 2010 Audi.. not worth a lot. .. 2k... guess I'll drive it into the ground!
  3. I have been remote for a long time as well - This is a great list - I do also have a TV in the corner just for background noise and the window with light is huge ( at least for me) I would add have a separate space - for example I use a converted bedroom so I can "go" to work and "leave" work.
  4. Parlay of Washington/Philly/KC/Tor pays 9.5 to 1 Jordan Lyles has been bad: Min O2.5 -105 F5 and O4.5-115 Smyly has been worse - 2 units on each of these! Wash O2.5 +115 F5 and O4.5+105 Day bases
  5. in on BLDP - not for a ton but starting somewhere
  6. If you click on "first unread post" you get the error message If you just click on the last page number you do not get the error message At least that has been my experience HTH
  7. NE Ohio - AKA Eastern Burbs of Cleveland Put up a "coming soon" for May 14th less than 24 hours ago with pictures of the outside... (no inside pictures yet but it will show well - recently updated kitchen etc) so 9 days in advance 8 showings booked for that Friday the 14th with 2 more for the weekend - Realtor told us similar house sold this past weekend - they had 40+ showings in the 1st weekend and 13 offers to go through by Sunday Night.
  8. MUDS - you had such potential today................
  9. That was literally at the top of newsfeed for GME on Robinhood Mobile
  10. Selling that bad boy after a Friday night run up. Id rather miss the top then get stuck holding the bag
  11. https://www.benzinga.com/trading-ideas/long-ideas/21/05/20955715/bill-and-melinda-gates-divorce-news-a-bull-case-for-gamestop-what-you-need-to-know
  12. last night was just pshing money around - lost two of those up above by the hook; TB scored 8 - but not until later; Oak scored 4 thru 2 and then shut it down for the duration Let's get em' today boys!
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