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  1. McCarthy on the road - Jones has looked competent; Depends upon how much you like Dallas here - the risk free double up is always tempting until your original bet wins, the addtional bet loses and you hate yourself.
  2. just checking back in here - I resisted Shibu for a long time - eff it - I have bought dumber things 38M Shibu please for 1k - why not?
  3. What we thinking for Fury-WIlder tonight. I think I am going Fury by decsion but can be talked out of it.
  4. the intent of this thread is merely to identify individuals who are incredibly good at their respective professions: The guys from Pawn Stars are at the top of their profession - namely being Pawn Brokers Dana White - Top MMA promoter
  5. so far - NO +3.5/MIA +3.5/LAR +1 - Parlay Teasers of: NO +8.5/Buf-1.5 and Car -1.5/AZ-1.5/Ten +1 ( Crossing zero I know - I made this earlier in the week and may have been drinking)/KC-.5/CLE-1.5 GLTA AB
  6. They were my survivor pick as well this week - 7-6 at the half with no McCafferty was at least a little puckering.......
  7. GB teased down to -5.5 with both sides on the total. This is not +EV I'm guessing but how does GB at home not cover less than a TD?
  8. Your results do not look like mine Probably cause I am on older dude in Ohio. 🤣
  9. On a work trip and missed these I played the following: NO/CAR U 44.5-105 Cincinnati +1.5 Lav/pit u46.5 SF/Phi u49 and phil +3 -115 Ne/nyj u 43 Ten +6.5 -115 Dal/lac O 54 Hou/Cle u 48 -120 Min +3.5 -105 Car + 3.5 -115 Rams 1H -3 -105 GLTA. AB
  10. 2 for 2 to start the season - why do I bet anything else? ................................... 🤣
  11. Ty'Son Williams 1st TD + 1200 Started a Teaser with LAV + 10 - the MNF home dog - partiuclarly when fans are back and in Vegas of all places; I am not that confident in LAV however- they struggle against the run and Jacobs is apparently sick with some kind of non-covid related illness. I think Balt may run all over the yard starting with their dynamic UDFA. LAV does enough to keep it a game for a while ....... if anyone cares I teased this with SEA ML, MIN +10.5 and Chargers/Boys O48.5 ( That has shootout written all over it IMHO) Where is @AndrewClark with his week 2 fades and plays - those are Straight Cash Homey
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