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  1. On a work trip and missed these I played the following: NO/CAR U 44.5-105 Cincinnati +1.5 Lav/pit u46.5 SF/Phi u49 and phil +3 -115 Ne/nyj u 43 Ten +6.5 -115 Dal/lac O 54 Hou/Cle u 48 -120 Min +3.5 -105 Car + 3.5 -115 Rams 1H -3 -105 GLTA. AB
  2. 2 for 2 to start the season - why do I bet anything else? ................................... 🤣
  3. Ty'Son Williams 1st TD + 1200 Started a Teaser with LAV + 10 - the MNF home dog - partiuclarly when fans are back and in Vegas of all places; I am not that confident in LAV however- they struggle against the run and Jacobs is apparently sick with some kind of non-covid related illness. I think Balt may run all over the yard starting with their dynamic UDFA. LAV does enough to keep it a game for a while ....... if anyone cares I teased this with SEA ML, MIN +10.5 and Chargers/Boys O48.5 ( That has shootout written all over it IMHO) Where is @AndrewClark with his week 2 fades and plays - those are Straight Cash Homey
  4. From Adam Schefter .. First-year, first-time head coaches David Culley, Brandon Staley and Nick Sirianni all got their first wins in their NFL HC debuts.
  5. Fading lions and jets works here as well but .... The other 4 rookie coaches play one another
  6. i got in at -110 the morning you posted it - it was cancelled as a line hung in error and moved to -220.
  7. Somebody just change their logo to a very borderline instagram model.. I just spent way too long trying to find an image that did not exceed the FBG bandwidth..
  8. Dal/TB O 51.5 - I think we get some fireworks tonight - 31 - 27 TB Godwin 1st TD + 850 - why the heck not take a small shot in the dark
  9. @hooter311 glad to hear things are well amigo! Now share those UFC picks 24 hours to NFL -
  10. Way too much today.. my favorite play... Mia Fla +19.5 v. Alabama - this line was originally 13 ish - Bama breaking in a new QB; I'll take the free points Others: Clemson v. GA O 51.5 and Georgia +2.5 PSU/Whisky O 50 WVA/MD O 57 UCLA +2.5 - LSU
  11. Lets go Ohio state-7 1H... i think min will have a tough time with the wr core. New Qb for osu on the road at night but i think he will be fine. It is the backdoor that scares me so i took 1H S fla/nc state u 58.5 Boise/ucf O 67 GLTA. AB
  12. Glad he is safe!! I am not sure what I would do, but i would start with where is the accountability and there likely wouldn't be any paint left on the walls when I finished letting everyone have it for the insane level of incompetence.
  13. In at 51. Rode it down. Should have loaded up. Ill take the gains but kicking myself just the same.
  14. @Kingpin90. Love you too my man. Lets have a kick ### season Woodley +165. Probably the wrong side but I just can't bet on Jake Paul @ -200 ish and JP is so annoying I hope Woodley bashes him in the face. Leaving for the card in like an hour. 15 minute walk. Pregaming with little AB
  15. It's the first day of college football. Where are you degenerates? I'm on the following today: Nebraska -6.5 N. MEX St +10 Hawaii/UCLA u 66.5 GLTA. AB
  16. Yes, still dating the ex wife Yes, I have no idea what I am doing Yes, she comes over a couple of nights a week (generally the weekend) and pretty much leaves me alone otherwise Yes, this is highly reccommended as you get sexed up plenty without the hassles of a real relationship Yes, this will likely come crashing down at some point, but until then, Yes, she just called and said, one of the lawyers at her firm gave her a pair of tickets just a couple of rows behind the plate for Tex@Cle tonight and do I want to go with her? Yes, I said yes Yes, I have not seen a live baseball game since 2019 Yes, I immediately checked the matchup and see 2 arsonists on the mound.. Yes, I bet the F5 Over 5 and Full Game Over 9.5 Yes, LETS GO RUNS! College football starts in just under 48 hours and Little AB and I are going to the Woodley v. Paul card on Sunday night. It is going to be a fun few days!! Cheers my degenerate brethren
  17. Thanks for sharing - the 2nd time reading it and I understand more of it, but it is making my ape brain hurt.
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