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  1. 1. Graham Cracker Custard 2. Wet Bottom Shoofly 3. Meh
  2. So the only one of the 3 who would have won twice at each major would be the specialist? Got it.
  3. Undeniable GOATness awaits Nadal at AO. Sole possession of majors record and double career GS.
  4. Draft all of the players from your favorite NFL team. When they blow it up, you blow it up.
  5. Stephen A. Smith would do the loudest talking afterwards.
  6. What if they have a pantheistic interpretation of god?
  7. Maybe I should've been paying more attention during my time in Australia, but WTF has even put cheese under the burger? Maybe try putting gasoline on top of your car? I don't know if it's a classic, but it is everywhere, and I think it's categorized as a protein bar not a candy bar, but the sweet, salty, crunchy, nutty, chocolately spirit of a candy bar resides deep with the KIND bar.
  8. 3 pages and not a single one of you has pronounced it DOT GIF. Bunch of anti-dotites around here.
  9. Depends if you’re referring to a kliff or a sliff.
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