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  1. The movie was an impressive work of art but not particularly entertaining or enjoyable. On some level it probably wasn't supposed to be super exciting or fun, but I can't imagine watching this again. I wouldn't recommend this to people who don't love WWII or war movies.
  2. Also, as far as additional aging questions and episode 1 goes..... the murderer they were looking for is Yuri Gurker http://www.avclub.com/tvclub/meet-new-fargo-same-old-fargo-253967 That's Varga's enforcer dude. But the cold open took place in 1988, which was 22 years ago. I don't think Varga's top enforcrer looks old enough to have been a murderer in 1988, but it's a lot closer than say, the old man Stussey thing. Also it could be Gurker's father or brother of who knows what. But also, Yuri seems to be the main tie in to the present day story and the opening of the season. The other tie being that the 1988 East Berlin scene was about the truth being what someone says it is regardless of the real facts, which was a point driven home in multiple storylines here in E5.
  3. Enjoying this season, but not nearly as good as season 1 or season 2. At least, so far.
  4. He knew it was going to tank, but there are remedies. It's also possible (likely?) that the stock goes back up to normal once Axe is exposed.
  5. I thought season 2 was great -- better than season 1. This is a fun show.
  6. I've decided to just get a Chemex and try it out. Was going to probably buy the standard 6 cup guy. What else do I need? Coffee grinder -- any recs? Coffee filter -- I know Chemex sells these Something to boil water in -- already have this! Coffee beans -- I know where to buy this! Anything else? Are there any custom or specific to Chemex things to keep in mind w/r/t the above? I think I read somewhere that you need to do medium grind for the Chemex. And I know there are both paper and metal filters; sounds like I should give the paper ones a try and see how it goes. Anything else I need to know? What about the actual pouring process? TIA.
  7. Hero or Hate Crime was hilarious. Great episode from start to finish.
  8. Feels like this has been a weak season; I keep watching because I can't quit. Not sure what the point/theme is anymore, and there are too many characters.
  9. I don't have a scale, and I'm not really looking to lose a bunch of weight, but I do think checking in on this thread helps me be healthier. When I read these posts I think "let's not drink/eat garbage, let's be healthy instead" and that's a pretty useful guiding light. So I'll keep checking in here, even though I can't really participate. But hopefully I'm looking my best in 3 months, anyway.
  10. This show is awesome. Just about every character is great. Jack is probably my favorite, and everyone loves Charlie (Deon Cole), but Dre's boss is awesome, too.
  11. I agree: I think there may be a lot of middle/upper class white males who are libertarian in the age 25-55 range, but I'm not sure there are many libertarians outside of that range. And obviously that's a tiny segment of the electorate.
  12. I think you guys are focusing way too much on the son. They showed him dealing drugs in a club for like 10 seconds -- hardly a distractions. I don't see a teenage kid going to a club and being involved in club drugs as something that takes away from the show.
  13. I will add that I love how things turned out with Wendy. Kudos to her for recognizing that she was living with two monsters, and I'm glad she didn't pick a side -- saying goodbye to both guys made a lot of sense.
  14. Finally caught up. Entertaining first season but agree that some of the lines are pretty bad. That last scene took me out of the moment as it was so over-the-top.
  15. Had some steak and potatos bravas today at lunch. Was going to opt for the steak salad, but why miss out on a super food if I can get it?
  16. You certainly don't need animal protein. FLEX is probably the number one magazine for bodybuilders, and if any one would be biased in that way, it would be them. They have an Ultimate Protein Handbook link, and here is the section on Soy Protein: http://www.flexonline.com/nutrition/protein-powder-handbook?page=6 In addition to soy, FLEX wrote about plan protein, with brown rice protein being the top one: http://www.flexonline.com/nutrition/protein-powder-handbook?page=7 That said, if you are serious about putting on muscle, it makes sense to take some protein supplements. To maximize muscle gains you will need to have a significant amount of protein, and unless you plan on eating grilled chicken breasts or the like all the time, you will have to either use protein supplements or eat foods that will have a lot of extra calories (you can get more protein in your diet by eating three extra cheeseburgers a day, but that has its own drawbacks). If you aren't too serious about putting on muscle, protein supplementation is not a big deal, but having a protein shake or two a day is certainly the easiest part of an extreme diet and going to the gym.
  17. This show really didn't get a ton of hype, but seems decent.
  18. Yes, high GI foods are a known staple in the bodybuilding community after a workout. There are even supplements that have been made specifically for that reason: http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/musclemeds/secret-sauce.html That's 50g of carbs and while the formula is proprietary (it consists of a Insulin-Release Amplifying Reactive Carbohydrate System, so that's the sort of marketing they are going after). Or here: http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/mhp/darkmatter.html?searchterm=dark%20matt So yeah, right after your workout, you do want something that your body can absorb very quickly.
  19. Some really good acting on this show -- a big fan of what Kimmy and Titus bring to the table, and I thought Jane K was great in S2. Anna Camp was also fantastic.
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