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  1. I don't have a scale, and I'm not really looking to lose a bunch of weight, but I do think checking in on this thread helps me be healthier. When I read these posts I think "let's not drink/eat garbage, let's be healthy instead" and that's a pretty useful guiding light. So I'll keep checking in here, even though I can't really participate. But hopefully I'm looking my best in 3 months, anyway.
  2. Good stuff, GB. I think you still owe me for a coffee or a beer or a potato.
  3. Had some steak and potatos bravas today at lunch. Was going to opt for the steak salad, but why miss out on a super food if I can get it?
  4. You certainly don't need animal protein. FLEX is probably the number one magazine for bodybuilders, and if any one would be biased in that way, it would be them. They have an Ultimate Protein Handbook link, and here is the section on Soy Protein: http://www.flexonline.com/nutrition/protein-powder-handbook?page=6 In addition to soy, FLEX wrote about plan protein, with brown rice protein being the top one: http://www.flexonline.com/nutrition/protein-powder-handbook?page=7 That said, if you are serious about putting on muscle, it makes sense to take some protein supplements.
  5. Yes, high GI foods are a known staple in the bodybuilding community after a workout. There are even supplements that have been made specifically for that reason: http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/musclemeds/secret-sauce.html That's 50g of carbs and while the formula is proprietary (it consists of a Insulin-Release Amplifying Reactive Carbohydrate System, so that's the sort of marketing they are going after). Or here: http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/mhp/darkmatter.html?searchterm=dark%20matt So yeah, right after your workout, you do want something that yo
  6. Think I'm going to do some grilling this weekend. What's the best way to barbecue some potatoes?
  7. Are you not supposed to lift weights during the potato diet? I imagine you can do some light cardio, but I can't imagine it's healthy to do any significant weight training and live on 35g of protein a day.
  8. Obviously Philip Rivers hasn't done enough yet to call him a HOFer. And for those who think a QB needs rings to make the HOF, he's also on pace for zero of those. But I'm wondering if you think when his career is over, and 30 years from now, do you think he will be in the Hall? I think yes, and I'm as confident as I could be about a QB at his age with no rings to his name. I expect by the time he retires, he has one or two SB appearances, with one or two rings, an MVP or two, and will go have some of the best efficiency numbers in league history. So an overwhelming yes for me, but I expect
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