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  1. KEEPER LEAGUE HELP 10 man PPR keep 3. 1QB 1RB 1WR 4 WR/RB/TE + IDP 9th pick overall

    round-player -pick overall if kept at this position

    1- Chris Johnson-9

    3- Calvin Johnson-29

    4- Matt Forte-32

    6- Wes Welker-52

    17-Cam Newton-169

    please help! i'm leaning toward newton and megatron with the last keeper in question

  2. The NFL Draft is April 28th and 29th. The Draft Dominator release is usually a couple of weeks after that. In the meantime you can use last years stats as a starting point for this year: 2006 Stats for DD
  3. It has been a foregone conclusion since before the first game that Peterson was gone after this year. He has a family (child) that he feels he must support. Even the most ardent of OU fans would tell you he is gone.
  4. I think he will surprise many by coming out this year, but if he stays in school, look out for Bowman, WR, Oklahoma State. This kid is a transfer from UNC and was very highly recruited. Most know him as the guy who had 300 yds receiving last week. Of that, 218 was in the 2nd half. The guy is 6'4", 220, and blazing fast. I do not have a feel for how fast yet. I say this because we all know that tenths of a second in the 40 separate the high draftees from those undrafted. Bowman's starting QB, Bobby Reid, was knocked out early today. But, he still had a good game. Here is his press bio:
  5. Jeff, I would add that the same goes for swimming pools. Even though you might spend big bucks on a sweet pool, some potential buyers will not consider it as added value to the house. In fact, I think that a pool might not add a ton to the selling price (in comparison to the comparable price per foot), but it may help sell the house quicker to a buyer who sees the pool as a n added perk. My $.02
  6. Irony=Hippo backing down to a leafeater because of some sunglasses, then laughs at someone "hitting" an animal park
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