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  1. As an owner of both CMC and Jacobs this is an instant rejection. CMC is worth more than Jacobs and a WR2 im talking dynasty here not redraft.
  2. Interested to see what kind of role this guy takes on once healthy now with Ertz gone. Does he take over Ertz’s production or does he become strictly depth for Goedert?
  3. Why go after the “Hot, young” guy that everyone wants? Why not target someone like Justin Jefferson + ? Just last year he was everyones darling but now he’s taking a back seat to the guys you mentioned.
  4. Carr is far better than Rudolph. Rudolph is barely backup QB material. Our WRs are a significant upgrade to Ruggs, Renfrow, and Edwards and that’s even taking into consideration that JuJu won’t be back next year. The only place LV has an edge is at TE with Waller.
  5. I disagree. I think with a “decent O-line” and our WRs, Carr would be a lot better in Pittsburgh than he is in LV.
  6. I like the Carr option if the compensation was reasonable. I think Rodgers and Wilson will be too expensive. I’d rather go into next year with Haskins than go after someone like Foles or Winston. Spend the draft picks to build the O-line and defense. And if Haskins flames out in 2022, then look to draft a QB in 2023.
  7. Classic Mr. Mom reference. Gotta love it.
  8. Best case when CMC gets back is that he’s the #4 option in that offense behind Moore, CMC, and Anderson. I don’t think Carolina can support a #4 pass catcher as a viable Fantasy option.
  9. Keshawn has been inactive every week. Jones has been active but played little.
  10. No. But I thought we were discussing James White level of success. That’s who Taylor would be replacing. I don’t expect Taylor to come in and displace Harris but I’m sure he could replace White in that role. And I believe Boston Scott could do the same.
  11. So you're saying there’s a chance!
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