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  1. In my opinion it’s because... 1) we know SF likes to run the ball 2) Kittle is WR#1 there so Deebo and Aiyuk are fighting for WR2 and WR3 spots 3) some offenses are just NOT designed to support more than 2 pass catchers and SF appears to be one of those offenses.
  2. Sam Darnold could be available for a team's second round pick. The Jets are widely expected to use the No. 2 pick in the NFL Draft on Justin Fields or Zach Wilson, making Darnold expendable after Adam Gase nearly destroyed his career. League sources told SportsNet New York's Ralph Vacchiano that the Eagles trading Carson Wentz to the Colts for a third rounder and a conditional second rounder wouldn't change the Jets' asking price for Darnold. Vacchiano reports the Jets' asking price for their QB "has long been projected to be a second-round pick, plus maybe another mid-to-late rounder."
  3. This was part of the Rotoworld blurb so take it for what it’s worth... The Eagles will also take on $33.8 million in dead-money cap penalties, the largest number in league history for one player.
  4. He followed it up with this.... David Montgomery @MontgomerDavid · 1m Y’all took that completely wrong! It was not intended in the purpose of football! HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BALL! I love Chicago and I’m ready to be here for a long time and win a lot of games
  5. Why is this? Do you expect Fournette to be back in Tampa next year? As an owner of Jones, the only way I would trade him for a late first was if I was desperate for WR or TE help and someone I liked in the rookie draft fell further then expected.
  6. The Jets are Deshaun Watson's preferred trade partner. The rightfully disgruntled franchise QB prefers the Jets "because they hired Robert Saleh to be their coach and Watson values Saleh so much he wanted the Texans to interview him for their vacant head coach job," according to the Miami Herald's Armando Salguero. The Dolphins, per Salguero, rank second on Watson's trade wish list. sounds similar to what I posted up-thread. I just had the wrong coach in the same scenario.
  7. You mean as opposed to the Texans who aren’t a dumpster fire? 😛
  8. It’s got nothing to do with Tyreek. It’s the whole reason Watson is upset with the Texans. He wanted Bienemy as the next Texans HC. If the Jets hire Bienemy, then NY becomes significantly more attractive to Watson.
  9. What if NY tells him they’ll hire Bienemy as head coach?
  10. Just for clarity. When you reference play out his contract which ends in 2021, you mean Bernard right? Because Mixon is signed through 2024.
  11. I think 2 first round rookie picks is too much for him. That’s what I was referring to with my post. I don’t see his current production as being worth two firsts.
  12. I just don’t understand the Mixon love around here. He had one excellent game out of 6 this season. 3 “ok” games and 2 stinkers. He didn’t break 4 yards per carry. He signed a long term contract so he’s stuck with the Bengals. So unless you see the Bengals really turning things around by drafting o-line heavy, I’m not sure what changes next year. I think he continues to be a very low end RB1 or high end RB2.
  13. Davis is a free agent. What if he goes somewhere with a shot at a starting role or even a timeshare? I think “at best” Vaughn gets into a timeshare with RoJo. I highly doubt he beats out Jones to be the starter.
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