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  1. I have to STRONGLY disagree with this. You don’t “manage” one of your best players when your in a dog fight with a division rival to not start the season 0-2. You utilize your best players and do everything you can to win.
  2. He looks 10X better than Danny Jones.
  3. He could probably tell the Niners quite a bit about the Eagles medical staff sorry… just a bitter ex-Kerryon owner.
  4. Agreed. Ben was focused on throwing to his WRs. Didn’t look at the TEs much at all.
  5. Freeman called up before Bell. So either they like Freeman more or Bell was out of shape.
  6. Freeman just made the active roster. rotoworld: Ravens promoted RB Devonta Freeman from the practice squad. Ravens had two vacant spots on their active roster and decidedly chose Freeman to be promoted over Le'Veon Bell. Coach John Harbaugh said he'll rotate all on game days moving forward, squeezing Ty'Son Williams' touches despite his immense talent over the others. Bell could still be added in the coming weeks, making this a four-headed hot-hand backfield rather than three. Freeman is an easy player to avoid in fantasy.
  7. Chase Claypool. As a dynasty owner I’m extremely high on him but I’m concerned about this year and being able to rely on him to put up consistent points as a reliable starter or next man up in case of injury or bye weeks.
  8. From some more testing I can confirm that I can’t have more than one device logged in at a time or I get logged out. Any chance this can be addressed?
  9. I believe it means he is NOT eligible for return this year. It’s NOT a short term IR spot.
  10. Ollison had 12 carries for 33 yards and 1 catch for 6 yards this preseason. And this article seems to think he’s fallen to #3. https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/football/news/falcons-qadree-ollison-falls-back-in-pecking-order/ And here’s one that says he’s on the roster bubble... https://www.4for4.com/news/falcons-beat-qadree-ollison-roster-bubble So I’d be curious as to WHY you think he’s going to take over as the starter...
  11. To me it appears I can only have ONE thing logged in using my account. If I ONLY use my phone, most times I stay logged in. But if I jump back and forth between my phone and iPad, I get logged out in order to be logged back in on the other device.
  12. Where are you seeing 3-4 weeks with Trautman? Last I saw he was undergoing further tests but no diagnosis at this time besides him avoiding major injury.
  13. Same for me. On iPhone and iPad. Both logged in. I leave the site and come back and I have to sign in again. Almost every time.
  14. As a Mahomes owner I wouldn’t move him for that offer in a 1 QB league.
  15. I’d see them more likely moving Vaughn since he’s apparently not loved by Arians.
  16. From Rotoworld The NFL announced that it will not place any restrictions on Deshaun Watson's ability to participate in team activities "at this time."
  17. Steelers signed OL Chaz Green to a one-year contract. Pittsburgh also made the signing of Melvin Ingram official. In a pair of corresponding moves, they released offensive tackle Jarron Jones and linebacker Calvin Bundage. Green started one game for the Colts last year after failing to appear in a single game in 2019. He'll serve as a depth option for the Steelers if he can make the final roster.
  18. All your head belong to us Re-Animator (see 1985 movie of the same name)
  19. I gotta disagree on this one. Tee Higgins is worth more than Stafford in a 1QB league.
  20. I’m not sure I know what that means. Is he saying that he won’t be i. There to block but he’s a receiver that will be in on 3rd downs to catch passes? I can’t tell if his comment is a positive or negative for Firkser.
  21. I don’t disagree that could be a possibility but if that’s an option then why didn’t Atl do that this year and give him some competition? I think people on this board put too much stock in late round draft picks and UDFAs. Sure, occasionally they “hit” but let’s be honest. How often is that? At least Davis has proven he belongs in the league.
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