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  1. at this point in the season, if they keep winning, there's no reason they can't make it to the playoffs and if they play well enough go all the way to the finals. they do have the NBA's highest scoring team and are undefeated so it's hard to see either of those things changing radically.
  2. shuke's star turn as the chief gambler in Netflix's "Bad Sport" really threw me
  3. maybe it's because i've been listening to too many basketball podcasts the last 18 or so months but i'm convinced there are like 12 good player in the league and everyone else sucks. and that there are 2-3 good players in a given draft. everyone else is basically filler. with that in mind, which of these top 10 picks will NBA media write off as a total wasted pick/bust/non-NBA player first? and how many games in to this season will it be? that could be either as a result of being a poor team fit, or because they really do suck at basketball. Cade Cunningham Jalen Green Evan Mobley Scottie Barnes Jalen Suggs Josh Giddey Jonathan Kuminga Franz Wagner Davion Mitchell Zaire Williams
  4. Charlotte got more than doubled up last night while scoring 59 points in a full 4 quarter game. anyone watch? did they just miss a lot or were they workshopping an all under-6ft lineup or something?
  5. he definitely seems like the type of guy to say something ridiculous that he doesn't actually believe, have people challenge him on it and then ride his statement to the grave so i'd guess he's not caving
  6. receivers dropping passes when he does hit em in the hands but that 4th down swing pass when he had 3-4 other guys running wide open over the middle is just.... bah
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