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  1. how'd you find it?? the search function didn't work the last few times i tried
  2. all hail @ghostguy123 and his mastery of the search function :thumbup:
  3. 3rd'd it was fine. Chris Elliott irritates me so that was hard for me to get past.
  4. have this, too. was a loyal bifold wallet man for years. we popped in to a random store one day. was chatting with the cashier guy for a bit about some of their merchandise and he pointed out that they had just got these in and he was raving about how much he liked his. that sold my wife on buying me one as an anniversary gift. it's so much nicer than a wallet. smaller. i carry less unnecessary ####. just cards and a couple bills now and again. the pop-out and back in action of the cards is really nice. never going back.
  5. appears to have been purged. i can't find it either.
  6. it's absolutely insane. like 12 shot attempts further than 6 feet from the basket. even Mark Eaton took more jumpers.
  7. over the last 2 weeks i was live streaming a local murder trial granted it was during work hours so i didn't hear every word but essentially the prosecution's case was "wife is dead.. must be the husband." they kept hammering away that he didn't seem emotional enough about his wife having gone missing. defense brought the wife's psych doctor up to talk about her lifetime of battling depression and multiple suicide attempts including one in the year before she disappeared. prosecutors best "evidence" was the guy drove trucks and could have dumped her body in a pit.
  8. 10 minutes in i almost had my wife turn if off. i was legitimately pissed. good flick, though. Peter Dinklage was awesome
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