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  1. oh, i don't even think that the All-NBA team should be based on positions, just the 15 best guys. but he was arguing that Luka isn't a guard.... i'd have to hear a much more convincing argument than Simmons's that he's a forward because he's tall.
  2. too lazy to find the thread...... on Simmons latest podcast, while discussing All-NBA, said it wasn't possible to classify Luka as a guard & that he could reasonably make all-NBA in one of the forward slots. i...... what?
  3. would not think twice if i saw one of these on a video call been on a number of calls this past year where guys are sitting in chairs that look like this one. if it's comfortable, go for it.
  4. anyone buy your wife a vacuum? buy her a bag full of groceries and ask her to whip up a fancy dinner for the family? send flowers to your mom, but not your wife?
  5. yeah, well, my wife is mad at me because she lost a crown last night and thinks she has an infection. lots of tears of pain last night. i made the mistake of asking if she needed ibuprofen or something. not sure why that made her mad, but....... i compounded it by suggesting she maybe go to urgent care to have the "infection" checked since dentist offices are closed until Monday around here. i'm an absolute monster
  6. we have 6 brooms. i do all the cleaning. with wood floors i sweep a lot. i can never find them. ever. they show up in random places all over the house even though i always put them in the same place when i'm done. this weekend my wife went looking for a broom for the first time in .... years? .... they were all in the garage. why? i have no idea. i didn't put them there. starting to think she's not just having night terrors, but also sleepwalking a lot more than i realize.
  7. wife lost a crown last night. thinks she has an abcess. called around to every dentist in town last night. all closed until Monday. is this a dental conspiracy? are 4 day work weeks common and if so how can i become a dentist with the least possible effort?
  8. @shuke is very helpful with these sorts of things
  9. typically mine are much more sophisticated i like 123456 for forums like this one
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